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Rolex Deepsea – Exclusive gem or overrated?

The Rolex Deepsea is a diver’s legend and has always caused controversy. It’s like the blockbuster movie everyone’s talking about – but is it really worth the price of admission? best quality replica watches

Today, we’re here to do just that: take you through the ins and outs, the highs and lows, and ultimately help you decide whether the Rolex Deepsea deserves a spot on your wrist.

Legend of the Deep Sea
Launched in 2008, the Rolex Deepsea is a legend born of Rolex’s deep-rooted connection with the ocean’s abyss. Designed to conquer the deepest depths, it boasts an incredible water resistance rating of up to 3,900 meters, an impressive, almost mythical level. But what makes the Rolex Deepsea tick, and why does it stir such strong emotions?

From the beginning, the Rolex Deepsea was envisioned as a tool for the brave, a companion for explorers exploring where no one dared to go. With its sturdy Oyster case and buckle system, it’s designed to withstand pressures that would crush smaller best swiss replica watches. However, its elegance belies its brutal power.

Design and aesthetics
At first glance, the Rolex Deepsea stands out with its commanding appearance. The dial features a deep black gradient that is reminiscent of the unexplored depths of the ocean. Then there’s the Cerachrom bezel, which is not only tough as nails, but also fade-resistant, ensuring the watch will look like new for years to come.

But the Rolex Deepsea isn’t just about looking good. Every aspect of its design has a purpose. Luminous hour markers and hands ensure readability in the darkest conditions, while a helium escape valve attests to its deep-sea credentials. It is this fusion of form and function that makes the Rolex Deepsea a marvel of horological engineering.

Performance under pressure
Now, we know what you’re thinking. ‘Sure, it looks good on paper and sounds impressive, but how does it perform in the real world?’ The Rolex Deepsea doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the talk. At its heart is Caliber 3235, a movement of unparalleled precision and reliability. It has a 70-hour power reserve and is shock and magnet resistant to suit any adventure you may have. fake luxury watches

But a watch is about more than what’s inside. It’s about how it feels on your wrist. Although the Rolex Submersible is large in size, its case and bracelet are cleverly designed and very comfortable to wear. Whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or exploring the vast depths, this is a watch that says, “Bring it on.”

From this point of view, it’s clear that the Rolex Deepsea has set high standards in both design and performance. But the question remains – does it truly stand out in the crowded luxury watch market, or is it riding on the momentum of its brand reputation?

value for money
When buying a high-end watch, value is determined not just by the price; It’s also about what you get for your money. Both large and expensive, the Rolex Deepsea is in a unique position.

Some might say that by buying a Rolex Deepsea, you are investing in a piece of history. Rolex stands out for its reliable and precise watches, and the Deepsea model represents the height of its technological innovation. Its ability to withstand the intense pressure of deep-sea exploration represents a milestone in watchmaking excellence.

Compare Rolex Giants
To understand the extraordinary status of the Rolex Deepsea, it’s best to compare it with another iconic watch in the Rolex family, the venerable Rolex Submariner. learn. Both watches are renowned for their durability and accuracy in aquatic environments. However, Deepsea takes these advantages to new heights with its advanced engineering, allowing it to withstand the harshest underwater conditions. replica watches online

It’s worth noting that while the Submariner is water-resistant to at least 300 meters (1,000 feet), the Deepsea goes even further into the abyss and is designed to operate flawlessly at depths that the Submariner can’t reach. This advanced functionality allows the wearer to appreciate its elegant design. It is this perfect combination of ultimate durability and visual elegance that sets the Rolex Deepsea apart and cements its status as an unparalleled masterpiece within the venerable Rolex family.

Cameron Rolex Submersible
Launched in 2014, the Cameron Rolex Deepsea stands out with its striking dial, which changes from vivid blue to deep black, reflecting the depths of the ocean. This watch pays tribute to the famous filmmaker and explorer James Cameron, famous for his groundbreaking deep-sea explorations. Its special details reflect the colors and spirit of Cameron’s Undersea Journey.

In addition, the Rolex Deepsea watch is equipped with a helium escape valve, a key feature in deep-sea exploration, allowing the watch to safely decompress as it ascends from a deep dive. Its rugged construction complements the Caliber 3235 movement, ensuring excellent performance both above and below sea level.

The watch’s strap is also engineered for comfort and durability, and features a patented Glidelock extension system that allows divers to easily adjust the strap over a wetsuit. The Cameron Rolex Deepsea watch combines advanced technology, meticulous craftsmanship and meaningful design to transcend its role as a timepiece and become a symbol of the endless pursuit of knowledge and adventure beneath the waves.

Final Verdict: The True Value of the Rolex Deepsea
The Rolex Deepsea is a watch that defies easy classification. While opinions on its value and appeal may vary, one thing is clear: the Rolex Deepsea continues to fascinate and intrigue, proving that it can carve out a unique niche even in the crowded luxury fake watch space.

Whether considered a one-of-a-kind gem or somewhat overhyped, the Rolex Deepsea undeniably holds a special place in the hearts of watch enthusiasts around the world. Its heritage is built on Rolex’s commitment to excellence, ensuring that the Deepsea will remain a topic of conversation and admiration for years to come.

So far, we have a thorough understanding of the Rolex Submariner. Like the most captivating stories, the legend of the deep continues, defined by everyone who decides to adorn their wrist with this extraordinary feat of engineering.

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Ulysse Nardin replica

The ship in the replica watches review, the treasure in the wrist

Ulysse Nardin has maintained a close connection with the ocean since its founding in 1846. Even today, 178 years later, Ulysse Nardin continues to draw rich inspiration from the maritime world. In 2016, Ulysse Nardin launched the world-famous Grand Deck flagship tourbillon watch, which has since opened the prologue of the nautical trilogy. Now Ulysse Nardin finally ushered in the third chapter of the series, Marine, at the end of last year. Series Corsair Tourbillon watch. So today, I will share with you my cousins through real-life pictures to appreciate this work of art that hides treasures in your wrist. (Watch model: 6329-100LE-9A-CORSAIRE/1A)

The final chapter of the nautical trilogy, first of all, in terms of creative theme, is the same as the sailing theme of the first generation Grand Deck flagship tourbillon watch in the first two parts, and the luxury yacht theme of the second generation nautical series MegaYacht pilot watch. Design, there is a huge difference. In this Marine series pirate ship tourbillon watch, Athens directly puts a pirate ship into the AAA quality replica watches. From the perspective of Athens, pirates are a unique cultural branch in the history of navigation and a vital part. They represent the prosperous background of the Age of Discovery. Ulysse Nardin also uses this to fill the gap in the navigation theme and build a complete navigation framework. sex.

At the same time, Athens also believes that the image and elements of pirates have become popular all over the world due to many literary and film works, and have also been cast a layer of mystery. This also happens to give Athens more creative space, and many elements will fit in with complex functions. .

The 44mm one-piece case is made of platinum and is fully polished. We see that this side of the case has the iconic nameplate design of Athens. In terms of case shape, the Ulysse Nardin Trilogy all adopt the one-piece case of the first generation of sailing, which is different from the traditional straight lug case shape of today’s sailing, and also gives the watch more luxurious and leisure attributes.

The crown on the side of the watch is protected by a shoulder guard, and the brand’s anchor logo is engraved on the top. The whole body is covered with pitted blue rubber material to enhance the grip and adjust the winding feel. It can also be seen from the shoulder pads that Athens’ full polishing of platinum completely highlights the smooth feel of the case.

The bezel of the watch adopts a classic coin pattern shape. As you can see from the picture above, the watch is still quite thick. After all, a pirate ship needs to be accommodated on the dial, which makes the overall thickness of the watch, including the dome mirror, reach 18.91 mm.

The complexity of Pirate Ship is also the highest among the Nautical Trilogy, and the disc surface is completed with a five-layer architecture. The bottom layer and the outermost sea level with a wave effect is the Grand Feu enamel created by the Donzé Cadrans SA workshop. The fourth layer is the silver hull and cannon, as well as the time display area. The third level is a deck made of oak marquetry.

When it comes to the last two layers of disk design, the objects on them become more and more sophisticated. From top to bottom is the winch on the upper deck of the pirate ship at 12 o’clock, which is used to control the retraction and release of the anchor. The grille with the Athenian anchor LOGO is in the center of the disk. Through it, you can see that the cabin is filled with gold coins made of pure gold, and underneath is a three-dimensional rudder. At 6 o’clock, a flying tourbillon is placed at the stern, and the top layer is the mast and sail of the brig.

The time display function of the watch is its biggest highlight. The left side of the numbers on the left and right sides of the hull is the hour. Two sets of star wheels display 1 to 6 hours and 6 to 12 hours respectively. The introduction of the star wheel also further increases the watch’s functionality. Complexity. The minute display on the right is a traditional digital scale, with the upper half ranging from 0 to 30 and the lower half ranging from 30 to 60. The pointers are these two extremely eye-catching masts. The two parallel masts, together with the sails, will move clockwise in parallel under the influence of the nanowires.

When the minute display reaches two critical points of 30 minutes and 60 minutes respectively, the cannon on the side of the ship will instantly flip up and down, covering the elapsed time. The mast pointer with the sail will rotate back to the starting point. After the mast has rotated twice, the star wheel will advance for one hour.

Turning the fake luxury watches over, you can see that Athens has designed the movement splint into a sextant and a world map. The UN-632 tourbillon movement it is equipped with is jointly built by Athens and independent watchmaker Christophe Claret. The movement has as many as 674 parts alone, and because the display mode and functions are too complex, Athens decided to To make the watch run more stable, a speed-regulating flywheel is used to independently control the sail’s operating speed. A three-spring barrel design is also specially designed. Two springs are exclusively used to provide power for the sail display function, and the remaining one is used for the sail display function. Support movement operation.

The watch comes with a black alligator leather strap with a platinum pin buckle.

As the final chapter of the Ulysse Nardin Trilogy, Ulysse Nardin completely regards this pirate ship as a work of art. It uses nautical DNA, exquisite and complex watchmaking technology, and innovative and creative design to achieve this pirate ship. A real work of art on the wrist, to quote a real comment from a watch friend, it is exquisitely precise and mechanically soft, and can bring a unique experience to watch collectors. Even though this final work, including the first two generations of the nautical trilogy, is not the most complex cheap swiss watches work in Athens, personally, I will not hesitate to consider these three nautical works of art. Ranked at the forefront of all representative works of Athens. This year’s Watches and Miracles Show is coming soon, so let’s wait and see what surprises Athens will bring in 2024.

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Anchor of a New Era: Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer Manufacture Limited Edition

The Marine Chronometer Manufacture Limited Edition is a watershed release for Le Locle, Switzerland-based Ulysse Nardin. As the vessel for the company’s first in-house movement, the watch is both a milestone and a showpiece. While the model represents a subtle refinement of the Marine collection’s much-admired aesthetic, the movement inside is a radical break from UN’s past practice of modifying Swatch Group ETA client movements.

Sometimes a name says it all: Marine Chronometer Manufacturer. The UN-118 movement, which debuted in this model in 2012, represented UN’s attempt to avoid the effects of future ETA supply constraints and blurred the company’s historically sharp lines between haute horlogerie and volume models. While past UN product lines drew a sharp distinction between mechanical marvels like the Trilogy of Time and cornerstone products like the Marine, the new in-house UN-118 marked the dawn of a more comprehensive UN product catalog. With Marine Chronometer Manufacturer, buyers can gain access to flagship technology at an affordable price.

The Chronometer Manufacture movement is a stunning showcase for material technology. Five years ago, silicon-based balance springs and diamond-based escapement components were the domain of concept watches with six-figure price tags. For many brands, the technology remains out of reach, but for UN, which first introduced silicon escapement technology in the landmark 2001 “Freak,” alternative materials have become a core competency.

The UN-118 Manufacture movement starts with the iconic silicon balance spring. It’s non-magnetic, shock-resistant, and virtually unaffected by temperature fluctuations. As the anchor (pun intended) of a marine chronometer’s engine, the silicon balance spring provides the optimal foundation for a watch that meets and exceeds COSC chronometer standards. But we’ve seen this technology before at UN; the UN-118 adds a proprietary technology called DIAMonSIL. The silicon escapement components are coated with a synthetic diamond deposit to enhance their resistance to wear, frictional losses, and impact damage. replica watches uk

The material is so resilient that the UN-118’s escapement assembly can operate without lubricants, a huge advantage that extends service intervals and reduces ownership costs. UN’s technological advantage is unique. Currently, Ulysse Nardin is one of only four watchmakers (Swatch, Rolex and Patek Philippe are the other three) to have proprietary silicon balance spring technology; only UN has the rights to DIAmonSIL. With no less than three major components – the escape wheel, the pallet lever and the balance spring – made from the special material, the Marine Chronometer Manufacture is bringing mainstream mechanical watchmaking into the 21st century. And the benefits are real; in an age of powerful speakers, computer components and static magnets in almost every office and home environment, the UN-118 laughs at the magnetic menace that has plagued watchmakers since AL Breguet learned to tell time…

Beyond its revolutionary escapement, the UN-118 movement is a study in elegance, thoughtfulness and the traditional Swiss “Watch Valley” finishing tradition. Unique to the Manufacture for this limited edition UN-118 marine chronometer, the rose gold winding rotor is engraved with the UN anchor icon and the PVD-engraved DIAMonSIL emblem. The bridges are embellished with circular Côtes de Genève; the chamfers on the plates and levers reflect the company’s determination to make a strong first impression with this historic movement. While dark PGM PVD softens the light on the main components, all wheels are textured and given a protective coating of shiny rhodium for a striking contrast. Powerful; UN’s combination of matte gunmetal bridges, dazzling white rhodium, rose gold and chemically blued screws is exactly the kind of beauty that metals can offer.

The technical details of the new movement are commensurate with its status as the standard-bearer of replica Ulysse Nardin’s savoir-faire. The exceptional power reserve of 60 hours exceeds the industry standard of 42-48 hours, and the circular power reserve indicator at 12 on the dial shows the release of the mainspring’s energy. UN has always been an industry leader in user-friendly setting systems, and here borrows elements from the perpetual calendar, providing marine chronometer manufacturers with a quick date setting that can be adjusted forwards and backwards without damaging the movement. Automatic winding via a bidirectional rotor provides a continuous flow of power to the 28,800 v/h escapement. Composed of 248 parts, the movement meets COSC Observatory standards and is entitled to bear the words “Certified Chronometer” on its dial.

And it’s impossible to ignore that dial. Ulysse Nardin is one of only a handful of watchmakers in the world to perform in-house enamel dial production. Almost as uncommon as silicon balance spring technology, the art of enamelling involves exposing a base metal calan coated with enamel paint to a 1,500-degree furnace fire multiple times. At any point in the process, the enamel surface can warp, crack, scorch or explode, and even the best enamelling experts must endure a very high scrap rate. In short, it’s an old-world artisan delicacy that has no place in the modern world of mass production. Fortunately, like the mechanical watch itself, the craft of enamelling endures for the emotion it inspires and the enduring beauty of the final product. While metal, lacquered and synthetic dials will age, fade, corrode and deform, a finished enamel dial will retain its porcelain luster indefinitely.

The depth, lustre and vibrant colours of the Marine Chronometer Manufacture’s enamel dials are mesmerising. They are arresting. The black Roman numeral hour markers combined with the “railway” minute track are reminiscent of vintage Ulysse Nardin marine chronometers that inspired this collection. Modified cathedral hands with deposited luminous material and black shafts further distinguish this limited-production model from the mass-produced Marine models. The power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock, the small seconds “sector track” subdial at 6 o’clock and the date window at the bottom of the subdial give the whole construction a striking bilateral and vertical symmetry. Small touches of crimson burst from the otherwise two-tone enamel, bringing the whole watch to life.

While the dial is the undisputed aesthetic highlight of this watch, the case, crown and strap system reflect the overall effort that fake Ulysse Nardin puts into each watch. The case is an evolution of the unique and acclaimed first generation marine chronometers. The UN continues to feature lateral stamping and a fixed bezel with a narrow cross-section. Despite the 45mm case diameter, the combination of a large dial and minimal bezel width creates the impression of a very imposing timepiece; it easily matches visually with serious heavy metal watches such as the Hublot Big Bang King Power and the 44mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. As a true marine instrument, the Marine Chronometer Manufacture has a water resistance rating of 100 meters (330 feet).

Attention to detail abounds. A large rectangular shoulder protects the screw-down crown and extends the visual span of the case. The crown itself is large, and the UN design team thoughtfully thought that it should be coated with soft rubber to allow for easy use when wearing gloves or working with wet hands. The lugs are solid, full-width units that add extra presence to this majestic timepiece. The extra care taken by the designers is evident in the screw-on lug interface of the strap. While a spring bar is more convenient, the set screw increases the security of the watch in adverse conditions, and the large flat-head screws complement the vintage design philosophy of the marine chronometer.

This Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer is presented on a dark brown alligator strap that pairs perfectly with the rose gold case, while the watch is also compatible with a range of rubber, leather and metal bracelets produced by Ulysse Nardin. The exceptional double deployment clasp with friction fold retention ensures ease of use. While many competitors continue to offer single folding clasps that can catch wrist hairs and complicate wearing on smaller wrists, UN’s two click closure extension system makes putting this watch on and off a ‘do-done’. On the wrist, the Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer Manufacture gives the physical impression of a smaller timepiece while retaining the presence of a larger one. The key to this ergonomic trick is the short, arched lugs that keep the case in a central position on the flat surface of the forearm.

As one of the special editions of the UN-118 movement launched in the Marine collection, this watch is a unique piece with a lasting connection to the history of watchmaking in general and Ulysse Nardin in particular. Connoisseurs of the brand and technology enthusiasts will find this marine chronometer not only a piece of watchmaking history, but also a model of contemporary men’s style. Whether at home, in the office or at sea, the marine chronometer embodies the most advanced technology and the art of traditional fine watchmaking.

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Zenith launches new DEFY Skyline chronograph at Watches & Wonders 2024

Available in black, blue and silver dials.

Zenith launches the DEFY Skyline chronograph at the Watches and Wonders Fair in Geneva. This watch integrates the latest version of the El Primero automatic high-frequency chronograph movement with 1/10-second function, integrating more than 50 years of superior timing technology into a sleek and modern design. The watch’s design is highlighted by a 42mm stainless steel case, which reinterprets the iconic octagonal shape with modern proportions and a multi-sided bezel.

The dial, available in metallic black, blue or silver, retains Zenith’s signature starry sky pattern with the traditional El Primero configuration. It features three oversized chronograph counters and a color-matched date window at 4:30, reinforcing Zenith’s hallmarks of precision.

It features a quick strap change system for easy customization and is available with both steel and rubber straps for a variety of looks. This launch not only celebrates Zenith’s pioneering spirit, but also symbolizes precision in today’s fast-paced world. cheap swiss watches

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Unprecedented! A new form of online interactive watch appreciation, instantly experience BVLGARI’s 2021 eye-catching new works

Unprecedented! A new form of online interactive watch appreciation, instantly experience BVLGARI’s 2021 eye-catching new works No matter where you are, you can immediately experience the design and operation features of a watch through your mobile phone. Now you can easily master BVLGARI’s 2021 new works through this unprecedented interactive watch experience. buy replicas watch

Beautiful blue surface, practical and convenient|

Octo Finnissimo ultra-thin dual time chronograph
The BVLGARI Octo Finissimo series is currently the most iconic ultra-thin representative. Since its inception, this series has created a unique look with its all-matte avant-garde style made of sandblasted titanium metal. Recently, BVLGARI has begun to bring different materials into this series, interpreting a style that can be easily integrated into contemporary urban life. This year’s latest Octo Finissimo ultra-thin dual time chronograph blue-faced stainless steel chain strap model is exactly A new work that interprets the new generation style of Octo Finissimo. The stainless steel case is paired with a blue dial that is as lustrous as Kashmir sapphire. The appearance alone is very attractive. Coupled with the easy-to-operate dual time function design, this watch It is undoubtedly a beautiful choice both inside and outside.

Colorful and wonderful, colorful gem aperture|Allegra jewelry buying replica watch

So wonderful! The colorful and shining circle surrounding the case is undoubtedly the most attractive highlight of the BVLGARI Allegra jewelry watch. The colorful and multi-cut colored gemstones are connected into a dazzling halo, illuminating life with a sweet and joyful atmosphere. Light. This design is to allow people to embrace the beauty of life and experience the colorful beauty of Allegra jewelry watches immediately.

Shining and shining, unique|Serpenti Seduttori watch

When it comes to snake-shaped design, BVLGARI is definitely the best. In 2019, BVLGARI uses contemporary aesthetics to reinterpret the ancient symbol of charm. The classic snake shape has transformed into a new era. The water drop-shaped case is paired with a hexagonal link strap, which is eye-catching and soft to the touch. Such a watch combines luxury, sophistication, practicality and comfort. It is worth immediately experiencing its gleaming brilliance that cannot be ignored. replica franck muller watches

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The real “Avengers” must be all-powerful in the sea, land and air Breitling made a big move last year. Since the beginning of 2023, it has been busy replacing its iconic series, TOP TIME replica watches, with a “new engine”. This upgrade has naturally been recognized by many watch friends. In November of the end of the year, the brand once again updated the Avenger series of watches, which also included a complete replacement of the timing style with the B01 movement. It can be said that both the appearance design and the internal performance have been greatly improved. Let’s give a detailed introduction to the new Avengers timed night mission version.

For Breitling, brand development is inseparable from its origins in aviation. In the 1930s, Willy Breitling, the third generation heir to the brand, founded the Huit aviation department specifically to create precision airborne timing instruments and pilot chronographs. Since then, Navitimer aviation chronograph watches, AVI Co-Pilot watches, Chronomat mechanical chronographs and other representative aviation watches have been released one after another. replica u boat chimera watch

But when it comes to the Avengers series watches, we actually have to compare them with the Navitimer aviation chronograph prototypes that came out in the 1950s, including the Chronomat mechanical chronograph in the 1980s. The Avengers was born much later. It was only released in 2001, and its history is not that long. , is also a young product in the Breitling series of watches. But also because large watches were popular in the early millennium, and the Avenger was specially built for fighter pilots. With its stable and excellent performance, it can adapt to the harsh environment of the cockpit. The positioning of the watch includes, to a certain extent, It also borrows part of the design from mechanical timing, which makes it very popular among watch lovers.

I have always believed that although the Avengers is positioned in the sky matrix of the brand, it is just like a mechanical timepiece. It is an all-round watch for sea, land and air. Needless to say, the air and sky attributes of the watch are natural, while the ocean attributes are Refers to the 300-meter waterproof performance of professional diving watches possessed by the watch. On land, as a chronograph, although it does not have a speedometer circle scale specially designed for land racing like a mechanical chronograph, the tough military tactical style of the watch and the excellent movement quality also make it more attractive. It’s outstanding enough.

The first adjustment Breitling fake made for the new Avenger series chronograph was to reduce the size to 44 mm. Although it is still too large, the good thing about 44 mm is that it can compromise and basically retain the watch. The original tough style is also more comfortable to wear compared to the 45mm and 48mm models of the original Avengers.

Breitling currently offers a variety of options for new works, such as stainless steel cases covering 44mm chronographs, 44mm GMT automatic mechanical watches and 42mm automatic mechanical watches. The yellow dial and carbon fiber dial chronograph styles in the picture are the night mission special edition with a 44mm ceramic case.

The original Breitling Avengers night mission used black-plated fine steel on the case to make an all-black case. Although the blackening in the shape is tough enough, it also has a strong military style. But judging from the high-end feel and overall texture displayed by the actual ceramic watch case, it is indeed unmatched by black-plated stainless steel. Moreover, the ceramic watch is scratch-resistant, so there is no need to worry about scratches caused by daily use. It can be seen that Breitling has also put a lot of effort into the modification of ceramic watches. A large number of brushing modifications have been made on the front and sides of the case, and the deep brushing effect is very sharp.

At the same time, the changes in the overall design of the new Avengers are mainly focused on the refinement and adjustment of details, such as replacing the timing button with a tougher rectangular design, replacing the original round timing button. This modification also directly makes The watch has a more rough tactical style visual effect. The bottom, crown, timing buttons and buckle of the watch are also made of titanium, forming an innovative material combination with the ceramic case.

The ceramic bezel also retains the “horse-stud” design. This design is inherited from the mechanical chronograph watch. The design of four obvious raised scale blocks is to protect the watch mirror. If the watch is dropped to the ground, Or if it collides with a hard object, the first contact may be the raised scale instead of the watch crystal. The ceramic bezel is also decorated with a sandblasting effect, and the saddle nails are finely brushed like the case.

The dials of the new B01 version of Avengers all use horizontal three-eye sub-dials at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, which is also significantly different from the old vertical three-eye sub-dials of 6, 9, and 12 in the previous 13 and 24 movements. Differentiation.

The new Avengers also has several new options in terms of disk options, such as new green surfaces, desert color disks, and carbon fiber disks. I personally prefer the desert color version of the steel model. The color of the dial makes Breitling play like the desert coating of tactical equipment and firearms. The yellow dial has always been Breitling’s classic color dial choice. This dial color, similar to warning yellow, is very eye-catching and highly recognizable at any time. When the yellow dial is paired with an all-black ceramic case, It also creates a sharper contrast effect, making the watch more dazzling.

The watch pointer scales, including the luminous pearl design on the bezel, are coated with luminous coating, allowing the watch to be read clearly even in dim environments such as aircraft cabins or underwater. The picture above is a real shot of the luminous effect of the watch.

Turn the watch over and you can directly appreciate the operation of the B01 movement through the sapphire case back. B01’s performance is certified by the Swiss Observatory COSC with an error of -4/+6 seconds. The classic combination of column wheel and vertical clutch also makes the watch’s timing function better in terms of button feel and stability. More excellent. The watch can also provide a 70-hour power reserve when fully wound. I think the B01 movement can indeed be described as all-round and has no shortcomings. It is inevitable that the watch is only thicker. However, in fact, the new version of the B01 movement Avenger is better than the old model. It is 1.26 mm thinner, and the overall thickness is 15.2 mm. Although it is still thicker, for a sports watch, I think it can be a little thinner.

Breitling provides two strap options for this new work, one is a black tactical-style leather strap, and the other is a Breitling yellow leather strap that matches the color of the dial, allowing the wearer to choose according to their personal preferences and wearing needs. Make your selection.

This is the end of introducing this new B01 ceramic version of Avengers to you. With its all-round performance on land, sea and air, I think it is definitely worthy of the name “Avenger”. Also combined with the official price of the watch is 66,200 yuan. Compared with watches of the same level, we can hardly find similar products. , this upgraded combination of ceramic shell and self-produced timing movement has a price-performance ratio that is enough to make it stand out from the crowd. In addition, after the 44mm is changed to a smaller size, at least the watch friends who originally didn’t want to try it after looking at 45mm or 48mm are no longer afraid, but have the idea of ​​trying it. These factors are all making people There is no way to ignore the excellence of the new B01 caliber Avenger. replica automatic watches

However, it is a pity that the polished surface of Avengers B01 is still a large-area brushed and sandblasted version, and it does not use modifications like mechanical timing. I have talked to you before, if the movement finish of TOP TIME is kept at the same level as the mechanical timing, watch lovers will be more satisfied, and the new B01 Avenger is no exception.

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Jacob & Co. launches Mysterious Tourbillon Double Dragon watch

Jacob & Co. launches Mysterious Tourbillon Double Dragon watch

For seven years, Jacob & Co. has continuously launched dragon-themed watches. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, and on this occasion, Jacob & Co. has created a unique new piece that demonstrates its attachment to this magnificent creature. This new work called “Mysterious Tourbillon Double Dragon” is majestic, exquisite in craftsmanship, extraordinary and unique.

2024 is the Year of the Dragon, and Jacob & Co. celebrates this year by launching a new series of watches designed with this theme. For many people, celebrating the Chinese New Year is important. For Jacob & Co, it was an opportunity to show more creativity. This is an opportunity to push the limits of themes that the brand constantly pursues, especially today through the mysterious Tourbillon Double Dragon. best replica watch site

eternal hunt
The Mysterious Tourbillon Double Dragon watch perfectly combines advanced watchmaking technology with artistic masters. Featuring a unique movement, this unique piece is the only flying tourbillon with a central, bi- and triple-axes side by side and contains two miniature dragon sculptures. Entirely hand-painted, these rose gold dragons surround the large tourbillon sphere and surround each other. Both fly among stylized clouds, their heads forever chasing pearls of wisdom. Both pearls consist of a pair of significant white diamonds with 288 facets Jacob’s cut. One acts as an hour hand and the other acts as a minute hand. The rose gold case with a diameter of 50 mm is invisiblely set with 192 white diamonds (12 carats).

craft biology

Jacob & Co. presents a collection dedicated to unique creations that incorporate these dragons that demonstrate craftsmanship. Over the past seven years, Jacob & Co. have created over 41 dragon-themed works in the Astronomia Art Collection. Each piece is unique, well made and exceptionally refined. Prices start at $3,500,000, with some reaching seven figures. The Astronomia’s case is made from rose gold micro-sculptures that are polished and painted by hand. Through the sapphire crystal, the dragon’s body intertwines with the watch movement, allowing you to admire the entire spectacle. All of these pieces, such as Astronomia Art White Dragon, Astronomia Art Red Dragon Baguette or Astronomia Art Black Dragon, have a strong focus on uniqueness. The combination of fine watchmaking, fine craftsmanship, fine jewelry and the most mysterious of creatures puts the Astronomia Dragon collection into a unique category, defining Jacob & Co. as the “House of the Dragon.” replica watches for sale

Mysterious Tourbillon Double Dragon
move :

Caliber: JCAM32

Winding: Manual

Dimensions: 42.80 mm

Height: 15mm

Components: 430

Power reserve: 60 hours

Frequency: 21,600 vph (3 Hz)


Mysterious hour and minute chimes

Central tourbillon, steering wheel, dual and triple axis with differential

First axis: 60 seconds rotation

Second axis: 120 seconds rotation

Third axis: 120 seconds rotation


Dimensions: 50mm

Height: 25mm

Material: 18k rose gold

Mirror: Hyperboloid anti-reflective sapphire crystal

Case back: 18 carat rose gold

Water resistance: 30 m (3 atm)


Case: Invisibly set with 192 baguette- and hexagon-cut white diamonds (12.41 carats)

Index: 12 baguette-cut white diamonds (1.49 ct)


Dial: 2 rotating rings decorated with 2 hand-painted rose gold dragon sculptures

Hands: 2 white diamonds, 288 facets, Jacob’s cut

Bracelet and buckle:

Strap: red crocodile leather

Clasp: 18K rose gold folding clasp

zelin0802 / February 21, 2024

U-Boat Flightdeck Ceramic Bezel Carbon Fiber Watch

The Flightdeck-bezel series is one of the U-Boat cheap watch concepts in which carbon fiber plays an important role. These Flightdeck chronograph variants come with bezels made of various materials. Titanium and gold were among the first materials used. At this year’s Baselworld, I saw the latest model – the Flightdeck Ceramic Bezel, with a dial entirely covered in carbon fiber.

The reason carbon fiber works so well on the U-Boat Flightdeck Ceramic Bezel is that the case is all black. The stainless steel case is PVD-coated, and the bezel, as the name suggests, is made of black ceramic. While it may sound like a remnant of old-school pottery-making techniques, the substance has made its way into the modern era, spanning high-tech industries such as aerospace and ballistic protection. In addition to its many uses, ceramic has been fully adapted and popularized for use in cheap swiss watches in recent years. Its use has many advantages. It’s lightweight and scratch-resistant – it’s harder than stainless steel and often even sapphire – and it’s fully pigmented, meaning any damage won’t show up as a different color underneath. All of these features are especially useful for bezels that are subject to abuse. Its hardness also determines the material’s affinity for fine finishes.

Beneath the thick sapphire crystal protected by a ceramic bezel is our carbon fiber dial. The white fluorescent paint of the thick hands contrasts sharply with the smooth carbon fiber background. The hour markers are finished in a more subtle gray paint that appears to float on the polymer over carbon fiber. Embossed auxiliary dial indicates chronograph measurements and elapsed seconds. Like the glossy ceramic bezel, carbon fiber adds a high-tech elegance to this impressive timepiece.

The rest of the case is straight out of the Flightdeck playbook. Measuring 50mm in diameter, it has a cap that screws into the left side of the case (like the U-Boat watches), protecting the already sturdy crown. As if the massive size of the case wasn’t enough, this unassuming crown cover adds to the case’s undeniable weight, but its position on the left makes the Flighdeck chrono surprisingly comfortable. The size of these watches is undeniable; often intimidating to those not used to larger watches. However, in my experience, it is the model that most converts those who are skeptical of larger timepieces to replica U-Boats.

In addition to using Swiss mechanical movements, U-boat watches are made in Italy. As an Italian company, it’s no surprise that they take the design and manufacturing of their leather watch straps very seriously. Like Italian shoes, belts, and jackets, U-boat bands were flashy, luxurious, and often expensive. The high-quality crocodile leather lining, soft calfskin leather and rubber protective frame are assembled by hand in the area around Florence, where the company is based.

The U-Boat Ceramic Bezel Flighdeck Chronograph is strong, sturdy, and bold—everything that points to the brand’s leaning toward instrument style. On the other hand, the sleek black ceramic bezel and carbon fiber dial give this replica watches online a high-tech elegance that is suitable for all elegant outings and dress codes.

zelin0802 / February 19, 2024

Urwerk UR-100V Speed of Light

Urwerk gives its best-selling UR-100V a cosmic-themed makeover Now Urwerk’s best-selling model, the UR-100 is an unpretentious timepiece by Urwerk standards, equipped with the brand’s signature running time satellite disc that keeps track of hours and minutes. In other words, it served as the base model that attracted many enthusiasts to try the independent watchmaker’s avant-garde time display.

As a result, the UR-100 has gone through several iterations to cater to the varying tastes of collectors, offering a range of materials and dial colors. However, the latest iteration introduces something new to the display. For the first time in the series, the UR-100V Lightspeed includes a description of the time it takes for sunlight to reach every planet in the solar system.

Travel time display
Staying true to its UR-100 roots, the UR-100V Lightspeed retains that model’s sleek case design (now made of carbon) and is slimmer than typical replica Urwerk models, ensuring fit for a variety of wrist sizes. In addition, it retains the hovering hour and minute functions, consisting of three satellite discs located on the turntable to indicate the hours, each disc taking turns indicating the minutes on the arcuate scale. The display, while simpler than the brand’s satellite cubes, offers a glimpse of Urwerk’s indie watchmaking style at an affordable price.

However, the latest Lightspeed does away with the dual astronomy displays found in earlier UR-100 models. This feature represents the distance the Earth travels around its axis of rotation every 20 minutes (approximately 555 kilometers) and the distance the Earth travels around the Sun every 20 minutes (approximately 35,700 kilometers). This information is conveyed through the movement of the hands on the traveling hour dial that rotates around the entire dial. Conveniently, the cutout is sized such that it takes exactly 20 minutes for a pointer to pass through it.

While the dual distance display was gradually phased out, Urwerk introduced new astronomical information on the dial. The speed of light model features the time it takes for light to travel from the Sun to each planet in the solar system. This information was determined by calculating the distance between the Sun and each planet, taking into account the speed of light, which is approximately 299,792.458 meters per second – the fastest achievable speed in the universe. For example, it was determined that sunlight takes about 8.3 minutes on average to reach Earth. astronomia casino watch

Since the speed of light is a constant, usually represented by the symbol “c” in physical calculations, the time it takes for sunlight to reach each planet remains consistent, temporarily ignoring the change in the distance between the Sun and each planet throughout the orbital period. This information is now displayed on the dial, forming fixed values rather than a dynamic time display. It is neither an indicator nor a complicating factor that the level of interest is lower than initial impressions suggest.

Control winding speed
Inside the watch is the UR 12.02, which consists of a proprietary module from URwerk and a base movement made by Vaucher, unlike earlier movements derived from Zenith movements. However, UR 12.02 retains the “Windfänger” winding system. There is a star wheel at the oscillating weight. Each time the oscillating weight rotates, it can complete six revolutions, thereby controlling the winding speed. fake watches for sale

Urwerk UR-100V Speed of Light
Movement: UR 12.02; automatic; 48 hours power reserve
Function: hours and minutes
Case: 43 x 51.73 x 14.55 mm; carbon and DLC-coated titanium; water-resistant to 50 m
Strap: Red rubber strap with folding buckle

zelin0802 / January 31, 2024

Zenith launches new Chronomaster Original three-date watch

Dear IWS friends, as you know from the launch of the LVMH Watch Week concept, these are exciting days for the watchmaking industry, and especially for the brands led by the Arnault family. On the occasion of this event, Zenith has added a fascinating new complication to its Chronomaster Original collection: the triple calendar.

Design and functionality
The Chronomaster Original Triple Calendar is an extremely elegant watch with a vintage charm that, like the rest of the collection, respects its DNA. The brand decided to launch the watch in three versions: white dial, green dial, and finally anthracite dial.

All three watches come in the typical 38mm stainless steel case of the Chronomaster Original collection, with sharp, elongated lugs. Being a triple calendar chronograph, the dial features three chronograph counters, with the day, month and month visible through three windows at 10, 2 and 4:30 o’clock respectively. The final gem, on the counter at 6 o’clock, we also find the moon phase, making it even more romantic.

Each model comes with an integrated bracelet or calfskin strap without the quick-switch system unique to other cheap Zenith collections, maintaining the nostalgic and traditional DNA of the Chronomaster Original collection.

Triple calendar chronograph movement
Opening the sapphire crystal case back, we can admire the El Primero 3610 self-winding movement. In the version with calendar and moon phase, this movement maintains a frequency of 5 Hz for the first time, guaranteeing one-tenth of a second. Accuracy. Additionally, the power reserve is 60 hours.

The Zenith Chronomaster Original Triple Calendar is an ambitious and highly competitive variant of the Chronomaster series. Ambitious to combine a chronograph with a triple calendar with moon phases; competitive because all this is offered at a very interesting market price. https://www.reviewluxurystore.com/