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The New Breitling Navitimer Astronaut and the Incredible Story Behind It

Not one, but two Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute watches have just been unveiled. First up is an actual 60s-year-old watch, on public display for the first time: the first Swiss wristwatch (wowzers) to go into space, a Navitimer specially modified by astronaut Scott Carpenter. Second, the new Breitling Navitimer B02 Chronograph 41 Astronaut Limited Edition – a little wordy – is a nod to Carpenter’s 24th Mercury-Atlas 7 mission worn by astronauts who orbited the Earth three times. A modern tribute to lap time wear. May 1962. Exactly 60 years ago.

As Breitling fans know, almost every year since Georges Kern took over as CEO, the Grenchen-based watchmaker has released a “heritage” edition watch , for pure fan service. Highly limited editions, this collection includes a reissue of the legendary Navitimer 806, as well as a trio of AVI 765 (a favorite of Breitling historian and consultant Fred Mandelbaum). This year, Breitling marks another important brand milestone around the 1962 Cosmonaute, the 60th anniversary of another legendary reference watch with two unique characteristics: First, it is recognized by Breitling collectors as the first Swiss watch in space. The Discount replica watches, and secondly, its unique 24-hour time display, was at the special request of Carpenter himself.

Why display 24 hours in space? On a 5-hour space mission?

That’s not to say he can track AM/PM times any more safely and conveniently. Space missions revolve around many complex elements, and redundancy is certainly one of them. Requires 24 hours to be displayed on the Navitimer so that it is redundant with the on-board clock – for obvious reasons it shows the time in what Americans call “Military Time” and what we Europeans call “Time”. If onboard timekeeping is interrupted, the watch will still display the time in a manner that allows seamless communication with mission control.

At the launch of the new Navitimer Cosmonaute, astronaut and Breitling Pioneer Squad member Scott Kelly candidly shared a detail. The time between the consignment of the watch and its delivery by the watchmaker under the direction of Willy Breitling was tight. Carpenter’s daughter, Kris Stoever, recalled that on March 15, the first flight was assigned, and the request to Breitling was still on NASA’s letterhead in March. Due to time constraints, the request was only submitted to Breitling shortly before the flight, sometime in May. Breitling — a company dabbled in aviation watches (Navitimer had been around for 10 years at the time) — complied quickly and excitedly and sent the watches (essentially prototypes) in haste. Scott Carpenter loves his new watch so much, as his daughter said at the launch,

That’s true even if Carpenter’s first 24-hour Navitimer Cosmonaute lived a brilliant but short life.

After returning to Earth, the watch was exposed to seawater while Carpenter floated somewhere in the ocean waiting to be recovered from his capsule. The automatic return system designed to guide him to a specific location failed on the way back, and Carpenter is now using manual controls, over 250 nautical miles (450 kilometers) – considering he was descending at 7.9 kilometers per second at some point, Not bad. For a full 49 minutes, the rescue team didn’t know where the capsule and Carpenter were. With the system not working properly, the capsule capsized on landing and the astronauts were forced to escape and make a U-turn. During this process, watches exposed to salty sea water, especially their dials and movements, were severely corroded. It has been the private collection of the Breitling family for 60 years and has just been revealed, for the first time since a journey into space – and into the ocean. Carpenter saw the damage and sent the watch back to Breitling, who sent him a brand new watch, which is still owned by the Carpenter family today.

But wait, why not the first watch to go into space? Well, this was more of a space race issue than a simple watchmaker issue: the lesser known Russian “Strela” held the distinction, but pilots and space pioneers in the western world didn’t end up wearing them universally, so We are here.

A few more words about the first Swiss watch to go into space. Breitling recalls: “On May 24, 1962, five hours after launch, the Aurora 7 capsule carrying Carpenter landed safely in the Atlantic Ocean. The recovery operation lasted three hours and prolonged exposure to seawater caused Carpenter’s Cosmonaute Damage beyond repair. Breitling promptly replaced Carpenter’s watch, but that worn, corroded piece of space history remains in the Breitling family archives – unrestored and widely known. That is, to this day.”

Interestingly, 60 years on, the Navitimer, including every piece in the recently overhauled collection (hands-on here), is still largely unsuitable for water exposure. Breitling was candid about telling us at the time that the rotating bezel made a major effort to be water resistant, but because of the way it had to interact with the inner flange ring, water resistance could only be achieved by significantly increasing the thickness – that’s not Breitling Hope this pilot watch is the way to go. So, Navitimer, including this Breitling Navitimer Astronaut 2022 Limited Edition.

So no, neither the Navitimer nor the Navitimer Cosmonaute has turned into a water-resistant chronograph – if you want one of these, get a Chronomat, Superocean Heritage, Avenger, Premier or Endurance Pro – pretty much any other Breitling. But if you want a watch with a rotating slide rule and want it to be called a Navitimer, you’re better off wearing a pilot suit instead of a wetsuit, which is fine.

Thankfully, the new model, PB02301A1B1P1 (or PB02301A1B1A1 if you want to use it on a bracelet) isn’t just another reissue of the Cosmonaute – it’s definitely a luxury take on one of the earliest known dedicated watches Way Astronaut, a watch that pays homage to its fans with a hand-wound 24-hour display movement and chronograph, stainless steel case and platinum bezel (a tribute to Mandelbaum). Of course, a far cry from refereeing in terms of material and movement. The 809 worn by John Glenn in his groundbreaking Earth orbit in 1962, but just as strong in its proper, pure astronaut vibe.

The case of the new Breitling Navi Chronograph Astronaut Limited Edition measures 41mm and is just 13mm thick – thanks to the hand-wound-only B02 movement, which does away with the automatic winding system it was based on, the B01. The impressive combination of power reserve and frequency retention of 70 hours and 4 Hz, column wheel and vertical clutch – all four cornerstones of modern chronograph movements – are also here. With lugs measuring 47.09mm, the Navitimer Cosmonaute fits beautifully not only with the original, but with the changing trends in the larger watch trend.

On the wrist, the Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute made me come up with an alternative space-themed term for “tabletop diving,” a phrase, if you’re new to watches, for those of us who wear over-engineered dives Table people come to the office, but it never works out as intended. Am I a desk freak (I’m sorry) rocking a 24 hour dial and didn’t you know that Scott Carpenter asked for his space mission? I have no idea. All I know is that if I’m in the market for a Navitimer, I’d really like to try and buy one of the 362 pieces of the brand new Navitimer Cosmonaute Limited Edition. Its rarity and platinum bezel are very alluring. On the other hand, there are some dazzlingly beautiful new renditions of the “regular” and very fresh Navitimer, which costs a lot less — $1,800 — and is probably easier to read than the somewhat cramped and busy 24-hour dial. 41mm watch.

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Gorgeous GMT-Breitling Mechanical Chronograph Series Two Time Watches

Breitling’s Chronomat mechanical chronograph series was re-launched in 2020. The models are available in both feminine lady and sister sizes as small as 32 mm, and steel straight male sizes as large as 44 mm, but the only thing missing is the regular watch between 36 and 42 mm. size. It is typical to only care about two ends, regardless of the moment. Faced with such an important series, Breitling realized the existence of the problem, so last month it launched a 38mm diamond-encrusted model and a 40mm two-time model. Let’s talk about this 40mm two-time model. local time.

This time, Breitling chose to use the dual time function to match the 40mm size. I think it is very wise. As a loyal fan of the dual time function, I said in the previous program that the function of the mechanical watch is really usable today. In addition to the calendar, the most useful and practical function is the time of the two places. This dual-time Breitling specially provides five dial colors for it. Among the five colors, only this green dial in my hand can highlight the bright red 24-hour hand, which not only enhances the readability, but also implication. Excellent, the so-called bright red and bright green, go everywhere in the world.

Compared with the ultimate tough guy appearance of the super chronograph, this dual time Breitling fake has chosen elegance, comfort and sport. This can be immediately appreciated from its thickness of 11.77 mm. This strap is not only comfortable to wear, but the onion crown and needle bearing bracelet unique to the mechanical chronograph series are more refined with the size of 40 mm. In addition, its 200-meter waterproof performance and one-way rotating diving scale circle are also convenient for everyone to play in the water at any time when traveling around. Of course, I hope that the super version can be launched in the two places in the future. The so-called super version is to replace the vulnerable parts of the case with ceramic parts, such as the 38mm version launched with it this time.

This watch uses the Breitling Caliber 32 GMT movement, which is improved and modified from the stable ETA 2893-2 movement. It has a power reserve of 42 hours. Although I will not doubt the durability and precision of this movement nature, but I really want to complain about the dual-time function of this movement. According to the conventional logic of the dual-time function, the 24-hour pointer displays the home time, which is convenient for users to know exactly what time it is in the morning or afternoon at home. The hour hand displays the destination time, which is convenient for the user to quickly adjust the main hour hand to synchronize with the local time without stopping the watch after arriving at the destination.

But this watch is reversed, the crown is pulled out to the first gear, the 24-hour hand is turned clockwise, the calendar is adjusted counterclockwise, and the second gear is to stop the seconds and adjust the time. If you use it backwards, you will not be able to see the main hour hand intuitively when you read the time locally, and you will not be able to quickly know whether it is morning or afternoon at home. Although this feature is not so easy to use, it is better than nothing after all. Let me finally conclude that Breitling’s mechanical chronograph has outstanding appearance, excellent texture, dexterous body, practical functions and stable performance. It is an excellent commuter travel replica watches price.

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Richard Mille presents a new gray cermet in the RM 11-05 Automatic Flyback Chronograph GMT

Long ago, Richard Mille earned his place among companies introducing new avant-garde materials into watchmaking – from ceramic to forged carbon to quartz TPT and more. By using its new exclusive gray cermet material in the new RM 11-05 Automatic Flyback Chronograph GMT, the automotive and aerospace-influenced brand further underscores its status as a materials innovator.

Like Richard Mille’s ultracomplications, the RM 11-05 packs many functions into its 50mm x 42.7mm tonneau-shaped case, all driven by its skeletonized self-winding movement: flyback at 6 o’clock and Chronograph counter at 9 o’clock; GMT display with luminous hands, easily adjustable via push button (located on case at 9 o’clock); Annual calendar with semi-instantaneous large date at 12 o’clock, And the month is displayed in Arabic numerals on the scale at 5 o’clock. Operated by stylishly designed pushers between 1 and 2 o’clock and 4 and 5 o’clock, this chronograph also includes a countdown mode that uses a skeletonized disc with 60-minute markers instead of hands so the user can read The number of minutes elapsed and the number of minutes remaining.

The warm gray color of the cermet case comes from a mixture of metal zirconium and high-performance ceramic inserts, heated and pressed together to form a homogeneous whole, in particular excluding elements such as nickel and cobalt – usually used for such hard materials, But it is considered a “bad glue” for fake Richard Mille‘s partner, microtechnology company IMI Group, to comply with Europe’s REACH chemical safety standard. The gray cermet, which is less dense than titanium and has a hardness of 2,360 Vickers – almost equal to diamond’s 2,400 Vickers hardness – is the result of a process called “flash sintering,” which combines a series of powerful Pulse added to the classic hot stamping process. The substance is used in ballistics, aerospace airframe components and brakes on racing vehicles,

Richard Mille’s Caliber RMAC3 movement, visible behind a barrel-shaped sapphire window on the case back, features all the technological advancements the brand is known for, including a skeletonized baseplate and bridges in grade 5 titanium; variable geometry rotor, which allows the mainspring to be wound according to the user’s activity level; a 50-hour power reserve stored in twin barrels for longer-lasting performance; and titanium spline screws (also used to assemble the case) for more Good torque control.

Manufacturer: Richard Mille
Reference number: RM11-05
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph with flyback and countdown, annual calendar with incorrect date and month display, GMT
Movement: Caliber RMAC3, self-winding, skeletonized, baseplate and bridges in grade 5 titanium, wet-blasted and PVD treated, chamfered and hand-polished, polished pivots, diamond-polished sink, bevelled wheels, 68 jewels , 28,800 vph, 50-hour power reserve
Case: Carbon TPT case, grade 5 titanium caseback, gray cermet bezel; grade 5 titanium crown; anti-glare sapphire crystal, water resistant to 50 meters
Bracelet and Clasp: Rubber Strap
Dimensions: Diameter = 50mm x 42.7mm, Height = 16.15mm

It’s hard to believe that such a popular watch comes from a company that was almost founded in the days of Swiss watchmaking. Founded by French businessman Richard Mille in 1999, Richard Mille SA did not sell its first watch until 2001! How they manage to compete with the more established high-end Swiss brands that have been in business for over 100 years is a truly monumental feat.

RM11 design
The RM11 is a true heavyweight watch that looks impressive on the wrist. As Eric describes it, “This watch is a total bully.” As a result, anyone wearing this behemoth from Richard Mille is sure to be delighted with the intense, radiant “watch game” (which has to be Eric’s most One of my favorite buzzwords) stands out. Despite its impressive size, this Richard Mille timepiece is extremely comfortable thanks to its curved design. To quote Eric…

“It has a square Tonneau design that fits very comfortably on the wrist. You can see it has a curved back. Once it’s on the wrist, it feels like a glove.”
The RM 11 model is named after the Brazilian Formula 1 driver who was also a personal friend of the company founder. No wonder this chronograph was designed to look like a complicated F1 car. As Eric explained…

“They’ve had this slogan for years that says ‘racing machine on your wrist.'” copy watch

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Zenith, Kari Voutilainen and Phillips unveil the unique Calibre 135-O with salmon dial and niobium case

When the Zenith Calibre 135 Observatoire Limited Edition, launched in collaboration with Kari Voutilainen, was released earlier this year, almost all watch lovers were excited. At the time of the announcement, we saw a preview of a set of ten platinum and black-finish sterling silver dials and an additional eleventh watch to be auctioned by Phillips in association with Bacs & Russo. Well, now we’ve seen the eleventh watch, and it’s a unique one with a salmon dial and a niobium case.

Niobium, a diamagnetic alloy as hard as titanium, is often used in movement components, but rarely in constructing entire cases. I believe Cartier made an astronomical tourbillon using a niobium titanium case, but other than being a rare and unremarkable example, it’s one I’ve never actually dealt with. WatchTime Editor-in-Chief Roger Ruegger has a great hands-on story about these Zenith x Kari Voutilainen watches, the platinum models that were originally announced, which you can read here if you’re not familiar with the whole thing. In short, the historic Calibre 135-O is a movement designed for chronograph prizes, produced between 1949 and 1962. Kari Voutilainen and his team restored and completed 11 of these movements, which are now used in these Zenith Caliber 135 Chronometer Limited Edition watches.

Just like the platinum version, this unique piece of niobium will be housed in a case that is 38mm wide and 10.35mm thick. The 925 sterling silver dial, finished in the Comblémine atelier in Voutilainen, features a salmon-matte finish with a delicate guilloché pattern on the bezel. This limited edition Zenith Calibre 135 Observatoire in collaboration with Kari Voutilainen and Phillips (ref. 13.1350.135/35.C100) will be auctioned on November 5, with all proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I know I’ll be watching these closely.

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What kind of watch can I wear while driving a supercar?

What does the word “avant-garde” stand for? Roger Dubuis must have a good answer. As a synonym for “unique and distinctive”. Roger Dubuis luxury has been presenting us with a wide range of fashion masterpieces with outstanding designs since its inception. Among them, there are many cooperation models of famous cars, which have become a unique existence in the watchmaking industry with their unruly and subversive designs. Today, we will appreciate a Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini collaboration watch – Excalibur Huracán watch. Now, come and enjoy the details of the watch with me: (watch model: RDDBEX0829)

Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini have been cooperating since 2017 and have launched a lot of cooperation models. The Excalibur Huracán watch above is inspired by Lamborghini’s Huracán (“Calf”). The oscillating weight that resembles the rim and the movement originating from the pull rod in the engine room of the supercar are in this square-inch timepiece. Perfectly displayed.

This Excalibur Huracán watch is made of black DLC-coated titanium alloy, which is not only light in texture, but its dull black appearance gives the watch a domineering and handsome charm. The case and bezel are made of this material, and the bezel is also equipped with the iconic triangular pit pattern of the King series, which is highly recognizable.

The crown resembles the shape of a super sports car wheel nut. All details are inspired by sports car elements. The fashion watch is equipped with a rubber strap, which is lined with Alcantara® Alcantara material.

The bottom of the watch also adopts a back-through design. Through the bottom cover, we can clearly appreciate many supercar elements: the oscillating weight is designed to imitate the rim of a supercar, and the RD630 movement inside it is Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini. The second movement jointly developed by the sports department, the upper plywood of the movement comes from the “engine room lever” design of the V10 engine of the Huracán supercar. At the same time, this movement is equipped with a double barrel, which can provide the watch with 60 hours of power reserve.

To sum up, the design of this all-black Excalibur Huracán watch is very good. Not only does the overall shape give a strong sense of impact, but its details perfectly integrate the design elements of supercars, interpreting the car in its unique way. A fusion of aesthetics, timepieces and supercars.

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Urwerk Introduces Limited Edition UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey Watch

Boutique Haute Horlogerie Urwerk has been at the forefront of futuristic mechanical watchmaking for 25 years, and during its 25 years of existence, the brand has created a range of truly otherworldly models. Its latest design concept, the UR-112 Aggregat, first released in 2021, is undoubtedly the wildest one, with a wedge-shaped overall shape, a rotating barrel instead of a traditional pointer, and a driveshaft and differential system in the mainspring and mainspring. move torque between. Its four independent monitors. While the grey-black two-tone matte titanium case of the original UR-112 Aggregat accentuates the rugged and futuristic form of the design, for the first major release in 2022, Urwerk returns to this with a noticeably brighter interpretation. concept. The limited edition Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey mixes exposed stainless steel and titanium surfaces to give this radical asymmetrical design a sharper, more striking character without losing any of its technical boldness.

While the 42mm wide, 51mm long and 16mm thick case of the Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey is the same shape as the original UR-112 Aggregat, this version’s new finish drastically changes how that design looks in the image personality. In its original matte black and grey exterior, this wedge-shaped, sloping groove form is reminiscent of a piece of purposeful futuristic military gear, but the switch to a mix of titanium and stainless steel elements accentuates what the case hides Complexity. The rounded chamfers run the length of the case sides, the streamlined grooves, and the stylized “hood scoop” on the technically very unorthodox Hunter caseback, which is rich in polished, sandblasted and textured elements , which can be visually broken and brushed along the broad plane of the shell body. By using two different metals, Urwerk has maintained the two-tone look for the UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey, but the end result is more layered than its predecessor’s warm gray and black. Interestingly, however, the UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey’s water resistance rating drops to a paltry 30 meters, while the original model offered a sporty 100-meter rating. swiss watch replica

Strictly speaking, the Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey has no dial. The standard chronograph functions are handled by a pair of rotating components at 6 o’clock, taking the brand’s iconic satellite hour complication in a new, more complicated direction. Both the hour and minute displays use a set of black rotating prisms inscribed with sharp Arabic numerals, which can both rotate and revolve around a central point to display the current time in combination with a fixed indicator line. While the concept is puzzlingly complex in theory, in the image, the display is immediately intuitive and easy to read, especially due to its time-jumping mechanism. Urwerk placed two additional subdials directly on top of the movement under the Hunter caseback. The first of these is the digital running seconds display, highlighted on a perlage movement plate with a striking red anodized window. To the left of this display is a neat graphical power-reserve indicator sub-dial. Compared to the out-of-the-box design approach other monitors take, this final sub-dial is very traditional, but fits nicely into the divider design in the initial image.

Like its predecessor, the Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey uses the brand’s wild in-house UR-13.01 automatic movement. To power the watch’s unique planetary hour and minute displays at 6 o’clock, these elements are connected to the main gear train via an automotive-style drivetrain, including a longitudinal titanium driveshaft connected to the differential. In addition to the unique layout, this striking design uses an energy recovery mechanism to extract torque from the rotating components displayed on the planetary minutes. These systems enable this complex, heavy and power-hungry movement to manage a respectable 48-hour power reserve at a beat rate of 28,800 bph. Urwerk paired the UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey with a tapered black textile strap.

The new limited edition Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey features new, more sophisticated finishes and a brighter overall look, bringing more sophistication and striking features to its most outlandish concept to date. While Urwerk didn’t specify how many models will be produced, given the size of the previous model’s version, total production is likely to be around 25 units. best watches replica

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White Ceramic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar

Mysterious rapper Offset wears the super hyped white ceramic 41mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar. This timepiece features a white ceramic case and bracelet with a dark blue checkered dial and silver subdials.

About the watch

In 2017, Audemars Piguet debuted the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, the brand’s first complete ceramic timepiece (plus a bracelet). Including its unique stealth design and sophisticated movement, it’s no surprise that this watch is a favorite. Audemars Piguet presents a new version based on the same design, perfect for summer, in all-white ceramic.

The Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar was therefore released before summer, perfectly fitting the design of the timepiece. It’s new, vibrant, and dazzling, with a dark blue dial that’s a bit nautical. This watch is a talking point for people who already own dozens of other timepieces and are looking for something unique and adventurous. The Royal Oak has never been a conservative timepiece, and this white ceramic model is the most unconventional.

In the case, white is not a color you often see. Most people are used to white metal. White, however, is noticeably brighter and brighter, and ceramic lacks the luster and reflections of metal, while maintaining a consistent, slightly matte color. Once the initial impression wears off, and this timepiece really makes an impression the first time you wear it, the result is a charming, unique watch with character. Unlike any other watch, the dial has significantly more contrast at this setting.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar has character and a certain sophistication, including its casual, sporty, summer style. Not the subtlety of Calatrava, but a glamorous, appealing elegance. Ceramic is very strong, scratch-resistant and lightweight, which means you can enjoy its lightweight, perfect white properties without the stress of scratches.

The Audemars Piguet features a classic blue “grande Tapisserie” dial with silver contrasting sub-dials (all in-house). White markers and bright materials in the dial and indicators complement the white case. The display is the same as all Royal Oak perpetual calendars, with the exception of the week number shown on the inner ring. QP complexity is done by day, date, month, leap year and moon phase (laser microstructure on the gleaming aventurine surface). A ceramic bracelet with a titanium folding clasp complements the ceramic case. It can withstand water depths of 20 meters (65 feet).

Caliber 5134 is more of a brother of steel and gold, powering this Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar White Ceramic watch. Ultra-thin (4.31mm) mechanical movement with a diameter of 29.00mm and a power reserve of 40 hours. It has a variable inertia mass and vibrates at a higher frequency of 19,800 vibrations per hour. The finishes are extremely complex, with Geneva stripes, round textures and beautiful bevels. The rotors are equally beautifully decorated. Every 125 years and 317 days, the astrological moon needs to be revised.

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Ulysse Nardin El Toro Watch

No one says luxury watch designs have to be conservative, but there’s a fine line between what’s edgy and what’s too hard. Often, luxury timepieces that try too hard to break the mold also undermine their appeal. Introducing cutting-edge design concepts in an industry with so many traditions can be quite difficult.

For many brands, modern means the future — a path that could easily lead to design irrelevance in just a few short years. However, Ulysse Nardin cheap takes an approach that stands out from the status quo, with models that are both modern and technical in appearance.

With the Ulysse Nardin El Toro, they may have just created a look that doesn’t appeal to all connoisseurs, but whose technical design is so advanced that it will still feel fresh from now on. The key seems to be a fusion of classic and futuristic elements, while specifying a new way of indicating information on the dial. While the multi-colored, multi-layered surface of the El Toro watch may seem intimidating at first glance, it’s actually very useful, providing practical everyday information as well as the finer details that serious watch lovers demand. Self-winding Ulysse Nardin calibre UN-32 movement COSC certified (accuracy) with time, GMT time and perpetual calendar. As is often the case with Ulysse Nardin, the mere presence of these various complications is not enough;

For example, the second time zone function has a quick setting function, which can be adjusted by one hour by pressing the left and right ceramic buttons located on the underside of the case. This makes it incredibly easy to keep track of a second time zone, while the GMT hand in 24-hour format keeps track of your home or reference time. Those familiar with other GMT watches will appreciate the convenience of this feature. Check out the perpetual calendar and you’ll find easy-to-read windows (not subdials) showing important information. At the top is a large date indicator framed by a stylized window, while below the dial, the date, month and year windows on the T-shaped dial are located. Exposed on the dial are the discs that maintain these functions. Year indicators on perpetual calendars are already rare, but Ulysse Nardin opted for a more efficient two-digit year indicator here. There is also an auxiliary seconds sub-dial on the dial (cut in half to indicate the seconds with either side of the hand). Note the Cotes de Geneve stripe finish on the dial.

The case style (43mm wide) is borrowed from last year’s highly innovative Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck watch. The fun design is available in 18 karat rose gold or platinum. However, the bezel and buttons are made of smooth black ceramic, which is very durable. Considering legibility on such a wild dial, Ulysse Nardin opted for two very large skeletonized hour and minute hands with large lumen tips, sized to complement the hour markers at 12 and 6 o’clock. The dial and case design work together to create something truly innovative and attractive. This design is not of immediate interest and then dismissed, but one of enduring curiosity, drawn to the practicality of the watch that embodies it.

43mm 18K red gold or platinum case with ceramic bezel
big date window
month indicator window
day indicator window
Two-digit year indicator window
Greenwich Mean Time Hand
Ceramic pusher (+ or -) for adjusting the GMT 24-hour hand

zelin0802 / October 28, 2022

Astronomia Sky: Start the New Year with the Best Luxury Watches

This Jacob & Co replica watch is a must-have for every collector

Swiss watch company Jacob & Co, one of the most prestigious companies in the world, a few years ago created one of the most irreverent and distinctive luxury watches on the market, inspired by astronomy and the gravitational movement of the Earth. An exclusive piece, part of a limited edition, so few lovers of sophistication and luxury can put this marvel on their wrist.

Jacob & Co is known for creating pieces to the strictest luxury standards, achieved through traditional craftsmanship. But they did bet on unique and different designs that knew how to set guidelines for new high-precision watchmaking. Astronomia Sky is the name of this limited edition piece. These are its main features:

This is a complicated watch with a 47mm case in rose gold. Its dial is made of titanium and is inspired by the sky and astronomy. Within its reach are the signs of the zodiac, as well as the stars we can observe from the northern hemisphere. All of this is hand-carved by master craftsmen at Jacob & Co. The sphere performs the same rotational motion that the Earth does around the sun. At the top of the sphere, an element placed in three dimensions, in which four different moons can be seen. The second hand is the first of these, and it performs orbital motion. The most luxurious and highest quality sapphire crystal forms the entire watch, forming a kind of dome from which to observe the magnificence of the stars and astronomy. The strap is made of alligator leather. https://www.review4uwatch.com/

zelin0802 / October 24, 2022

Chopard – Alpine Eagle 41mm with Pine Green Dial

Chopard presented two new versions of the Alpine Eagle luxury sports watch featuring a turquoise dial with a texture reminiscent of an eagle’s iris.

The new dial colors are available in two case/bracelet options: stainless steel or Fairmined rose gold.

The steel used by Chopard is called Lucent Steel A223 and is the result of a remelting process which makes it highly skin compatible, more wear resistant and particularly reflective.

Regarding its rose gold, Chopard cheap guarantees that it comes from a cooperative whose operations are certified as ethical, fair and sustainable.

Featuring a one-piece case and bracelet with polished and matte finishes, the Alpine Eagle features a circular bezel dotted with eight screws, set in pairs at four cardinal points, their slots matching the circle of the bezel cut.

These screws also have a technical function that ensures the watch is water resistant to 100 meters / 330 feet. The standout feature of the 41mm x 9.7mm case is the protection of the large crown engraved with the compass rose.

The tapered Alpine Eagle bracelet consists of one ingot-shaped link topped with a polished center cap. A stainless steel triple folding clasp secures the fashion watch on the wrist.

Like the hour markers, the hour and minute hands are coated with Super-LumiNova Grade X1 for improved nighttime readability. Beating at a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 bph) and with a power reserve of 60 hours, the refined 01.01-C movement can be admired through the transparent sapphire crystal case back.