zelin0802 / May 13, 2022

LMX: A decade of legacy

In the MB&F replica world, X has a special meaning and is based on the Roman numeral 10. It marks the 10th anniversary, just like the HM3 FrogX (2020) marked the decade of the Totem HM3 or HMX (2015), which is titled MB&F’s 10th anniversary. But X isn’t just an archaic replacement for the Arabic numeral 10. In algebra, X is the unsolved variable; in cartography, X is the desired destination. X stands for indescribable, inexplicable, inexplicable; it symbolizes everything we don’t know yet.

Presenting the LMX, celebrating 10 years of legacy machines

Back in October 2011, MB&F had just launched Legacy Machine N°1, the first new collection to launch alongside the existing Horological Machines; a creative laboratory, two ways of timing. The LMX returns to its earliest touches with the Legacy Machine collection, with the same expression, including a central flying balance wheel and two dials, although everything else is different.

Two independent time zones on the inclined dial

Anyone familiar with MB&F’s first Legacy Machine will know instinctively how the LMX works. Two stretched white lacquered dials, each with its own hour and minute display. The dial on the right is set by a crown at 2 o’clock, engraved with the MB&F Tomahawk, which also winds the movement. A globe is engraved on the crown at 10 o’clock to confirm the potential use of a second time zone for setting the time on the left dial. Unlike the first-generation Legacy Machine, however, both dials are tilted at an angle—a more complicated feature on the latest Legacy Machines, requiring the help of bevel gears to transfer energy from the horizontal to the vertical.

Apparent mechanics under the sapphire crystal dome

While the first few Legacy Machines took a selective approach to the presentation between the dial and the sapphire crystal top, later models, such as the LM Perpetual, LM FlyingT and LM Thunderdome, were more open and showy about their mechanical capabilities. The LMX follows the latter approach, showcasing functional elements such as the tomahawk escapement bridge and gear train components. Three large gears stand out: next to each winding crown, two actuate when the time is set on the corresponding time display, while the gear at 6 o’clock is the ordinary seconds wheel.

Of particular note is the new bespoke balance wheel, a behemoth 13.4mm with an inertia block that marks a departure from more traditional threaded balance wheels and gives watchmakers greater precision to adjust the LMX Core. Other improvements include the polished arms of the straight bridge exposed on the dial, finished by hand to impart a curved or bercé profile on its upper surface.

Hemispherical 7-day power reserve indicator

As another tribute to Legacy Machine No 1’s world-first vertical power reserve indicator, the LMX builds on this MB&F history with an all-new 3D display showing the engine’s impressive 7 days (168 hours) Power Reserve. In this improved display, it is possible to choose between two countdown power reserve modes. Two markers are located on opposite sides of the hemisphere; one is framed by arched scales numbered 1 to 7, and the other has scales showing the days of the week.

This complex and entirely new component interaction is given additional complexity through the rotation of the entire power reserve display itself. This allows the wearer to choose the power reserve display mode they prefer: even when continuing to wind the Tomahawk crown after the power reserve is fully replenished, the wearer can adjust the direction indicated so that the date is displayed – when the LMX is worn on the wrist , the day of the week or the numerical scale is more obvious. wholesale replica watches

Symmetrical kinematic structure

Like a perfectly balanced X, the engine of the LMX is highly symmetrical – not only on the dial side, but as seen from the sapphire caseback, the three barrels are evenly distributed in the center, and the sunburst pattern in the Côtes de Genève finish is even more pronounced. Prominence. It’s a treat for those who can read the language of watch movements, discerning the expert intent and refined purpose behind the placement of each component.

The X in LMX is not just a symmetric symbol, or another way of representing the number 10. LMX is the crossroads where the first and second decades of the Legacy Machine series meet. cheap replica watch

LMX has produced two limited releases:

– 18K red gold, bridges and bridges with black NAC treatment;

– Grade 5 titanium alloy with green CVD treatment of plates and bridges.

For 2022, the new “Steel & Brass” limited edition 316L stainless steel matte finish.