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Urwerk UR-220 Red Gold

Urwerk fake is saying goodbye to the UR-220 series with a stunning, street style inspired limited edition.

Well, that’s not to say that the Urwerk UR-220 itself hasn’t caught your eye, but the latest and final edition of this highly collectible avant-garde complication will announce its existence, whether you’re ready or not.

For those unfamiliar, the UR-220 was launched in 2020 as the successor to the UR-210, Urwerk’s much-touted reference model featuring the brand’s famous satellite hour display and large retrograde minute hand mounted on a The clever turbo-regulated automatic movement allows you to customize its winding power according to your wrist activity level. Like its predecessor, the UR-220 uses the famous three-arm satellite time display system, but based on a hand-wound movement, it also features an ‘oil change’ indicator to let you know when the perfect fake watch needs service – a move from the brand’s earlier UR -Resurrected features in the -110 model.

For the first time, the UR-220 features a lightweight yet strong carbon fiber case made of compressed high-strength TPT carbon fiber. The UR-220 81, as it is called, references the 81 layers of TPR carbon used to construct the case, followed by the UR-220 SL Asimov. UR-220 SL Asimov references Super-LumiNova material (SL) and the famous science fiction author Asimov also has a matte carbon case, but its hour display components use top-quality Super-LumiNova molded cubes, and arrow hands Coating and retrograde markings for an attractive sight in the dark.

This year, in its third and final performance, the UR-220 ditched its formerly enigmatic character for some fun and panache. The style appeal of the UR-220 Red Gold is unmistakable, wrapped in shiny red gold and paired with a white textured rubber strap.

Urwerk says it wants to use this Online fake watch to transport us to the 1980s, specifically to warm Florida, on the set of Miami Vice, where the clothing habitat was permanent tans, shoulder pads and exaggerated glitz.

“Gold and white seemed like an unlikely combination, but one that resonated deeply with me and became a happy memory,” Urwerk’s lead designer Martin Frei said of the inspiration for the UR-220 Red Gold when explained. “I remember my super cool hero” as a teenager. They would hunt down criminals in plain baggy suits, Ray-Ban Wayfarer 5022s, hair blowing in the wind, and gold on their wrists. This is truly an iconic image of the 1980s. “

The UR-220 Red Gold is undeniably flashy, but not as tacky as one would expect from a watch designed to evoke the 1980s. Instead, its ostentation is straightforward but restrained, with the gold and white combination providing a strong but supportive backdrop for the real star of the piece, the famous rotating satellite complication and ultra-fast retrograde system.

UR-220 Red Gold marks the end of a collection full of power and strong character. It features striking, sweeping contrasts – a great way to make a statement and end the series with a sharp bias line, amazing ‘wow’ effect,” says Frey.

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Hublot launches Big Bang Unico Gourmet at Dasan Steel

Proprietary, patented, stainless steel and Swedish steel.

As a watchmaker constantly experimenting with new materials, Hublot has once again employed a new type of alloy in its typical sports chronograph. Inspired by the brand’s celebrity chef brand ambassadors, including Anne-Sophie Pic and Yannick Alléno, the Big Bang Unico Gourmet features a case in Big Bang Steel, a striking patterned steel commonly used to make High-end knives.

Unico Gourmet is typical of Hublot because it uses novel materials to create visual effects. For that reason, it’s sure to appeal to existing fans of the brand who love the Hublot aesthetic.

But the case material is Damascus steel—not ordinary Damascus steel, but a proprietary alloy made by Swedish experts using a patented process. While this alloy has previously been used in watches, it is more commonly used in expensive custom knives. The unusual metal means this watch will appeal to nerds who appreciate materials technology.

This watch just happens to look good, and it’s also different than the average Hublot. The patterned steel echoes the aesthetics of the skeletonized movement, creating a harmonious combination of textures. In other words, this material is perfect for a big bang. In contrast, it’s easy to imagine a plain round online luxury watch with a traditional dial being overwhelmed by Damasteel’s intricate texture.

Since the watch’s bold graphic is already loud, it’s wise to shrink it down to just 42mm, which is small for a Big Bang. Therefore, it fits most wrists.

high-tech powder steel
Historic Damascus steel, also known as Wootz steel, is a mysterious alloy whose secrets have long been lost (although it has reportedly been rediscovered by scientists). Originating in India and famous by the knife makers of Damascus, it is exceptionally sharp and ideal for edged weapons.

However, modern Damascus steel is essentially an alloy consisting of two steels welded together and then folded multiple times to create a unique texture. Therefore, this Damascus steel is also called pattern steel.

Damasteel, on the other hand, is a proprietary steel manufactured by Swedish powder metallurgy specialist Erasteel. Dagang steel is naturally produced from powdered steel, by first atomizing various steel alloys into powder, and then pressing in a furnace under high temperature and pressure.

The result is a hybrid steel alloy that is available in a variety of patterns, making it a favorite of hand knifemakers because patterned steel inevitably adds an artistic touch (no pun intended) to the blade.

This characteristic pattern is actually the steel structure layer in the big steel. Since each type of steel reacts differently to acids, large steels are etched with various acids to take on a layered texture. Special types of large steels used for Unico Gourmet include 304L and 316L, both of which are widely used in Popular watch cases.

The steel inside Damasteel explains its unusual properties and most important quality: it is a stainless steel alloy. Stainless steel patterned steels are rare because they are harder to forge than regular high carbon steels.

While the material is a first for Hublot, the case construction is standard Big Bang. It’s essentially a sandwich consisting of Damasteel plates on the front and back, with a black carbon composite in the middle of the case.

Inside is the in-house HUB1280, a modular chronograph movement so the column wheel is visible on the dial at six o’clock.

The movement has a flyback function that instantly restarts the chronograph without resetting it. Like most Hublot movements, it has been partially skeletonized, with most parts finished in matte black. Shopping cheap watch

Hublot Big Bang Unico Gourmet
Ref. 441.DS.1170.NR.GAS22

Diameter: 42mm
Height: 14.5mm
Material: polished damasteel
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 100 meters

Movement: HUB1280
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date and chronograph
Watch Winding: Automatic
Frequency: 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: 72 hours

Strap: Rubber strap with folding buckle and additional fabric strap with Velcro closure

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The success of the Zenith Chronomaster Sport

Zenith never fails to disappoint us with its updated models in each new release. In 2021, Zenith launched the avant-garde Zenith Chronomaster Sport watch, and it has achieved great success without any surprises. This award-winning Zenith watch reproduces the brand’s iconic blue, gray and anthracite overlapping subdials from the original A386 El Primero chronograph from 1969. It reminds us of the old golden age with state-of-the-art watchmaking technology.

Zenith Chronomaster The Zenith Chronomaster watch has gained fame among watch enthusiasts and professional experts, once again setting a new golden benchmark for luxury automatic chronograph watches.

The Birth of the Zenith El Primero Movement
Whenever we talk about the famous Swiss watchmaker Zenith, we always think of the brand’s iconic chronograph watches. The brand has been constantly breaking through the boundaries of mechanical timing accuracy.

With its famous Zenith El Primero movement, Zenith has been at the forefront of precision timekeeping in the watch industry for decades. To this day, the Le Locle-based watchmaker still holds the world record for the Chronometer Prize. The first El Primero movement came out in 1969, a true milestone in the brand’s history.

Zenith El Primero is the world’s first integrated chronograph movement with high frequency and high performance. It operates at an exceptionally high frequency of 36,600 vibrations per hour (5 Hz), and the integrated chronograph inside records elapsed time to 1/10th of a second.

The revolutionary movement, which was born in the difficult period of the traditional watchmaking industry, successfully helped the brand survive the severe quartz crisis and set off a new wave for the watch industry. Since its launch, El Primero has become a key force in the success of the Swiss watch brand.

At present, most of the watches in the Zenith watch family use this powerful movement, and are equipped with the brand’s iconic sub-dial details. Incorporating high-quality components and stylish designs, Zenith watches are one of the best options to catch the eye for any occasion.

The launch of the Zenith Chronomaster sports discount cheap watch
Zenith already had a number of beautiful timepieces powered by the El Primero and in 1994 released a specific line of chronographs, the Zenith Chronomaster. It was created as a series of high-end mechanical chronographs, including the brand’s strength and mastery of complex functions.

The Chronomaster models are launched as faithful re-editions of the brand’s most iconic models from the 1960s and 1970s. They are available in a number of different styles and configurations, including the most popular skeleton and open heart options.

The Zenith El Primero Chronomaster showcases Zenith’s rich heritage and expertise in chronograph movements, always powered by its state-of-the-art movements. The latest Zenith Chronomaster Sports watches are no exception.

Released in 2021, the Chronomaster Sport is positioned as the pinnacle of the brand’s proficient sporty automatic chronograph. The Zenith Chronomaster Sport watch is equipped with the latest El Primero movement in increments of 1/10 second and the most advanced innovative technology. It has also won the “Chronograph Award” of the “Chronograph” Award at the 2021 Geneva cheap Watch Awards.

Zenith is popular in the Chronomaster Sport series and has launched several new models in 2022. In addition to the high-end two-color and all-gold models, its stainless steel model with a three-color ceramic bezel has attracted much attention in the global market.

Features of the Zenith Chronomaster Sport
Equipped with the latest generation El Primero movement, this Zenith sports chronograph is crafted in a sporty and contemporary style. It cleverly combines the most iconic design elements of Zenith watches, such as three-color sub-dials, with the latest watchmaking technology. This complexity may be why collectors fall for it.

extraordinary movement
In short, this famous 1/10 El Primero movement is more accurate than other conventional chronographs that tick every 60 seconds. Its long red-tipped center sweep can be recorded in 1/10th of a second increments instead of one second.

To be frank, the Chronomaster Sport is not the first 1/10th chronograph in the industry, while Zenith itself and even other brands such as TAG Heuer and Longines have already had it. It’s also not the first 1/10th El Primero, as there was already a limited edition El Primero Striking released a decade ago, only 1969 of which were released. Also, it’s not the brand’s most accurate chronograph, as there was already a 1/100th chronograph in the Defy 21 collection released in 2018.

So what makes the new Chronomaster Sport so impressive and so much discussed? Its brand-new El Primero 3600 movement is the latest 1/10 movement fully developed by Zenith. It is not a limited edition and is now available. With exquisite craftsmanship and the latest watchmaking technology, this watch equipped with El Primero is recognized as the brand’s. best swiss replica watches

The revival of the iconic sub-dial
In addition to the well-received movement, the integration of the retro replica small dial is also a highlight of this watch. The design of this new Zenith sports watch is influenced by the brand’s vintage models, including the Chronomaster Revival Manufacture Version and the Zenith Chronomaster A385 Revival. The 41mm Chronomaster Sport features the iconic El Primero subdial set: blue, anthracite and light grey, very similar to those of the vintage A386 model released in 1969.

Sophisticated case and bezel
The curves and facets of the 41mm case are further polished with attractive satin and mirror finishes, where shiny and matte parts flow seamlessly from lugs to bracelet links.

For the stainless steel standard version, the case is paired with a more scratch-resistant jet-black ceramic bezel. Its signature three-color sub-dial next to the look is more simple and balanced.

With the launch of the Chronomaster Sport collection, the brand showcased its most advanced and optimized El Primero movement and launched its fully equipped models. The Zenith Chronomaster Sport brings together all the best of the brand’s past and present. best fake watches

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First Look: Rolex’s GMT-Master II sets the tone with new gold and two-tone options

At the 2023 Watches & Wonders event, Rolex took the first look at its lineup, revealing two new gray/black bezel variants of the GMT-Master II in yellow gold and two-tone designs. This combination – especially the all-gold reference – is astonishing with its mix of gray and gold. It’s an uncommon hue combination that builds on 2022’s destroyer version of the GMT-Master II, adding to the evidence that Rolex sees the line as a testing ground. Compared with the other releases of Rolex in 2023, it is undoubtedly one of the more exploratory works outside the Day-Date series.

A new two-tone version (called “Rolesor” by the brand) joins the current lineup as the only steel/gold offering currently on the Rolex 50th Anniversary bracelet, giving it extra clout as a neo-vintage piece that may appeal to collectors, Although even in today’s weak Rolex market, that doesn’t mean much. Within minutes of the images appearing on social media, fans were dubbing the new Cerachrom bezel variant “Guinness,” a moniker that’s synonymous with “Pepsi,” “Coca-Cola,” “root beer,” and other beverage-themed variants. The GMT nickname of the . Fake watches

Looking at the current state of the GMT-Master II series, it must have been the world of Oystersteel before today. Only two of the ten references are noticeably gold, while the other two variants feature an all-platinum construction, allowing them to blend in with the rest of the steel range. By adding gold to the color mix, Rolex not only introduced a new color to the GMT-Master II collection, but one that was bright and distinct from the understated Everose version. To be clear, the release of the GMT-Master II series in 2023 does not represent an overhaul of the series. The dimensions from the 40mm case to the 3285 cheap Rolex-manufactured movement remain the same, as do the clear details of the dial, lettering and strap. Still, thanks to Rolex’s unique global demand, coupled with the GMT-Master’s status as a flagship model in the brand’s catalog, it’s interesting to add more gold. Especially for a two-tone model, it signals some level of staying power in what might otherwise be a fading trend. Like it or not, Rolex has been a leader in horological fashion for decades, and giving gold the credibility of the GMT-Master II will ensure that the recent “golden renaissance” lasts at least for a while.

Model: GMT-Master II

Size: Diameter 40mm

Water resistance: 100 meters

Case Material: Oystersteel and Yellow Gold (Ref: M126713GRNR-0001), Yellow Gold (Ref: M126718GRNR-0001)

Crystal/Lens: Sapphire

Movement: 3285, manufactured by Rolex (GMT, time and date)

Power reserve: 70 hours

Strap/Bracelet: Jubilee, five-piece links. Fold-over Oyster Safety Clasp with Easylink 5mm Comfort Extender.

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Seven of our favorite watches from past Masters winners

From Rolex to Richard Mille, some of the best watches from past Masters champions.

Masters Sunday is one of the best days in the entire sports calendar. I grew up playing golf, watches are my job now, and there’s another sport on Masters Sunday: finding the winner’s watch. Watch brands fully support golf. Rolex sponsors all four of the men’s majors, and brands from Rolex to Audemars Piguet to Hublot have a roster of ambassadors who don their watches quickly after a round and show up at post-match events, interviews and Wear them in front of the camera at trophy awards.

With the storm delaying the end of this year’s Masters, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite watches from past Masters champions. We’ve been looking for watches from the Green Jacket winners since at least 2012, and sure, these are brand ambassadors, but we’ve seen some great watches too. Here are the seven Masters champions—men who won a combined 22 Masters titles—and the watches they wore.

tiger woods
Of course, we have to start with five-time Masters champion Tiger Woods. When he dons his latest green jacket in 2019, we find him wearing a Rolex Deep Sea D-Blue. Woods’ caddy, Joe LaCava, said Woods even gave him a Rolex watch after his 2019 title, which LaCava said was too flashy for him to get out of the box.

Back in 2011, Rolex signed Woods as its spokesperson (Rolex Ambassador Ambassador). Since then, he’s been spotted wearing his Deepsea almost everywhere. We even spotted Woods wearing it to sleep a few years ago (remember Keegan Allen telling us he did the same?).

In one of my favorite watch endorsement footnotes, a young Tiger Woods briefly served as a Tudor ambassador in the 1990s. The most notable result of their collaboration is a series of “Tiger” chronographs. They were similar to Tudor’s standard chronographs of the time, but had “Tiger” written on the dial and came in a variety of colors (including green next to Masters). After spending most of the 2000s at TAG Heuer, Woods signed with Rolex in 2011.

Scotty Scheffler
Last year’s winner, Scottie Scheffler, is another Rolex spokesperson. After his win, we find him wearing the Everose Rolex GMT-Master II “Root Beer,” a two-tone version of the GMT-Master II released in 2018.

With Woods and Scheffler, a Rolex face could win three of the final four Masters—Hideki Matsuyama dons a green jacket in 2023 and wears a Rolex Submariner Date “Bluesy” on his wrist. Hublot’s Dustin Johnson wins in 2020.

adam scott
Another green jacket, another Rolex spokeswoman. When Adam Scott won the Masters in 2013, we found out he was wearing a Rolex Deep Sea at the Green Jacket Awards. Since then, it’s safe to say he’s become a complete nerd. He was talking watches and golf on Hodinkee Radio in 2018 (the picture on his wrist that day was the Everose GMT-Master II Scheffler wore when he won the Masters). At that point, he told us that he had delved into vintage Rolexes. He has “visited” the Rolex factory “many times”. This guy even lives in Switzerland! replica watches Price

These days, he’s even posting pictures of his wrists on his Instagram, most recently with his Milgauss (seems he’s disappointed it’s being discontinued).

bubba watson
Adam Scott’s 2013 Masters victory was sandwiched between Bubba Watson’s two Masters victories. Watson has been a Richard Mille ambassador since 2011. Some RMs bear his name: the RM038 and RM038-1 tourbillons and the RM055. During his victories in 2012 and 2014, Watson wore the RM038. Unlike Rolex’s testimony, Watson often wore a Richard Mille watch while playing golf. The RM038 is what you’d expect from an RM: it’s a tourbillon with an all-white case made of 89% magnesium.

Nick Faldo
This year’s Masters will sound a little different, as it will be the first time since 2007 that Nick Faldo will not be in the announcer’s booth. Prior to his broadcasting career, Sir Nick won the Masters three times in 1989, 1990 and 1996, half of the six Grand Slam titles he won in his career. Popular cheap watch

Faldo was a longtime ambassador for Audemars Piguet, and when he won the Masters and British Open in 1990, AP even produced a limited edition Royal Oak “Champion’s Edition” to celebrate. This is a 33mm Royal Oak quartz watch that stands out for being AP’s first use of stainless steel and tantalum. It’s also sold with a pretty crazy box set that includes a key chain, Royal Oak cufflinks and pendant, belt, pill case, belt, and tantalum bracelet. AP released another Royal Oak Nick Faldo Limited Edition in 2003 – it was not as good as the Champion, and stood out for the slightly dated golf ball rotor bearing Faldo’s signature.

Jack Nicklaus
Back in 2017, we made a talking watch with 18-time major champion (and 6-time Masters champion) Jack Nicklaus. As he told us, he owns the same Rolex Day-Date ref. 1803 Gold version since 1967. That means he’s carried the watch in 12 of his 18 major tournaments – he’ll take it to the course, put it in a small bag, and put it in his golf balls bag, then slipped it back on his wrist as he walked off the 18th green.

Arnold Palmer
Finally, the most stylish golfer, Arnold Palmer. He was the one who really made watch endorsements the standard for players, signing with Rolex in 1967 (in fact, Palmer, Nicklaus and Gary Player were some of the first clients of IMG, a pioneering sports agency, which has changed the way endorsement deals are done for many athletes). Getting a watch deal is a young golfer’s right of passage these days, but it started with Arnie.

Over the years, he can be seen wearing several different Rolex copy watches. Check out this photo of him with Packers quarterback Bart Starr, President Richard Nixon and baseball player Al Kaline in 1969, wearing a gold Day-Date on his wrist. That looks good for someone who is paving the way for modern watch endorsement deals.

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Tudor Black Bay series

The Tudor Black Bay series grandly launched the Black Bay 54 watch, paying homage to the brand’s first diving watch The Tudor Black Bay series grandly launched the Black Bay 54 watch. Equipped with a 37mm case and equipped with the original Tudor movement, it pays the most sincere respect to the brand’s first diving watch, the 7922, which came out in 1954, with pure spirit and modern expression.

The Black Bay series mainly draws on Tudor’s early series of diving watches, and the newly launched Black Bay 54 (Black Bay 54) is an almost faithful replica of the brand’s first diving watch, the 7922 model. The classic 37mm case continues the original proportions. But under the retro appearance, it also uses the original single chronograph movement MT5400 of the Tudor watch and the waterproof depth of 200 meters, demonstrating the excellent technical strength that keeps pace with the times. The one-way rotating outer ring without scale marks is also one of the classic designs, which is reminiscent of the vigorous rise of scuba diving in the early 1950s. . In addition, the new watch also shows new ideas in many aesthetic details. The lollipop-shaped second hand is reminiscent of the appearance of the original model. The crown and outer ring are also based on the original proportions, and are innovatively designed according to the principles of ergonomics, with a more modern style.


  1. Classic 37mm stainless steel case, 60-minute stainless steel unidirectional rotating outer ring, no scale marks
  2. Arched black matte dial, decorated with delicate radial patterns, embellished with gold-plated decoration
  3. “Snowflake” hands, a major symbol of Tudor diving wholesale watches, came out in 1969, coated with A-grade Swiss Super-LumiNova® luminous coating
  4. The original Tudor watch movement MT5400 has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), equipped with a silicon hairspring, and has a power reserve of up to 70 hours
  5. Optional stainless steel three-link “rivet” strap or rubber strap, both equipped with Tudor “T-fit” quick-adjust buckle
  6. Five-year transferable warranty without registration or periodic inspection

Backtracking to the classics

The Biwan series goes back to the tradition, inherits the classics, and always respects the important design that established the unique aesthetic style of Tudor watches. It incorporates the core design elements of the brand’s past diving watches, and the Black Bay 54 may be the most faithful to the classic watch so far. Its prototype, the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner 7922, is undoubtedly a masterpiece worth learning from. It is not only recognized and adopted by the Navy, but also widely sought after by professional divers. The initial model of the 7922 model adopts the “small crown” design, and the red triangle mark is not set at the 12 o’clock position, so as to create a more concise and unified appearance. Black Bay 54 follows this tradition, and strives to achieve extraordinary charm through a series of subtle detail designs. Taking the pointer as an example, its proportions have been adjusted to be more in line with modern aesthetics, but the method of fixing it at the bottom is exactly the same as the classic design in 1954. The edge of the outer ring is also innovated on the original basis of the 7922 model, which is not only ergonomic, but also reflects a modern style. The frosted dial decorated with exquisite radial patterns and the “T-fit” buckle that is easy to adjust give Biwan 54 a more modern and fashionable personality. The Tudor original movement MT5400 guarantees the excellent performance of the watch with advanced technology. cheap watch review

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Reborn from the shell, Tudor’s new Black Bay GMT-Master watch

2023 Geneva Watch Fair “Watches and Miracles” – Tudor Black Bay Greenwich watch is equipped with GMT multi-time zone function. In addition to the local time, it can also display the time in two other time zones simultaneously. It is convenient and practical, and it can be called the loyalty of travelers across time zones Companion. At this year’s “Watches and Miracles” Geneva Haute Horlogerie Fair, Tudor introduced a new protein-colored dial, combined with the iconic dark blue and wine red bezel, hitting new sparks.

The new fake watches for sale has a diameter of 41 mm, and the case is made of 316L stainless steel, which has been polished and polished. It is equipped with a domed sapphire crystal mirror and a screw-in crown with an embossed rose logo. It has excellent water resistance of 200 meters. The two-way rotating bezel is decorated with matte wine red and matte blue anodized aluminum inserts, marked with 24-hour scale, wine red represents day, blue represents night, and the red and blue ring configuration is particularly classic.

The domed egg white dial is galvanized to give it a white-gray matte finish. Unlike pure white tones, egg white has a silvery sheen that shimmers faintly as the light changes. At the same time, the protein-colored dial collides with the classic red and blue circles to create new sparks. The iconic “snowflake” pointer and time scale are coated with A-grade Swiss Super-LumiNova® fluorescent material to ensure clear and easy to read under low light conditions. The red GMT pointer is bright and eye-catching, and combined with the bezel scale, it indicates the time in other time zones.

This watch is equipped with the original Tudor watch movement MT5652, which contains 28 jewels and has a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz). Up to 70 hours of power reserve. There is an instantaneous calendar at 3 o’clock, which is set synchronously with the hour hand that can be adjusted independently. At the same time, the MT5652 movement has also been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) as a precision timepiece.

Tudor’s new Black Bay GMT-Master watch comes with a 316L stainless steel three-row stainless steel bracelet or a black textured strap with burgundy stripes, the latter made by the brand’s long-term partner from the St-Etienne region of France. Woven by a company called Julien Faure using traditional techniques on nineteenth-century jacquard looms, it complements the red and blue bezel.

Classic Appearance, Sophisticated Upgrade Tudor Brand New 41mm Black Bay Watch

In 2012, Tudor released the first Black Bay watch with a burgundy bezel. Three years later, the brand assembled the original movement for it. Now, this iconic piece has been updated again. At this year’s “Watches and Miracles” Geneva Haute Horlogerie Fair, Tudor launched a new 41mm Biwan watch officially certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

The new watch continues the specifications of the previous work, with a diameter of 41 mm. The case is made of stainless steel, polished and frosted, equipped with a domed sapphire crystal mirror and a stainless steel screw-in crown with an embossed rose logo, and has excellent water resistance of 200 meters. The unidirectional rotating bezel is decorated with a classic burgundy aluminum insert, marked with a 60-minute scale, which is highly recognizable.

The domed black dial has a matte finish and sunburst finish, complemented by gold-plated hands, hour-markers and markers. The “snowflake” hour hand is a major symbol of Tudor diving watches, while the lollipop second hand draws on the appearance of the brand’s early diving watches. The pointer and hour markers are coated with A-grade Swiss Super-LumiNova® fluorescent material, which can ensure excellent reading effect even in low light conditions. best replica watches review

This watch is equipped with the original Tudor watch movement MT5602-U, which contains 25 jewels and a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz). The oscillating weight, the travel time error is controlled within 5 seconds (0+5), and can provide up to 70 hours of power storage. The movement has obtained double precision certification from the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), so the movement splint is engraved with the words “Master Chronometer” (Master Chronometer precision timepiece), and its superior performance is trustworthy.

Tudor’s new 41mm Black Bay watch comes with a three-row stainless steel bracelet, a five-row stainless steel bracelet or a black rubber strap, all equipped with a Tudor “T-fit” buckle for quick and easy length adjustment, convenient and practical, and easy to wear comfortable. wholesale replica watches

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Zenith launches a newly designed collection of pilot watches

While there are numerous brands across the watch industry with deep ties to aviation, only one brand has actually the right to use the word “pilot” in its models: Zenith. With this in mind, the Pilot line is deeply rooted in It’s no surprise that it’s in the brand’s DNA, even if it tends to be overshadowed in enthusiast circles by the likes of El Primero and Defy. However, as part of Watches and Wonders 2023, Zenith has completely reinvented the Pilot collection from the ground up, creating a more modern and sporty new look for the long-running line of pilot watches. The new Zenith Pilot Collection, including the Zenith Pilot Automatic and the Zenith Pilot Panorama Date Flyback, completely reimagines the brand with a new concept of luxury, clean lines and cutting-edge functionality pilot watch concept.

Despite measuring 40mm and 42.5mm respectively, the new Zenith Pilot Automatic and Zenith Pilot Big Date Flyback share a new case design. This new case profile is a radical departure from the quirky, early 20th century-inspired case of the previous Pilot, and instead offers a sportier, modern tool watch style. Wide tapered lugs, smooth case side chamfers and a broad flat beveled bezel all combine to create a clean, familiar sporty shape, although the two available case materials are projected in two different ways in the image this design. Traditional stainless steel options give both models a bright, handsome combination of brushed and polished surfaces for an upscale and sporty look, but it’s the black ceramic case option that really gives the new Pilot range a more contemporary feel. The all-matte black case gives both watches a stealthy military-gear look in the image, which fits perfectly with the collection’s tool watch design ethos. Both the Pilot Automatic and the Pilot Big Date Flyback feature a sapphire display caseback, and both models have a respectable 100-meter water resistance.

While the new cases of the Zenith Pilot collection borrow heavily from the standard modern pilot’s watch template, the dials of the Pilot Automatic and Pilot Big Date Flyback offer more unique personality in the initial shots. The most notable feature here is the gloss black dial surface itself, which adds a raised horizontal ribbed texture inspired by the corrugated aluminum fuselages of early aircraft such as the Ford Trimotor or the Junkers Ju 52. It’s a luxurious aviation-inspired touch that complements otherwise simple designs and is visually reminiscent of the Patek Philippe Nautilus’ famous sculpted “deck plate” dials and Rimowa’s popular ribbed aluminum trunks in the image. The rest of the basic dial is designed to be clear and functional, with clean sans-serif Arabic hour numerals and partially blacked-out pilot-style hands. While both of the Pilot Automatic’s case styles keep this layout simple and balanced, with the date window at 6 o’clock neatly positioned below the horizontal diamond scale, the Pilot Big Date Flyback offers two different dial styles. best quality watch replica

The black ceramic case model is the more straightforward of the two, with a monochromatic look, a pair of large, see-through subdials at 3 and 9 o’clock, and a large round date display at 6 o’clock above. For the Pilot’s Big Date Flyback Chronograph in stainless steel, Zenith offers a clever modern reinterpretation of the fan-favorite El Primero Rainbow Flyback Chronograph from the 90s. Like that neo-vintage model, the Pilot Big Date Flyback offers a bright red central chronograph seconds hand similar to the Speedmaster, and a matching red flieger hand for the chronograph minutes subdial at 3 o’clock. The sub-dials themselves are the most obvious homage to the Rainbow, with a slim outer ring scalloped in green, yellow and blue to match its ’90s predecessor. This isn’t the most obvious reproducible design in the Zenith backing catalog,

Zenith equips the Pilot Automatic and Pilot Big Date Flyback with a pair of in-house movements – El Primero 3620 and El Primero 3652 respectively. The El Primero 3620 self-winding movement inside the Zenith Pilot Automatic is a relatively new addition to the brand, having been substantially revised from its previous appearance in the Defy Skyline collection. Gone is the model’s signature fun 10-second sub-dial on the Pilot Automatic, replaced by a more traditional central hand with a typical 60-second sweep. Visually, the El Primero 3620 has also undergone a series of graphical changes. The previous star-shaped oscillating weight has been dropped in favor of a more openworked black-coated oscillating weight design with arabesque brushwork and an artificial horizon motif. Completing the rest of the movement is sharp and modern, with the three-quarter bridge and balance cock given a deep brushed finish on the blued screws and matt sandblasted main plate. Performance-wise, the El Primero 3620 is impressive, boasting a 60-hour power reserve and the ultra-smooth 36,000 bph beat rate that is the hallmark of the El Primero range. watches hot replica

The El Primero 3652 automatic flyback chronograph movement on the Zenith Pilot Big Date Flyback watch is a new reference specially designed for this watch. The finish of this movement is distinctly different from the three-hand movement, with arabesques on each skeleton bridge, as well as blued screws and blued column wheels, but the blacked-out oscillating weight design of the El Primero 3620 is here appearing again. In terms of performance, this new movement offers similar figures to its siblings, offering a power reserve of 60 hours at a beat rate of 36,00 bph. Each new model in the Zenith Pilot Collection is fitted with a black Cordura-effect rubber strap. In addition, each stainless steel model is equipped with a classic brown leather strap, while the black ceramic model is equipped with an additional khaki green cordura-effect strap.

The new Zenith Pilot line is almost entirely different from its predecessors, but the new Zenith Pilot Automatic and Zenith Pilot Big Date Flyback should prove popular for their clean functional looks, attractive new complications, modern style design philosophy, and a subtle nod to previous Zenith references. buy watch replica

zelin0802 / March 8, 2023

The new and captivating Gradient Lamido Ocean Star Tribute

An all-encompassing dive fashion watches, now in summery light blue.

Mido has been particularly active in the past few weeks, starting with the recent release of one of the coolest models ever, the Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer, or the rather impressively equipped Multifort M Chronometer. Well, that doesn’t end there, as the brand discreetly revealed a new version of its vintage-inspired dive watch, the Ocean Star Tribute. Already available in a range of glamorous colors – such as this bold ombre red version, or this military-inspired green version – the collection is back with colorful versions ready for this summer. The Mido Ocean Star with a gradient light blue dial pays homage to the latest model.

This watch isn’t particularly new, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the past. But the latest model to join the range is quite attractive, to say the least. Let’s start with a quick reminder, shall we? The Ocean Star Tribute is part of a range of affordable, well-equipped classic dive watches with very good specifications. There’s nothing groundbreaking or above the competition here, and we’re talking a decently sized 200m water-resistant model with a classic design. If you want something stronger and more powerful, the Ocean Star Diver 600 is the one you should be looking for. fashion watches

With its timeless look, 40.5mm diameter and polished steel case with pointed crown guard, the Ocean Star Tribute revives the style of the 1960s with a contemporary twist. Balanced and well proportioned, it features a box-shaped sapphire crystal, thin unidirectional bezel with aluminum insert and 60-minute scale, screw-down crown and caseback, and 20 bar pressure resistance – enough for all recreational diving.

New for this year, the watch comes in a light summer color scheme. In this new version, the bezel is a medium blue, while the dial has a gradient effect from sky blue in the center to the same color as the bezel at the edges. Additionally, the rectangular markers and hands are coated in white Super-LumiNova for a nice contrast against the colored background. An important update, as opposed to the previous version, this gradient blue model has a time and date display and does not have the rather intrusive day-date window of the previous version. This is of course a matter of preference, but I personally think this date-only version is more visually balanced.vintage watches for sale

Inside the chassis, there are no surprises. Like the cool decompression chronograph 1961 or many other watches from the brand, this new dive watch is equipped with the new entry-level movement Powermatic 80 from Swatch Group. An evolution of the ETA 2824, it has a redesigned power train with a slightly slower 3Hz frequency but a much longer power reserve of 80 hours. In addition, it features an antimagnetic Nivachron hairspring. This automatic movement is concealed behind a closed case back.

Technical Specifications – Tribute to the Mido Ocean Star
Case: Diameter 40.50 mm x Height 13.40 mm – stainless steel case, polished – unidirectional steel bezel with medium blue aluminum insert, 60-minute diving scale – screw-down crown, screw-down case back – dome Sapphire crystal – 200m water resistance
Dial: Gradient blue dial with white Super-LumiNova hour-markers with silver outline – metal baton hands with white Super-LumiNova
Movement: Mido Caliber 80 (base ETA C07.621) – Automatic – 25 jewels – 25.60 mm – 21,600 vibrations/hour – 80 hours power reserve – Nivachron hairspring, antimagnetic – Hours, minutes, seconds (hacked) and date
Bracelet: Comes with Milanese steel bracelet with sliding clasp and blue tropical rubber with pin clasp
Ref: M026.807.11.041.01

zelin0802 / February 11, 2023

The Tudor Pelagos 39: Confident Compromise

A lightweight heavy-duty dive replica watches hot.

Announced with much fanfare last year, the Tudor Pelagos 39 transformed an all-rounder, everyday sports watch into the insect-like specialization of the Pelagos line—which for a decade had been the pinnacle of Tudor dive watch prowess. Downsized, lower-spec, and decidedly more traditional – does Tudor’s newest Diver fail compared to its burly sibling? Or did it succeed by finding a new, broader avenue to reach a less specific audience?

I would argue that yes, it does. At this point, I will come to the last topic about Pelagos 39. I covered the release here, experienced it firsthand here, made a cheeky comparison here, and explained how the 39 was chosen for Hodinkee’s Tool Watch of the Year here. If you’re looking for a mixture of objective understanding and subjective taste for Pelagos 39, I can save you thousands of words of reading. This is a great dive watch. Functional, well made, just the right size, modern, sophisticated, instrumental and totally fit. This is the kind of watch that will make other watches in your collection seem irrelevant. You deserve one, and so should I.

In order not to repeat too much of what I’ve already said, let’s put the specs and siblings aside. The Pelagos 39 is a titanium diver’s watch that measures 39mm wide by 11.8mm thick with a 47mm lug spacing. The strap weighs approximately 107 grams (size not determined) and also comes with a rubber strap. So far, the Pelagos 39 has been offered in a single size, with a black dial and brushed gray/black ceramic with luminous markers. It features a sapphire crystal, 200m water resistance, 21mm non-drilled lugs, screw-down crown, closed caseback, and the included titanium bracelet features Tudor’s T-Fit micro-adjustment system. All told, you’re looking at a recent price hike of $4,600 ($4,400 when the above video was shot).

The competition is described below, but the background of the Pelagos 39 is largely set by its earlier siblings, the standard Pelagos three current offerings, all based on a 42mm all-titanium diver’s watch measuring 14.4mm thick with 50mm lugs – Dragging. Available in black, blue or vintage-effect LHD, the original Pelagos is a top-spec 500m diver’s watch with a helium escape valve (HeV), a full matte finish and a self-adjusting bracelet clasp.

Since its original release in 2012 and its evolution into the military-specific FXD, the Pelagos has represented both the flagship of the Tudor dive watch portfolio and – by my measure – one of the absolute best dive watches on the market .

Then, last August, Tudor copy released the new Pelagos 39, which offered an evolution, still in titanium, in a smaller, more wearable form. But these proportions are clearly intended to market Pelagos to a wider and less male audience, but come with technical compromises, including lower water resistance, no HeV, no self-adjusting spring clasp, and less finishing Aspects of ultra-matte execution.

Why were Pelagos 39 made?
So, if you need a recap of previous episodes, here it is. All of these factors set the stage for a watch that surprised and even delighted many, especially when Tudor made it clear that the new Pelagos would not replace the current trio of 500m apex dive watches. An extension of the line, the Pelagos 39 combines the look and aesthetic appeal that made Pelagos so distinctive, with the easy-to-wear joy of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight.

As I and many others have said, this is broad market acceptance of Pelagos since the 39 became a reality. A rethink that trades the specificity of full diving for a watch that doesn’t cut corners on the way to being an incredible everyday dive watch. Standard Pelagos have a unique appeal. It’s a bit big for my wrist, both in terms of thickness and, more importantly, lug to lug. Also, it’s a little serious. Especially for someone like me who is at best a recreational diver.

Pelagos can feel like too much if you don’t dive at all. I think of the Pelagos 39 as Tudor’s casual alternative to traditional dive watches combined with Pelagos. The specs and size don’t really detract from its ability to be a good dive watch, but the compromise makes it less hardcore than standard Pelagos. That’s the point. If you’ve ever thought that Pelagos were awesome and a little special at the same time, the Pelagos 39 makes sense.

A modern creation from Tudor, the Pelagos 39 is only available in a no-date configuration, powered by the brand’s MT5400 automatic movement. This is a COSC-certified chronometer movement with a 70-hour power reserve and a frequency of 4 Hz. Backed by a five-year warranty, it’s the same movement we use in watches like our beloved Black Bay 925.

After months of thinking about it, I’ve come up with a metaphor that I think makes sense, but might upset some people. The Pelagos 39 is for the dad (or mom) diver. for luxury watches replica

On one of my favorite Youtube automotive channels, The Straight Pipes, hosts Jakub and Yuri have a term for a car that is both good and attractive, but not the highest performance specification for a given model. They call it “Daddy Fast”. The idea is that the car is quick enough to feel fun and powerful, but not for someone who wants to do a few laps around the track and shave a tenth. I kind of think of Pelagos 39 in a similar way.

Leaving aside the gendered nature of “Dad” (shoutout to Pelagos Mom), the standard Pelagos are a great choice if you dive a lot and like to have a really great dive watch with more specs than you need. But what if, like me, you dive a lot less than you used to because you have kids and work? Heck, what if you don’t dive at all, but you love the raw power and casual allure of the form? That’s where the Pelagos 39 fits in. It’s not an RS4 or a GT3, it’s an S4 or a Carrera T.

Sure, it’s a compromise of general practicality, but it still beats having a full minivan and just buying an Apple Watch, doesn’t it?

Please accept – the part about the Pelagos, not the stupid attack on the almighty Apple Watch – as I meant it. Simple compliments for making a rugged watch that is just as relevant while diving as it is on land. When you’re not on vacation. When you are at home, live your life.

How is it worn on the wrist?
I’ve said this a few times, but for my 7″ wrist the Pelagos 39 are basically perfect. You’ll need to adjust the size and settings of the T-Fit, but it’s light, lays flat, and fits really well on the bracelet, which tapers to 16mm at the clasp. I found myself loving the bracelet more than the rubber that came with it, and of course, I fell in love with the NATO Pelagos 39.

The T-Fit system is quick and easy to adjust and offers wide enough increments to manage any wrist swelling I’m experiencing. No, I don’t like the T-Fit more than the OG Pelagos clasp, but given the diminished focus on diving, I think the T-Fit fits the shorts and works just fine.

I’ve also found that the Pelagos 39 can be used with various other straps, the only possible hindrance is the 21mm lug size, which is a pain, but also means I can share the strap with my Mido Ocean Star GMT Hodinkee LE ( This is also 21 mm). Do I want both to be 20? Deeply, yes. But when it comes to the Pelagos 39 specifically, this is one of the few watches that I might actually like the bracelet on. It just feels complete.

The legibility is excellent, the bezel is smooth and feels great, and the simpler dial design, without the complicated rehaut, date and additional writing of other Pelagos, gives the watch a more traditional feel. This is only backed up by the red name and the iconic Tudor snowflake hands.

I can’t mention the redecoration and text without mentioning one of the 39’s biggest aesthetic changes, the brushed ceramic bezel insert swapping the original’s matte finish for a shinier finish that definitely doesn’t feel Pelgagos. Face to face and on the wrist, it’s a big change and I’ll say that while I definitely prefer the all-matte finish of the original model, I’m impressed with the bezel of the 39, which definitely adds a unique character.

If wear resistance ranks high on your watch buying priorities, and I think it should, the Pelagos 39 is definitely worth a try.