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Patek Philippe Complication

Patek Philippe Complication White Gold Blue Leather Strap 5930G-001

Patek Philippe Complication Platinum Blue Leather Strap 5930G-001 luxury watches men is an exquisite and cool world time chronograph with a platinum case that allows users to read the time in 24 time zones.

Patek Philippe Complication White Gold Blue Leather Strap 5930G-001 Specifications
Model: Complications
Model reference: 5930G-001
Movement: automatic winding
Case size: 39.5mm
Case metal: white gold
Strap type: Leather
Dial: blue opal
Gender: Men’s watch

Patek Philippe Complication White Gold Blue Leather Strap 5930G-001 Features
world time function

This Patek Philippe Complication Watch (Ref. 5930G-001) features a 39.5mm round case made of 18k white gold. The case has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and is secured by a beautiful blue leather strap.

The watch features a blue opal dial with the local time displayed in the center. The dial is decorated with hand-carved white gold hour markers and is coated with luminous coating to ensure clear and easy reading.

The dial features a small stopwatch dial and an outer ring engraved with the names of world cities.

The special feature of this watch is its world time function. Pressing the pusher above 10 o’clock moves the dial’s outer ring, allowing you to change the local time and read the time in any time zone.

Another special feature of this Patek Philippe watches online shop (Ref. 5930G-001) is its instantaneous 30-minute counter.

Patek Philippe Complication White Gold Blue Leather Strap 5930G-001 look and feel

This white gold, blue leather strap complication watch (5930G-001) is perfect for those looking for a fierce yet elegant Patek Philippe men’s watch.

The silver 18k white gold case and beautiful matte navy blue leather strap give this watch a serene look. On the other hand, the dial’s world time “complication” and 30-minute subdial give the watch a fierce yet sophisticated look.

Why the Patek Philippe Complication White Gold Blue Leather Strap 5930G-001 is a good investment

The Patek Philippe Complication World Time Chronograph (Ref. 5930G-001) is a good investment as it is one of the most coveted Patek Philippe complications.

Its excellent functionality, exquisite appearance and overall calm appearance make it the first choice for watch lovers.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1AR-001 Steel & Rose Gold Blue Dial

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1AR-001 is an elegant flyback chronograph watch that dresses up the sporty Nautilus design in attractive rose gold and steel tones.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1AR-001 Steel Rose Gold Watch Specifications
Model: Nautilus
Model reference: 5980/1AR-001
Movement: automatic winding
Case size: 40.5mm
Case metal: rose gold
Strap type: Bracelet (rose gold and steel)
Dial: blue
Gender: Unisex

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1AR-001 Steel & Rose Gold Watch Features
rose gold and steel tones
blue dial showing date
flyback chronograph

This Patek Philippe watch takes the sporty Nautilus design to new heights by adding two-tone colors and a flyback chronograph.

The watch features a 40.5 mm round octagonal case made of 18K rose gold and stainless steel.

The case is made of sapphire crystal glass and is water-resistant to 120 mm. It is secured by a rose gold and stainless steel bracelet with a deployant clasp.

The watch features a blue gradient dial with gold applied hour markers with a luminous coating.

The watch is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement and displays the date at 3 o’clock on the dial. There is a sundial at 6 o’clock showing a single counter for 60 minutes and 12 hours.

A special feature of this Patek Philippe Nautilus is its flyback chronograph function.

This is an advanced chronograph feature that bypasses the typical sequence of stopping, resetting and restarting a chronograph in order to time a second event.

Therefore, it enables you to time multiple events in sequence (such as individual runners in a relay).

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1AR-001 Steel Rose Gold Watch Look and Feel

This Patek Philippe Nautilus Blue dial offers a luxurious look, with a rose gold-toned bezel setting off a striking blue gradient dial. The sporty Nautilus design and two-tone bracelet add to the elegance, making this a great unisex watch.

Whether you are looking for an elegant Patek Philippe timepiece for women or men, the Nautilus 5980/1AR-001 has you covered.

Why the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1AR-001 Steel and Rose Gold Watch is a Good Investment

The Patek Philippe Nautilus Blue Dial watch is a good investment as it comes from the most popular Patek Philippe model.

As a Patek Philippe Nautilus, it is crafted from 18K gold and features advanced chronograph functions, factors that make this watch a true collector’s item.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Patek Philippe Nautilus

The cheap Patek Philippe Nautilus is one of the coolest steel watches around and one of the most elusive. It is highly sought after by collectors and is the holy grail of many. Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of this icon and why it’s so hard to find.

A brief history of the Nautilus
In the 1970s, the quartz crisis was in full swing, and Swiss watchmakers needed competition. Gerald Genta launched the Royal Oak Jumbo in 1972, launching the luxury steel sports watch category. Just a few years later, Genta repeated the success with the Nautilus 3700/1, introduced in 1976.

As the name suggests, the design was inspired by the sea. The design of the watch was influenced by the portholes on ocean liners, with the sides of the case mimicking the hinges of the windows. The name itself comes from Jules Verne’s book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, the ship Nautilus piloted by Captain Nemo.

The first Nautilus fashion cheap watch was crafted from a nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel alloy capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and pressures, and had a one-piece steel bracelet. Now celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2021, the Nautilus collection has come a long way since its initial launch, featuring precious metals, gemstones, women’s styles and additional complications. Learn more about key points in Patek Philippe’s history, including the Nautilus.

What Makes The Patek Philippe Nautilus So Expensive
It’s not just the rich history of Nautilus that adds to the value of a watch. Prestige, craftsmanship and uniqueness are all factors.

Brand reputation
The Swiss watchmaker has been making watches non-stop since 1839 for over 180 years. Patek Philippe is one of the oldest and only remaining independent family-owned manufacturers. The Stern family has owned the brand since 1932 and is committed to the sophistication and quality of their watches.

Patek Philippe Quality
With a long history, the brand has perfected vertically integrated production. Research, development, production, assembly and hand finishing are all done in-house. This ranges from the simplest models to grand complications. Patek Philippe fake is known for its innovation. Holding more than 100 patents, they have contributed to major developments in watchmaking, including the production of the first annual calendar.

watches are scarce
Patek Philippe produces 140 different models in its collection and expects to produce fewer than 70,000 watches a year, although the brand has never confirmed this. Mr. Stern estimates that in 2019, the Nautilus 5711 alone accounted for about 10 percent of demand.

Every watch produced has been tested under strict standards and has now been stamped with the Patek Philippe quality seal. Countless hours are spent on each piece from start to finish.

Popular Patek Philippe Nautilus Models
While the Nautilus 5711 is the first thing most collectors think of, there are quite a few noteworthy references in the collection.

5712 Nautilus Moon Phase
The 5712 was launched in 2006 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Nautilus series. Although this complicated Nautilus fake watch uses the same case as the 5711, its date, moon phase, small seconds and power reserve indicator are uniquely positioned around the dial. 5712 has a blue dial, synonymous with the classic steel model. The watch is available in rose gold (brown dial) and white gold (gray dial).

Nautilus 5980 Chronograph
The Nautilus Chronograph was the first sports chronograph produced by the brand, but now you can also find the 5990. This chronograph is tracked in a single counter at 6 o’clock. It records timekeeping hours, minutes and seconds in one place. You can also run the chronograph for a constant seconds function thanks to the vertical clutch engaging the chronograph function. The all-steel version has been discontinued, but Patek Philippe currently produces a two-tone steel and rose gold version or an all-rose gold model with a bracelet or bracelet.

Patek Philippe 5726 Annual Calendar Moon Phase Nautilus
Launched in 2010, 5726 was the first steel wristwatch with an annual calendar. Unlike the dial layout of the 5712, the dial layout of the 5726 is simple and symmetrical. The day and month sit side by side at the top of the dial, echoing the date at the bottom of the dial. The watch was originally produced with a black dial and leather strap. For a while, the watch came with a steel bracelet and had the option of a white dial. Today, the classic blue dial is paired with a stainless steel bracelet, and the black dial is paired with a black strap. perfect fake watch

Patek Philippe 5711
The Patek Philippe 5711 debuted in 2006 as a redesigned, updated version of the original 3700 model. It was an instant hit with collectors and became one of the hardest watches to find at authorized retailers. The watch features a blue or white dial with horizontal lines, hours, minutes, seconds and date.

The watch is minimal in design, but it is powered by Caliber 324 SC with a power reserve of 45 hours, a four-spoke Gyromax balance wheel and a Spiromax hairspring. Oscillating weight in 21K gold with Côtes de Genève, beveled edges and Patek Philippe hallmark.

The 5711 is seen as a versatile watch, and even with its sporty nautical-inspired design, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a suit. The case is thin and the dial is simple.

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Patek Philippe Nautilus Retrospective Chapter Two

From its launch in 1976 to its 20th anniversary in 1996, Chapter 1 of the Patek Philippe Nautilus Retrospective examines the collection’s first two decades. This chapter traces the evolution of the Nautilus family from 1996 to the mid-2000s. This era of the Nautilus included new dial designs, the introduction of complications, the return of the larger “Jumbo” case, and the predecessor to the Aquanaut. fashion cheap watches

Roman Dial Nautilus
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Nautilus in 1996, Patek Philippe substantially redesigned the dial of this mid-sized ref. 3800. Instead of the iconic horizontal groove texture, baton hour markers and round baton hands, Patek Philippe opted for a matte black background, applied Roman numerals and leaf-shaped hands. A railway minute track has also been added to the perimeter. These dial changes add a touch of sophistication to the otherwise sporty Patek Philippe watch.

Roman dials are primarily used on the all-steel and two-tone versions of the Nautilus 3800, as well as some all-gold versions.

Nautilus 3800/1A – Stainless Steel
Nautilus 3800/1JA – Two-tone steel and gold
Nautilus 3800/1J – Gold

“Pre-Aquanaut” Nautilus
In 1996, Patek Philippe also launched the first Nautilus model with a leather strap and a redesigned case. It’s called the Nautilus 5060S, and fans of the brand may recognize the 5060 reference number to the Aquanaut due out the following year. That’s because the Nautilus 5060S was in fact the Aquanaut’s predecessor — a “pre-Aquanaut,” if you will.

The enclosure of the Nautilus 5060S differs from conventional models in two main ways. First, it no longer has “ears” on each side to mimic the hinges of a porthole. Instead, it’s more streamlined while still retaining the typical round octagonal bezel. Second, the case now includes lugs to accommodate the leather strap instead of an integrated bracelet.

The Nautilus 5060S features a 35mm 18k yellow gold case and a then-new Roman dial design.

In 1997, Patek introduced the steel Aquanaut 5060A with rubber strap, and the gold Nautilus 5060S was reclassified as the Aquanaut 5060J (confusingly, Patek still sometimes shows it in catalogs as part of the Nautilus collection.)

The first Nautilus with complications
1998 marked the first release of Patek Philippe’s Nautilus wristwatch with complications. This is the Nautilus ref. 3710/1 which includes a power reserve display on the dial in addition to the regular hour, minute, second and date indications. The power reserve display is sloped slightly below the 12 o’clock position, and to accommodate it, Patek Philippe has moved the logo down above the 6 o’clock position.

Powering the Nautilus 3710/1 is a Caliber 330 SC IZR (IZR stands for Indication de Zone de Remontage, French for the winding zone).

In addition to introducing the collection’s first complication, the Nautilus 3710/1 also marks the return of the 42mm “Jumbo” size case. The steel case is paired with a black dial with Roman numerals similar to those introduced two years ago. However, Patek Philippe chose to equip the top quality watches with the traditional Genta-designed baton hands rather than the more elegant leaf-shaped hands.

The Nautilus 3710/1 with stainless steel integrated bracelet was not produced until 2006. Patek Philippe didn’t make any changes to this particular model, opting instead to stick with an all-steel construction and black Roman dial throughout the watch’s manufacture.

Platinum “Big Mac”
In 2004, Patek Philippe launched the Nautilus 3711/1G, which brought back the classic time and date Nautilus in a 42 mm “Jumbo” case. However, Patek Philippe chose to craft this watch in 18k white gold rather than steel, making the retail price unaffordable to many.

The precious metal case houses the classic Nautilus dial with horizontal grooves, baton hour markers and hour markers, and a date window at 3 o’clock. The watch has an 18k white gold integrated bracelet and is powered by the Caliber Caliber 315 SC movement.

The first Nautilus with a moon phase function
In 2005, Patek Philippe launched the Nautilus with another complication, this time including a moon phase display. The signature detail of the Nautilus 3712/1A is its dial with asymmetrical indications: power reserve indicator at 10:30, date and moon phase display at 7 o’clock and small seconds at 4 o’clock. Reference 3712 was the first Nautilus to feature the Caliber 240 movement with a micro-rotor.

The Nautilus 3712/1A is also notable for reintroducing the one-piece case construction (used in the original 3700/001A), with an integrated sapphire case back allowing the movement to be seen. The 42mm stainless steel case is paired with a stainless steel integrated bracelet, and the dial is finished in a classic gradient blue tone with horizontal grooves.

This concludes the second chapter of the Patek Philippe Nautilus retrospective. Don’t miss Chapter 3, where we cover the years 2006 to 2015. This era includes a range of 30th anniversary models (including the iconic model 5711), an expansion of the sophisticated Nautilus model and more materials and colorways of the collection. replica watches on sale

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Patek Philippe Releases Six New Limited Reference Watches for the Tokyo Market

Over the weekend, Patek Philippe unveiled six limited-edition timepieces, some of which are surprisingly colorful, at the Art of Watch Exhibition in Tokyo. The brand has also created a complete collection of dome clocks, table clocks, pocket Discount replica watches and wristwatches for the exhibition, celebrating rare handcrafts and inspired by Japanese culture.

The quadruple complication Reference 5308P-010 Limited Edition Tokyo is a minute repeater, split-seconds chronograph and instant perpetual calendar with aperture. It incorporates a new movement, the R CHR 27 PS QI caliber, which features two patented innovations that reduce the energy consumption of the clutch and split-seconds. The dial is a rich salmon color coveted by collectors of the moment and usually reserved for special editions. The case and bracelet are platinum.

Calatrava References 6127G-010 and 7127G-010 are typical refined Calatrava designs, but with lively pastel colored dials in shades of light blue and lilac. The double-layer case with beveled lugs is a new design designed to reflect Japanese sophistication. Shopping replica watches

The World Time Reference 5330G-010 joins the parade of colors with a luscious fuchsia dial. Caliber 240 HU C drives a world-first function: a date display synchronized with local time. The name “Tokyo” appears in red on the city disc, while on the 24-hour disc, the red rising sun of the Japanese national emblem replaces the classic sun symbol on the day/night indicator.

Another world timer, the World Time Minute Repeater model 5531R-014, features a Grand Feu cloisonné enamel dial representing the historic Chuo Ward in central Tokyo. The minute repeater tells the time.

Ladies moon phase Buy cheap Watches reference 7121/200G-010 is a limited edition with a moon phase display that does not need to be adjusted for 122 years. The gleaming pearl gray dial is surrounded by a bezel set with 132 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 1.09 carats.

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After all, the ceiling of the timepieces in the two places is still Patek Philippe

Hello everyone, for cheap Patek Philippe, the dual-time function is a good and common function, but there are not many single-function dual-time watches like 5224. I remember the last single-function dual-time watch. It is still 5134, which has been discontinued for a long time, and 5134 is only manual. The emergence of 5224 perfectly filled the gap that PP has not had a single-function two-place timepiece for many years.

Although Patek Philippe has many complex watches, there are not many watches with a single complex function, and whenever PP decides to launch a watch with a single complex function, it is doomed that this function is of great significance to PP, such as its famous world time function and timing function. As a loyal fan of watches in two places, the appearance of 5224 at least relatively solves the embarrassing reality that 5230P and 5326G cannot afford to climb high, and 5164A is out of the world. Compared with the previous two-time function of PP, which used the day and night window and the 24-hour small dial to distinguish the morning and afternoon of the place of residence, this time PP simply uses the most direct 24-hour digital scale.

The 24-hour digital scale first appeared on PP on the Gondolo pocket watch launched in 1905, and this time it appeared on the watch. On the one hand, it can simplify the relatively complicated structure of the day and night window, and on the other hand, it can make the dial more Pure, when the two hour hands overlap, it looks like a very simple and elegant small three hands. The fully polished 42 mm diameter rose gold case diameter of this watch uses curved double-layer lugs. It is inspired by the 5212 weekly calendar that came out in 2019, but I think it is more accurate than the 5172 with curved three-layer lugs. Like a pair of CP. Since the new 5224’s two-time adjustment is done by the crown, without the previous left button, and with rose gold digital luminous hour markers inlaid by hand, and luminous syringe hands, this watch is even more suitable for formal wear and sports. , has achieved a perfect balance between traditional inspiration and modern sophistication, and just rightly grasps the future trend of luxury leisure.

The reason why Patek Philippe can be called the fake men watches king is that in addition to its concise appearance and exquisite craftsmanship, there is also a very important point that it is easy to use, because there are too many watches on the earth with a ceiling of beauty and operation that you want to turn your face. The solid hour hand of 5224 indicates the local time, and the hollow hour hand indicates the time of the home country. When the crown is pulled out halfway, the solid hour hand can be adjusted forward or backward in one-hour increments. When this operation is performed, the solid hour hand, which acts as a local time indicator, will be separated from the movement, so the accuracy of the minute and second hands will not be affected in the slightest. When this function is not used, the two hour hands can be overlapped to run completely synchronously. In addition, because the hour hand of this watch makes a circle in 24 hours, Patek Philippe specially set the scale showing noon at 12 o’clock on the dial instead of the traditional 6 o’clock. Just imagine, if the number 12 is at 6 o’clock, you can see the time What a torment it will be.

The reason why the 5224 can have both appearance and function is of course the new 31-260 PS FUS 24H movement. Friends who are familiar with PP should know that before the birth of the 260 movement, PP had two major automatic foundations, one is the large pendulum and the 330 movement whose model has evolved from 315 to the present, and the other is known as the most beautiful movement. The Pearl Tuo 240 movement with automatic movement, as for how good the 240 movement is, you can choose your own degree. What I want to say is that although the 240 is super powerful, there is also a small regret, that is, if a small second hand is added to the 240 movement, This small second hand can only appear at 4 o’clock. The emergence of the 260 movement perfectly made up for the historical shortcoming of the 240.

The 260 movement first appeared on the 5235 standard pointer annual calendar launched by Patek Philippe in 2011, while the 260 used in the 5224 was redesigned in 2021, and the vibration frequency of the movement was increased from the previous 3.2 Hz to To 4 Hz, the drive train uses an independent splint, and the winding torque is increased by 20%. In order to further enhance the winding power, the Pearl Tuo also uses platinum, which is of higher quality than gold. It is also equipped with a reduction wheel, which can be separated from the automatic winding device when manual winding is started, thereby reducing loss. Judging from the current trend, the 260 movement has been accumulated for more than ten years, and the time for PP to gradually replace the 240 with 260 is also ripe. This is a strong signal that can be clearly felt from PP’s practice of only keeping platinum 5230 last year. In short, I am very much looking forward to using the world time of the 260 movement. If nothing else, the model should be 5330. The public price of the new 5224 is 447200. Of course, this is not important. I just think it would be better if the diameter of this watch can be reduced by 1 mm. swiss watch cheap

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New Arrival: Patek Philippe Calatrava 24 Hour Display Travel Time Ref. 5224R-001

Patek Philippe presents a new Calatrava model with an original 24-hour central display for local time and home time. referee. The 5224R-001 is powered by a Calibre31-260 PS FUS 24H with three patents.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 24 Hours Display Travel Time Ref. 5224R-001 is a regular production timepiece.

Calatrava is the quintessential Swiss round dress watch. It is the embodiment of elegance and tradition, synonymous with the Patek Philippe brand. In recent years, however, there has been a shift toward bringing Calatrava into the 21st century in order to be more in sync with today’s trends. Patek Philippe has never been afraid of change. The brand knew it needed to evolve in order to stay relevant. The latest example of Patek Philippe’s efforts to modernize the Calatrava collection can be seen in the new Ref. here. 5224R-001 (and Ref. 6007G, which debuted in Watches and Wonders 2023).

referee. The 5224R is not what you usually imagine when you think of a classic Calatrava. It has a blue dial, a 42mm case, sporty numerals, a time display in an atypical 24-hour format, and a matching brushed blue calfskin strap. That is, these seemingly modern design elements are tempered by the traditional fine craftsmanship that continues to define Patek Philippe. For example, the Calatrava has a larger case, but has a refined and fully polished look. While the main time display in 24-hour format may seem novel, it was actually inspired by the Patek Philippe No. P-527 pocket 1:1 Quality Replica wathes produced more than a century ago for the Brazilian retailer Gondolo & Labouriau. Then, when you turn the watch over, you find a mechanical movement with traditional architecture and you’re done.

All in all, Ref. The 5224R manages to strike a delicate balance between old and new worlds while keeping it fresh with an unorthodox 24-hour time display.

Patek Philippe has expanded its extensive selection of Travel Time dual time zone watches with the new Calatrava model, which features the original display of local time and home time by means of two central hands that turn a 24-hour circle. The manufacturer has used 24-hour displays in the past, notably on the Chronometro Gondolo watches produced for the Brazilian retailer Gondolo & Labouriau in the early 20th century. One of them is a pocket watch made in 1905, which is now displayed in the Patek Philippe Museum (No. P-527). For the new Reference 5224R-001, the designers have reinterpreted this type of indication in a decidedly contemporary spirit. They also chose to place the noon time at 12 o’clock instead of the usual 6 o’clock, ensuring excellent daytime legibility.

To provide these functions, Patek Philippe’s engineers took the 31-260 ultra-thin self-winding base movement and added a 24-hour mechanism and a travel time mechanism. Launched in 2011 in the annual calendar regulator ref. 5235 (caliber 31-260 REG QA), it was completely reworked in 2021 for the inline perpetual calendar ref. 5236P-001 (caliber 31-260 PS QL). It operates at 4 Hz (28,800 semi-oscillations per hour) with a 20% increase in barrel spring torque, a platinum micro-oscillating weight (heavier than gold) for increased winding power and a reduction wheel When the watch is manually wound, It disconnects the automatic winding mechanism, which reduces wear. In 2022, Patek Philippe redesigned the movement again for the annual calendar travel time reference 5326G-001 (caliber 31-260 PS QA LU FUS 24H) and developed several innovations, resulting in the application for eight patents. The new caliber 31-260 PS FUS 24H movement, reference 5224R-001, benefits from three of these patents, designed to optimize efficiency, accuracy, durability, safety and ease of use. Fake Luxury Watches

Through the transparent sapphire crystal case back, you can see the new self-winding movement caliber 31-260 PS FUS 24H with platinum mini-rotor, whose elegant craftsmanship (9.85 meters high) is very suitable for the Calatrava model. line, Patek Philippe also replaced the traditional local time correction pusher on the left side of the case with a patented correction system that uses a crown that is pulled out to the middle position (backwards and forwards in one-hour increments). Modeled on the device used in reference 5326G-001 in 2022. The fully polished rose gold case, 42 mm in diameter, is inspired by the Calatrava weekly calendar ref. 5212A-001 launched in 2019 and features curved double lugs.

The navy blue dial shines with its elegance and legibility, enhanced by the twin-track hour and minute markers. The 24-hour display, alternating Arabic numerals and hour markers, and cabochon 5-minute hour markers represent a total of 44 rose gold appliqués – polished together to achieve the same brilliance and individually set by hand. The Travel Time Dual Time is indicated by three syringe-shaped hands in rose gold, the local hour and minute hands are coated with luminescent coating, and the center of the home hour hand is hollowed out. Delicate finishing touches create a beautiful play of light and shadow on the dial: a circular striped centre, a circular satin-brushed hour circle and the snailed small seconds with a rose gold-plated outline. The navy blue calfskin strap features a nubuck finish and contrasting cream stitching that matches the color of the dial. It is secured by a rose gold pin buckle.

Several Patek Philippe patents are reapplied to this new movement, including – for the time zone component – three patents from the caliber 31-260 PS QA LU FUS 24H (ref. 5326G-001): • Time setting in three crown positions (
Swiss patent CH 716383 B1 published 29.07.2022)
This time-setting system has a three-position lever that deactivates certain wheels as long as they are not performing any corrections. This reduces energy consumption and wear on the corresponding wheels. The result is a gain that balances magnitude (rate accuracy) and reliability. quartz replica watch

  • Linear time zone spring (European patent EP 3650953 B1)
    The system consists of a star wheel and a jump spring. It allows a strong increase in torque between the local time and home time wheels – thus providing the user with more precise information.
  • Inertia gain (European patent application EP 3822711 A1)
    This mechanism counteracts the difference in inertia between heavier and lighter wheels. It prevents accidental forward or backward misalignment of the time display (home time, local time, minutes) when the time zone is corrected in either direction. This increases the accuracy of the display.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 24 Hours Display Travel Time Ref. 5224R-001 Specifications
Mobile Caliber 31-260 PS FUS 24H
Self-winding mechanical movement. Travel Time dual time zone, 24-hour display of local time and home time
small seconds
31.74 mm diameter
Height 3.7mm
Number of parts 240
Number of Gems 44
Power reserve 48 hours
Wound rotor Platinum mini-rotor, unidirectional winding
Frequency 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour (4 Hz)
Balance Gyromax®
Hairspring Spiromax ® (in Silinvar ® )
balance spring adjustable
Function 3-position crown:

  • Push back into position: manual winding
  • Pull to middle position: set local time in one-hour increments in either direction
  • Fully pulled out: Simultaneously set home time, local time and “minutes seconds” function with “stop” function
    Display Pointer:
  • 24-hour local time and center minutes
  • Home time (second time zone) 24-hour clock center
  • Small seconds at 6 o’clock
    Logo Patek Philippe Seal
    Case 18K rose gold
    Sapphire crystal case back
    Water-resistant to 30 meters
    Housing Dimensions Diameter: 42mm
    Height (from crystal to back of display): 9.85mm
    Overall height: 10.2mm
    Width between lugs: 21mm
    Dial Contrasting navy blue finish (circular stripe on center, circular satin finish on hour markers and delicate rose gold-plated outline snailing on small seconds counter) 18K rose gold with Arabic numerals , baton hour markers and cabochon 5 minute hour
    Standard gold with luminescent coating
  • Syringe-shaped local hour and minute hands in 18K rose gold with luminescent coating
  • Skeletonized syringe-shaped local hour hand (second time zone) in 18K rose gold
  • Small sword-shaped seconds in white gold with white varnish
    Strap Navy blue nubuck calfskin with contrasting cream hand-stitching and rose gold pin buckle

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The Quartet of Patek Philippe Watches We Haven’t Shown You Yet

A pair of Nautilus cheap watches, a gem-set Aquanaut and a stunning split-seconds chronograph perpetual calendar.

Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that Patek Philippe was about to launch a long-awaited successor to the iconic Nautilus 5711. Sure enough, the Platinum Nautilus 5811G was launched last Tuesday. Slightly larger in size with smaller aesthetic updates that continue the Nautilus tradition. But that’s far from it, with the brand launching not one but eight new timepieces, including the luxurious Nautilus 5792 with power reserve, moon phase and date, the irresistible stainless steel and salmon-coloured World Time Flyback Chronograph 5935A, and the amazing 5373P Split-second single pusher chronograph perpetual calendar “Destro”. Half of the new products have been released, and there are four more models to share with you. We will take you through them one by one. Starting with the 5402G Split Seconds Chronograph Perpetual Calendar, followed by the Nautilus 5990 Flyback Chronograph Travel Time, then the Nautilus Joallerie 7118 Ladies Automatic and finally the Aquanaut 7968 Luce Rainbow Chronograph.

Patek Philippe 5402G-001 Split Seconds Chronograph Perpetual Calendar
We kick off with the stunning Patek Philippe 5402G-001, another complex split-seconds chronograph with a perpetual calendar. 5402 is considered one of the brand’s classics, having previously been available in rose gold with a chocolate brown dial, a smooth white dial or a slate gray dial. This time, it’s in white gold with a gorgeous olive green sunburst dial with a subtle gradient to black on the outer edge. The hand-wound CHR 29-535 PS Q has traditional architecture and is capable of tracking normal time, elapsed time with split-seconds chronograph, perpetual calendar indication with date, day of the week, month, moon phase, day/night and leap year display. Comes with an olive green leather strap.

40mm x 14.3mm – polished white gold case – crown with integrated rattrapante pusher – start/stop and reset pushers – double-sided sapphire crystal – olive green gradient sunburst dial – appliqued hour markers – white gold dauphine hands with luminescent coating Tier – Caliber CHF 29-535 PS Q, Manual Winding – Split Seconds Chronograph and Perpetual Calendar – 496 Components – 28,800vph – Minutes. 55 hours to a maximum of 65 hours power reserve – hours, minutes, small seconds split-seconds chronograph, day, date, month, moon phase, day/night, leap year – olive green leather strap with folding clasp.

Patek Philippe NAUTILUS 5990/1A-001 Flyback Chronograph Travel Time Watch
The third Nautilus of Patek Philippe’s eight timepiece releases this week is the new 5990/10-001 Flyback Chronograph Travel Time. This complication was presented in rose gold last year, but the heritage of the 5990 started with a stainless steel model in 2014 to replace the 5980/1A. The stainless steel version 5990 has been updated with a new blue dial with a sunburst finish and a subtle black gradient around the perimeter. With the self-winding caliber CH 28-520 C FUS, it combines three practical meanings into one; flyback chronograph, dual time zone and date indication relative to local time. Wear the familiar one-piece stainless steel bracelet, now with a comfort clasp.

40.5mm x 12.53mm – stainless steel case, brushed and polished – screw-down crown with extended chronograph pushers – front and rear sapphire crystal – 120m water resistance – sunburst black gradient effect – white gold hands with luminescent coating – applied indices – Caliber CH 28-520 C FUS, automatic – Flyback chronograph with dual time zone indication – 370 components – 28,800vph – minutes. 45 hours to a maximum of 55 hours power reserve – hours, minutes, small seconds, flyback chronograph, date, local time day/night, home time day/night – integrated stainless steel bracelet with comfort adjustment.

Patek Philippe NAUTILUS JOALLERIE 7118-1300R Ladies Automatic Winding
Half of Patek Philippe’s novelties come from the Nautilus collection, the last of which is dedicated to women. The new Patek Philippe Nautilus Joallerie 7118-1300R Ladies Automatic in an all rose gold case measures 35.2mm in diameter and tops with a gradient-set brown copper spessartine bezel (darker and lighter at 12 and 6 o’clock) at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock). This gemstone is also used for the hour markers, and the hands are displayed in the varnished center in the same hue. The automatic movement Caliber 324 SC is visible through the case back and features a 21k gold central rotor. It bears the Patek Philippe seal of quality, as all watches do, and is, of course, finished to the highest standards.

Profile – 35.2mm x 8.62mm – Rose gold case, polished – Gradient spessartite set bezel – Sapphire crystal front and back – 60m water resistance – Rose gold plated dial with wave pattern – When spessartite is applied Standards – Rose Gold Hands Brown Varnish Center – Caliber 324 SC, Automatic Winding – 217 Components – 28,800vph – 21k Gold Rotor – Min. 35 to max. 45-hour power reserve – central hours, minutes, seconds and date – integrated rose gold bracelet, brushed and polished.

Patek Philippe AQUANAUT 7968-300R LUCE RAINBOW Chronograph
The last of four new Patek Philippe watches is the Aquanaut 7968-300R Luce Rainbow Chronograph. This 39.9mm wide rose gold Aquanaut based on the 5968A concept features a gem-set bezel featuring a row of clear diamonds and a row of iridescent sapphires. The white mother-of-pearl dial is engraved with the Aquanaut motif, the hours are set with iridescent sapphires, and gold applied numerals. Rose gold hour and minute hands are infused with luminous material. Inside, we find the self-winding caliber CH 28-520, which indicates central hours and minutes, chronograph seconds and chronograph 60 minutes in a sub-dial at 6 o’clock. These colorful models are paired with red, white or beige composite straps and feature a diamond-set folding clasp.

39.9mm x 10.37mm – Polished rose gold case – Rose gold chronograph pushers – Bezel set with two rows of clear diamonds and iridescent sapphires – Double-sided sapphire crystal – 30m water resistance – White mother-of-pearl dial with Aquanaut pattern – Baguette cut Multicoloured sapphire hour markers – Applied gold numerals – Rose gold hands with luminescent material – Caliber CH 28-520 – Automatic flyback chronograph – 259 components – 28,800vph – Minutes. 45 hours to maximum 55 hours power reserve – 21k gold rotor – Central hours, minutes, chronograph with central seconds and 60-minute counter – Red, white or beige composite bracelet with diamond-set deployant buckle. replica men watches

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A Closer Look: Patek Philippe Ref. 5935A World Time Flyback Chronograph

“Salmon” and steel.

While most of the buzz surrounding Patek Philippe’s recent releases has centered around the Nautilus ref. 5811/1G white gold, vintages aside from the Nautilus and Aquanaut are mostly about. One of the most striking new additions for 2022 is the World Time Flyback Chronograph ref. 5935A-001.

Continuing Patek Philippe’s steel watch developments beyond its traditional sports models, ref. 5935A is a fresh take on a model that debuted in 2016. Previously only precious metals (i.e. white gold or platinum) were offered, ref. The 5935A is the first stainless steel model and one of the brand’s few complex metal models. and referee. The 5935A is larger in diameter than its predecessor, but its most striking feature is the “rose gold-plated opal” (or “salmon”, if you prefer) dial.

The World Time in steel is significant because the World Time is arguably Patek Philippe’s signature watch. A selection of vintage models is one of the few reference models from Patek Philippe that can sell for seven or even eight figures.

awarded to the referee. 5935A adds a chronograph, but it still has the modern style of the iconic complication. referee. 5935A retains the familiar Louis Cottier-type world time display that is almost synonymous with Patek Philippe, but in modern materials and colors. The 41mm diameter is also larger than the usual size for Patek Philippe complications, giving it a sporty feel.

Naturally, for many, the dial is probably the biggest selling point of this watch. The pink hue, often called “salmon” or copper, is a trendy color at the moment—I’m a huge fan of the shade myself—and it’s perfect for this particular style.

For one thing, this color is usually only found in platinum watches or special editions. But lately Patek Philippe has been introducing the color to a wider range of models, including the ref. 5320G and ref. 5172 grams. Adding pops of color to these models is a shrewd way to increase their visibility and popularity, perhaps diverting attention away from the Nautilus and Aquanaut.

referee. Larger, lighter and louder than the average Patek complication watch, the 5935A is a compelling alternative for anyone who prefers world time or more general complications but wants a more casual and modern aesthetic .

Part of that is due to the steel case, ref. The 5935A is an entry model, at least by the benchmark of Patek Philippe complication watches. At just over $63,000, it’s not much of a value proposition—it’s rarely used to describe Patek Philippe anyway—but it’s one of the most affordable complications in the catalog, and one of the most interesting.

Stainless steel
If you are a watch lover who is familiar with cheap Patek Philippe, then you will know that complex watches with stainless steel cases are often very special. For example, the most expensive Patek Philippe ever made is stainless steel. Leaving aside the Nautilus and Aquanaut collections, Patek Philippe only has two steel complications, the ref. 5905/1A and this ref. 5935A.

Besides being rare, steel is a strong material and arguably more versatile from a visual standpoint, as it can be both casual and formal. Although larger than its predecessor, the ref. The 5935A is lighter due to the case material.

Despite being larger — it’s 41mm, compared to 39.5mm for the Platinum model — it doesn’t look or feel significantly larger. However, it stands out on the wrist thanks to the dial color, which also gives it the feel of a sporty everyday watch (though not exactly a sports watch).

Other than that, the case is the same as its precious metal counterpart. It’s fully polished and has the same “winglet” style lugs inspired by vintage refs. 2523 world time. The pushers on the case are the same: chronograph pushers at two and four o’clock, and a world time pusher at 10 o’clock.

While the case is of excellent quality, the finish is uniform. More variation in the case finish would make it more attractive, not least because the shape of the lugs lends itself to alternating surface finishes. This will also better differentiate it from the precious metal version.

About the case, the only thing I would definitely change is the strap, which feels lackluster relative to the look of the watch (and its price). The copy watch comes with a pair of straps in the same color, one in grained calfskin and the other in nubuck, but both feel a bit too thin for the case.

“Rose Gold Plated Opal…Carbon.”
Without a doubt, the highlight of the references. 5935A is the dial. Described by Patek Philippe as a “rose gold-plated opal,” the dial is decorated with a “carbon” pattern that first appeared on Calatrava ref. 6007A made to commemorate the inauguration of the brand’s new headquarters in Geneva. It’s this prominent pattern that gives the watch a casual vibe that complements the stainless steel case.

While Patek Philippe did not specify the nature of the motif, it appears to be stamped and extremely precise. Traditional, engraved guilloché would have been a bonus, but Patek Philippe only offers it in its top complications or rare handcrafts, all with watches priced in the six figures. The watch retails for just over $63,000, which makes it an approachable complication by Patek Philippe standards.

Notably, the central portion of the guilloché appears to be the same size as on the smaller reference. 5930P. Instead, the world time ring is larger to accommodate the enlarged case. Reference ratio. The 5935A is arguably better than its smaller cousin, as the urban disc feels cramped.

But the downside of keeping the central part the same size is the 30-minute register at 6 o’clock, which is still quite small. It’s sharp enough, but feels unnaturally small.

The rest of the dial is typical Patek Philippe, which is to say quite refined and detailed. The applied hour markers are solid gold but plated with a dark gray finish, as are the hands, while the brand name is on a plaque inserted into the dial just below 12 o’clock.

double complication
referee. The 5935A is a world time flyback chronograph, a novel but complementary combination of complications powered by the CH 28-520 HU that debuted in 2016 alongside ref.5935A. 5930G. Despite the unusual complication, the movement features signature Patek Philippe mechanical elements, namely the Gyromax balance wheel and the Spiromax hairspring in silicon.

The movement is made up of 343 individual parts – roughly double that of a normal chronograph – including the column wheel and the chronograph’s vertical clutch, while the world time mechanism is an additional module below the dial. By Patek Philippe standards, it is relatively compact and slim considering its functionality, measuring 34.5mm in diameter and 7.97mm in height.

In terms of trim, the CH 28-520 HU lives up to what you would expect from a current Patek Philippe. Its decoration is clean and thorough, though mostly by machine, with a few hand touches here and there – industrial haute horology, in other words.

Importantly, the decoration of the movement has improved significantly over time, reflecting the brand’s substantial progress in aesthetic sophistication. For example, the bevels of the bridges and counterbores are now mirror-polished and no longer have the milling marks visible on the ten-year-old caliber examples.

After spending some time with the referee. 5935A, it’s easy to see why this is one of the stars of the 2022 collection. For starters, it combines a pair of useful complications in a steel case — the material alone will appeal to some enthusiasts — and it looks good, too.

referee. The 5935A is undoubtedly an expensive watch by almost all benchmarks, but by Patek Philippe standards it is acceptable. Admittedly, availability will be zero in the short term, as with any new Patek Philippe model, but it will become more readily available in the near future, and as always, this will be a reference. The 5935A is a compelling proposition.

Patek Philippe World Time Flyback Chronograph
Ref. 5935A-001

Diameter: 41mm
Height: 12.75 mm
Material: stainless steel watch
Mirror: Sapphire
Water resistance: 30 meters

Movement: Cal. CH 28-520 HU
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, flyback chronograph and world time
Frequency: 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)
Chain: Automatic
Power Reserve: 50-55 hours

Strap: Calfskin with folding buckle, additional nubuck calfskin strap

zelin0802 / November 30, 2022

Patek Philippe Launches Four New Grande Complications Watches

Since its founding in 1839, Patek Philippe fake has used gem-setting techniques to adorn its timepieces.

While diamonds may seem to complement the style of any watch, it’s important to remember that a factory-set timepiece has more meaning and value than an aftermarket example. It showcases the sheer talent and innovative approach of a pioneering brand built on precision and excellence. Since its founding in 1839, Patek Philippe’s luxury watchmakers have focused on adorning its collections of complex timepieces with gem-setting throughout their case designs. fashion replica watches

Patek Philippe is proud to continue its gem-setting art with four new popular and colorful models. The first collection to receive recognition is the Grandmaster Chime, which pays homage to the mechanical sophistication of this flagship model with the launch of two new Platinum versions. The second watch released in the new collection is the coveted perpetual calendar chronograph, which highlights the two jewelry versions of blue and red gemstones.

Reference 6300/400G
Case : 49.4 mm 18K white gold double-sided (409 diamonds)
Dial: Ebony black opal on time/calendar side
Movement: Caliber 300 GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM
Strap/clasp: black alligator leather/diamond-set folding clasp

Reference 6300/401G
Case : 49.4 mm 18K white gold double face watch (291 diamonds/118 sapphires)
Dial: Ebony black opal on time/calendar side
Movement: Caliber 300 GS AL 36‑750 QIS FUS IRM
Strap/clasp: black alligator leather/diamond-set folding clasp

Reference 5271/12P
Case : 41 mm platinum (80 rubies)
Dial: Lacquer red
Movement: Caliber CH 29‑535 PS Q
Strap/clasp: black alligator leather/diamond-set folding clasp

Reference 5271/11P
Case : 41 mm platinum (80 sapphires)
Dial: Lacquer blue
Movement: Caliber CH 29-535 PS Q
Strap/clasp: black alligator leather/diamond-set folding clasp

zelin0802 / August 22, 2022

Patek Philippe New 2022

Travel time and annual calendar complications have always been Patek Philippe’s domain.replica watches for sale .For the Watches and Wonders event in 2022, the manufacturer presented a precision instrument that combines two functions in one innovative design, with a case featuring a striking stud effect and an unusual dial surface.

The Watches and Wonders 2022 event in Geneva this year was impressive. The first physical showcase under this new name after last year’s all-digital watch event, the Watches and Wonders 2022 showcase did not disappoint, especially for fans of Patek Philippe, one of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers In terms of. This year, Patek Philippe has launched some very beautiful dress watches, complications and travel companions – each one demonstrating the watchmaker’s consistent commitment to the highest standards of traditional timekeeping. Part of Patek Philippe’s 2022 Watches and Wonders collection includes fine instruments from the Calatrava collection, fine annual calendar watches, moon phase instruments, timepieces from the Twenty-4 collection, and special dark green innovations from the Grand Complications collection. let us begin…

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Travel Time 5326G

The new Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Travel Time watch is equipped with a new self-winding calendar movement, which contains a total of eight new patents. Its impressively intricate design combines an almanac and travel time functions into one, displaying the date corresponding to local time. To that end, it uses the local hour wheel to drive the calendar, all housed in a 41mm 18-karat white gold case, crafted in the familiar circular style of the popular Calatrava timepieces. The charcoal grey dial features a grained structure and visible Arabic numerals. The top of the dial displays the day and date functions, while the bottom shows local time and home time, with day and night indicators. Below is the moon phase indicator and the small seconds sub-counter at 6 o’clock.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5226G
Patek Philippe also released a smaller, simpler version of this sleek looking Calatrava with a 40mm white gold case. The 26‑330 SC movement is displayed through the back of the case, as shown in the design of the New Year’s calendar version. Gold three-dimensional numerals and beige luminous coating create a minimalist display that is suitable for everyday wear. The guilloche pattern on the case runs through the sides of this pure round Calatrava case, making it a timeless dress watch for 2022.

This isn’t Patek Philippe’s first foray into dark green dials. Embracing this refined aesthetic once again, Patek Philippe is releasing three new green dial watches for 2022 – each at the Watches and Wonders 2022 event in Geneva.

Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5270P
The new Patek Philippe Grand Complications are very popular for two reasons. Not only are the company’s Grand Complications timepieces highly sought after for their sheer complexity and refined handcrafted aesthetics, this new timepiece showcases all its capabilities in a stunning dark green dial. The watch is equipped with a hand-wound CH 29‑535 PS Q Calibre, which offers a chronograph function and a perpetual calendar function. The lacquered green dial with black gradient edges is decorated with applied gold hour-markers, surrounded by a polished platinum case with integrated 30-meter water resistance. Both the top and bottom of the case feature sapphire crystal – a layer that exposes the beautiful and complex movement at work. Its 41mm diameter provides a compact tool for the wrist, secured by a shiny black alligator strap with green stitching and a folding clasp. The date function of the new Patek Philippe Grand Complications Green Dial is indicated by hands and a moon phase indicator at 6 o’clock. This counter features a day/night indicator with leap year cycle, day and month apertures at 12 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock and a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock. The lustre of the platinum case matches the depth of the dial The shades of green complement each other, making this Patek Philippe Grand Complications a must-have companion for 2022. This counter features a day/night indicator with leap year cycle, day and month apertures at 12 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock and a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock. The lustre of the platinum case matches the depth of the dial The shades of green complement each other, making this Patek Philippe Grand Complications a must-have companion for 2022. This counter features a day/night indicator with leap year cycle, day and month apertures at 12 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock and a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock. The lustre of the platinum case matches the depth of the dial The shades of green complement each other, making this Patek Philippe Grand Complications a must-have companion for 2022.

Patek Philippe Complication 5205R
Continuing the emerald green theme, this new Patek Philippe Complications watch features an annual calendar that provides a second time zone at 6 o’clock. Crafted in luxurious 18-karat rose gold, this model features a Calibre 324 S QA LU 24H/206. It offers sweeping seconds, central hours and minutes, and date and month windows displayed in arcs – each set against a bright white background for improved legibility. This new green dial version of the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar is perfect for adding a subtle touch to a suit or other professional attire. Its elegant rose gold case makes this watch enjoyable for all of life’s special occasions. This watch combines a moon-phase indicator with a 24-hour scale at 6 o’clock and showcases the arrangement of its beautiful movement through a case that showcases a sapphire caseback. Of course, as a Patek Philippe Annual Calendar, this timepiece only needs to be adjusted once a year. Other subtle finishes on the watch include the Patek Philippe-engraved crown, the concave bezel, the skeletonized lugs and the skeletonized sides.