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Greubel Forsey GMT Sport Titanium

Back in 2015, the GMT Black paved the way for the GMT Sport. Building on this, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey invented and launched a lightweight and ultra-strong profiled titanium case with an oval bezel and integrated lugs , to showcase the new movement. The new case looks perfectly round from above, while showing off the prominent arches and ovals from other angles. Thanks to the unique functional form, the integrated lugs and strap fit perfectly on any wrist. Greubel Forsey values ​​are engraved on the outer ring of the satin bezel in relief. Arched bridges and sloping gear trains showcase the new movement architecture.

The focus of the sporty GMT Sport is legibility and efficiency. Hours and minutes are indicated by concentric skeletonized hands whose curvilinear contours follow the curvature of the case and movement. The gear train is mounted on a suspended arched central bridge with black treated openings, following the curve of the bridge, overlooking the globe to drive the hour and minute hands. The triangular tips of the arrow-shaped hands and the markers on the minute ring are coated with a luminous coating. The subdial between 10 and 11 o’clock combines the small seconds on a large rotating disc and a second time zone display with hands. The 72-hour power reserve (guaranteed by two coaxial barrels in series) is shown on a sector at 3 o’clock, with its skeletonized hands and a highlighted red triangle. The power-reserve differential under the arched bridges is subtly engraved with Greubel Forsey values.

The 24-second tourbillon is located at 1 o’clock, and its unique and highly polished tourbillon bridge has a black-finish opening. Already the third fundamental invention of Greubel Forsey in the field of tourbillons (after the 30° double and quadruple tourbillons), its cage is inclined at 25° and can complete a full revolution in 24 hours. The higher speed combined with the innovative frame inclination significantly improves the timekeeping performance of the single tourbillon system.

Back in 2011, Greubel Forsey fake introduced the remarkable GMT mechanism. In this dual-patented mechanism, the second time zone display between 10 and 11 o’clock on the secondary dial combines with the universal time display to visually read the current time anywhere in the world. The spectacular sight of the Earth Rotating Globe completes each full counterclockwise rotation in 24 hours. It is surrounded by a sapphire crystal ring with a 24-hour index. Thus, the wearer can read local time at all longitudes, including day/night indicators. On the back side of the GMT Sport, the outer and central rings form the sapphire city disc, providing UTC Universal Time and Daylight Saving Time for 24 cities in the main time zones. The disc distinguishes between time zones where daylight saving time is applied and time zones where daylight saving time is not applied. The GMT functions are controlled by two buttons located on the left side of the case.

The new GMT Sport is available as a limited edition with a black or blue rubber strap. A titanium folding clasp enhances the comfort and ergonomics of this exceptional Greubel Forsey replica watches online.

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24 hours later: Greubel Forsey’s Tourbillon 24-Second Architecture

Greubel Forsey has achieved many exciting developments. So, today, Watchonista takes a look at the independent watchmaker’s latest creation: the Tourbillon 24-Second Architecture.

Switzerland-based La Chaux-de-Fonds Greubel Forsey has long been a favorite of discerning collectors. Since the appointment of CEO Antonio Calce last year, the brand has undergone significant changes in producing, marketing, pricing and distributing its unique and well-crafted timepieces.

While we can’t say for sure that Greubel Forsey’s latest release of the Tourbillon 24-Second Architecture is the result of this influx of energy, it does help bring a well-deserved spotlight to this dynamic creation.

As the name suggests, the Tourbillon 24-Second Architecture is the structure.

Greubel Forsey is famous for its tourbillons, especially those with tilt and multi-axis escapements. And since the creation of the independent brand in 2004 by Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey, the duo have invented and perfected a whole new generation of tourbillons (namely Tourbillon 24 Secondes, Double Tourbillon 30° and Quadruple Tourbillon).

The brand has also explored new horizons in the fields of energy, space and nanotechnology. For example, the Double Balancier Convex, released in March of this year, features two unique inventions: the two balance wheels are separated and tilted 30 degrees, while being connected by only one constant spherical differential, giving the mechanism a constant power distribution. Therefore, the watch guarantees precision and a 72-hour power reserve.

But as far as the tourbillon 24-second architecture is concerned, the brand wants to move completely away from traditional tourbillon engineering. Thus, the brand’s latest asymmetrically arranged movement consists of 354 parts. These include polished titanium bridges on top of the main plate with a matte finish, an anti-gravity escapement tilted by 25°, a fast-turning barrel (in total, the watch vibrates at 21,600 vibrations per hour), and more.

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Of course, when you have such a complex and beautifully assembled watch movement, you (naturally) want to show it off. Therefore, the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Architecture is equipped with a large synthetic sapphire crystal ring that surrounds the entire perimeter of the case.

Greubel Forsey luxury has integrated lateral sapphire crystal windows as early as 2007. But the brand has never featured a visible movement above, below, and at nearly every angle of the case. Additionally, the synthetic sapphire crystal caseback provides another window into the mechanism.

These details give the wearer an unobstructed view of the movement, where they can observe almost 354 individual parts of the movement.

The tourbillon 24-second architecture is also attractive. Thanks to its titanium construction and gorgeous lines, it is very comfortable to wear on the wrist. In addition, the variable geometry bezel and caseback feature raised engraved text for a tactile experience.

While the titanium case looks very rounded when viewed from the dial side, its convex shape becomes apparent from other angles. Convex cases are still relatively uncommon in watch design, but I’ve gotten a little fascinated by them lately. These surfaces add extra visual fluidity to the silhouette. As far as the tourbillon 24-second architecture is concerned, this power is the perfect complement to the dynamic movement of the tourbillon movement.

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Greubel Forsey calls this mens replica watch the “city on the wrist”, an apt description, as the infrastructure, engineering and decorative elements of the Tourbillon 24-Second Architecture are organically combined to form a whole.

However, despite all the intricacies and craftsmanship involved in making the 24-second tourbillon architecture, at its heart is a watch you can wear every day.

For the sake of precision, the movement of the tourbillon 24-second architecture rests on a spherical skeleton bridge. At the same time, the escapement adopts a fast rotation speed and a 25° inclination to ensure excellent timekeeping performance, especially in a stable position, with a power reserve of more than 90 hours.

To enhance performance, the watch features two easy-to-read steel hands that are large, curved, skeletonized and polished to indicate the hours and minutes.

Additionally, the power reserve indicator is a moving red triangle floating on a conical disc at 3 o’clock.

Finally, it comes with a rubber strap secured by a titanium folding clasp and engraved with the GF logo.