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Jacob & Co. launches Mysterious Tourbillon Double Dragon watch

Jacob & Co. launches Mysterious Tourbillon Double Dragon watch

For seven years, Jacob & Co. has continuously launched dragon-themed watches. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, and on this occasion, Jacob & Co. has created a unique new piece that demonstrates its attachment to this magnificent creature. This new work called “Mysterious Tourbillon Double Dragon” is majestic, exquisite in craftsmanship, extraordinary and unique.

2024 is the Year of the Dragon, and Jacob & Co. celebrates this year by launching a new series of watches designed with this theme. For many people, celebrating the Chinese New Year is important. For Jacob & Co, it was an opportunity to show more creativity. This is an opportunity to push the limits of themes that the brand constantly pursues, especially today through the mysterious Tourbillon Double Dragon. best replica watch site

eternal hunt
The Mysterious Tourbillon Double Dragon watch perfectly combines advanced watchmaking technology with artistic masters. Featuring a unique movement, this unique piece is the only flying tourbillon with a central, bi- and triple-axes side by side and contains two miniature dragon sculptures. Entirely hand-painted, these rose gold dragons surround the large tourbillon sphere and surround each other. Both fly among stylized clouds, their heads forever chasing pearls of wisdom. Both pearls consist of a pair of significant white diamonds with 288 facets Jacob’s cut. One acts as an hour hand and the other acts as a minute hand. The rose gold case with a diameter of 50 mm is invisiblely set with 192 white diamonds (12 carats).

craft biology

Jacob & Co. presents a collection dedicated to unique creations that incorporate these dragons that demonstrate craftsmanship. Over the past seven years, Jacob & Co. have created over 41 dragon-themed works in the Astronomia Art Collection. Each piece is unique, well made and exceptionally refined. Prices start at $3,500,000, with some reaching seven figures. The Astronomia’s case is made from rose gold micro-sculptures that are polished and painted by hand. Through the sapphire crystal, the dragon’s body intertwines with the watch movement, allowing you to admire the entire spectacle. All of these pieces, such as Astronomia Art White Dragon, Astronomia Art Red Dragon Baguette or Astronomia Art Black Dragon, have a strong focus on uniqueness. The combination of fine watchmaking, fine craftsmanship, fine jewelry and the most mysterious of creatures puts the Astronomia Dragon collection into a unique category, defining Jacob & Co. as the “House of the Dragon.” replica watches for sale

Mysterious Tourbillon Double Dragon
move :

Caliber: JCAM32

Winding: Manual

Dimensions: 42.80 mm

Height: 15mm

Components: 430

Power reserve: 60 hours

Frequency: 21,600 vph (3 Hz)


Mysterious hour and minute chimes

Central tourbillon, steering wheel, dual and triple axis with differential

First axis: 60 seconds rotation

Second axis: 120 seconds rotation

Third axis: 120 seconds rotation


Dimensions: 50mm

Height: 25mm

Material: 18k rose gold

Mirror: Hyperboloid anti-reflective sapphire crystal

Case back: 18 carat rose gold

Water resistance: 30 m (3 atm)


Case: Invisibly set with 192 baguette- and hexagon-cut white diamonds (12.41 carats)

Index: 12 baguette-cut white diamonds (1.49 ct)


Dial: 2 rotating rings decorated with 2 hand-painted rose gold dragon sculptures

Hands: 2 white diamonds, 288 facets, Jacob’s cut

Bracelet and buckle:

Strap: red crocodile leather

Clasp: 18K rose gold folding clasp

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Jacob and Co. The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone

New product release: the world is under your control Dual time zone

Inspired by Family Heirlooms
This is the watch story where it all started. This watch opened the world and the world of watchmaking to Jacob Arabo.

The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone is a tribute to the Arabov family heirloom, inspired by a Wakmann dual time zone watch that Jacob Arabov received from his father Nison Arabov when he was 13 years old.

This watch was so special to him that he longed and determined to one day create his own. This is the source of inspiration for every Jacob & Co. watch.

The watch is still in the family today, waiting to be passed on to the next generation. While waiting, it became the inspiration for The World Is Your Dual Time Zone.

Neeson Arapoff’s gift to his son is a symbol, a reminder that the world is an open possibility that can be reached and conquered. So when Jacob Arapov received it, he decided that one day he would make a watch, his own.

There is always an element of intimacy in Jacob & Co.’s creations. Design never comes out of thin air. It is rooted in a story, a desire, and for Jacob Arapov it was always about passion.

Whatever he does, he does exactly what he does. Whatever he designs, he designs with all his heart. In that respect, The World Is Your Dual Time Zone is his most authentic creation to date. It comes from within.

In a touching act of respect, gratitude, love and concern, Jacob and Benjamin Arabo decided to title this new series “The World Is Yours” in honor of Mr. Neeson Arabo, who is He offers them the true north. Life. The “World Belongs to You” dual time zone watch represents true north in the shape of a wind rose and acts as a small second hand.

craft master class
The dial is a highly domed brass plate. The outlines of the continents are laser-engraved with high precision.

Their surfaces are stamped using special high-precision dies. All three sub-dials are engraved on the dial. The whole piece is then galvanized and covered in rose gold. wholesale fashion watch

The ocean is painted blue and its operation is very detailed and completely handmade. Finally, the Roman and Arabic numerals, as well as the minute scale, are gilded on the blue lacquer.

After finishing touches, “The World Is Your Dual Time Zone” becomes a profound technical, aesthetic and emotional creation.

an important exchange
Imagine the scene. The place is Tachkent in Uzbekistan, then a republic in the Soviet Union and the birthplace of the Alabov family.

Inside the room were 13-year-old Jacob Arabov and his father, Nison Arabov. There is an exchange between them. From one hand to the other, a watch is gifted, and strong emotions follow.

A watch that is passed down from father to son holds unique importance. They are not just an object, they are symbols of what is really being conveyed: values, love, wisdom, blessings and the pressure of success.

This particular timepiece bears the once famous Wakmann brand name and it continues to inspire every watch Jacob & Co. produces.

powered by rail
The World Is Yours Dual Time is the first watch in the new The World Is Yours collection.

It is powered by a new exclusive Jacob & Co. movement. It indicates two time zones, including hours and minutes, arranged vertically on either side of the small seconds hand.

Each time zone can be set at will using the crown, accurate to the minute. This feature is very rare, but in Jacob & Co.’s opinion, it is completely indispensable. This is the only way a country with an unusual UTC time offset can display its local time and another time.

Its small seconds hand is rose-coloured and has four main arms, one of which is painted red as a pointer. It symbolizes the compass that people need to navigate the world. It helps us find our way, like the moral compass provided by Mr. Neeson Arapoff.

everything is curved
The World Is Yours Dual Time is housed in a 43mm rose gold case with all parts curved. Its bezel is stepped, round and very thin to provide the largest possible dial. Next is a large, highly domed sapphire crystal.

This is a necessary feature because the dial itself is curved, like the globe it represents. The difference in height between its lowest and highest point is a staggering 3.7mm. As a result, the hand is also bent. The crown is short and blends with the contours of the case, rounded, polished and understated. best watch price

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Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon puts a miniature W16 engine inside a watch

In early 2019, Bugatti ended its 15-year Perfect Fake Watches partnership with Swiss watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier and opened a new partnership with New York watchmaker and jeweler Jacob & Co. — The latter was once famous for helping to define the bling-bling era in American music. When Jacob announced the new collaboration at the global watch fair Baselworld last March, it unveiled two new limited-edition timepieces, both based on existing Jacob models. Celebrating Bugatti’s 110th anniversary, the Bugatti Chrono Edition Limitee 100 Ans is modeled after Jacob’s Epic X Chrono. However, Jacob spent a year developing the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon because the partnership promised to push the “limits of what seemed to be mechanically possible” and required an incredible new watch. Behind the sapphire crystal is an automatic suspended within the case, mimicking the movement of the Chiron’s W16 engine.

The animation engine has no timing purpose, it exists to show – and it really is a show. Press the button on the bottom of the case and the engine will run for about 20 seconds; the stainless steel crankshaft milled from a single spindle pushes the stainless steel connecting rods and pistons into the sapphire crystal block, and the two rotations can be seen through the window on the side of the case turbocharger. After three rounds of operation, the cylinder of the engine needs to be charged by turning the center crown counterclockwise, and then it can run for three more rounds. Consisting of 578 parts, the rig is so tiny and complex that it took more than three days to program a CNC machine to mill stainless steel, and the animators weren’t sure it would work. These two facts are perhaps best associated with the incredible marvel of the Bugatti Chiron.

We mean the literal meaning of the phrase “suspended inside the box”. The movement of the watch sits on four shock-absorbing dampers in the corners, allowing the movement to float up and down to a certain degree, which requires the Incabloc anti-shock system. Other Bugatti-themed touches include a titanium case, Chiron blue hands, a 60-hour reserve dial for the Price luxury watch movement (looks like a fuel gauge), a tourbillon window in the shape of a Chiron grille, a black rubber strap, and customization possibilities among other things Including the ability for car owners to choose the color of the shock absorbers.

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Jacob & Co. x Concepto Watch Factory Launch Only Watch Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension

Four-axis tourbillon. A world first, donated to watchmaking’s most prestigious charity. This is a technical achievement. This is a recognition of the deep and fruitful partnership between Jacob & Co. and the Concepto wholesale fashion watches factory. This proves that being “inspired by the impossible” can make the impossible a reality.

The Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension is equipped with a three-axis flying tourbillon at the end of a two-armed merry-go-round. It rotates every 60 seconds. This makes it a four-axis tourbillon, the first of its kind to be installed in a wristwatch. What’s more, the tourbillon cage contains a high-frequency constant-force escapement.

The Fourth Dimensional Astronomical Revolution is not just an unheard of complication. Its execution is also carried out from another dimension. In keeping with the Only Watch 2023 color theme, it contains 35 colored stones, culet-up. A kinetic work of mechanical art and a jewelry achievement, Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension is more than just a unique piece. This is a ship like no other.

Just four months after launching the groundbreaking Astronomia Revolution, Jacob & Co. is once again pushing innovation to the limit. The Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension is an enlarged and upgraded three-axis tourbillon one-minute rotation movement. Jointly developed, launched and contracted with Concepto Watch Factory, Jacob & Co.’s main movement partner, the Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension features a four-axis flying tourbillon.

This watchmaking achievement is the brainchild of Valérien Jaquet, Founder, Master Watchmaker and CEO of Jacob & Co. and Concepto Watch Factory. “For almost 20 years, the Concepto watch factory team and I have had a deep and close relationship with the Jacob & Co. brand and Jacob Arabo himself,” said Valérien Jaquet. Only Watch and the values conveyed by this charity auction deserve our closer cooperation to deliver a timepiece of exceptional mechanical and aesthetic quality. As tourbillon specialists, we are very proud to have co-signed this world-first project with Jacob & Co. to aid in the research of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

“From the very beginning of the Astronomia series, I wanted it to spin as fast as possible, and we got to a minute with Astronomia Revolution,” said Jacob Arabo. I hope it’s a phenomenal tourbillon, and then we get to the quadcopter. This is the first time a timepiece breaks the three-axis tourbillon barrier. Together, Jacob & Co. and Concepto Watch Factory decided that this level of ingenuity and expertise had to be brought to Only Watch, a charity so unanimously recognized. “

Crystal structure
The Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension is a unique piece that will be auctioned on November 5th and will benefit Only Watch in the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension is more than just an implemented sports concept. Jacob & Co. is a watchmaker and jeweler and the Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension is a fine watchmaking and fine jewelry creation.

The part beneath the carousel is a rose gold structure crafted like a large piece of fine jewelry. Jacob & Co. set 35 gemstones in this openwork structure, chosen from 7 types of gemstones. Each one is custom cut to create a field of colored light. Place each pointed bottom side up. The layout intentionally feels random, creating jagged expanses of space. It captures light, reshapes it and sends it back, and shades and enhances it. The fourth dimensional astronomical revolution is a mechanical achievement from another dimension or crystalline planet. wholesale fake watches

Expand horizons
Jointly developed with the Concepto Manufacture, the JCAM 54 caliber has the same construction as all other Astronomia calibers. Only a small portion is hidden by a decorative plate set with 35 gems. From the center, the rest of the movement emerges in the shape of a two-armed merry-go-round. This represents the majority of the movement’s 485 parts, which make one revolution every 60 seconds. It acts like a seconds hand and is the first axis of rotation of the tourbillon.

At the end of the first arm, the first axis of rotation, there is a flying three-axis tourbillon. Fly because the tourbillon cage is supported by only one end (the lateral one). Three axes because the escapement rotates through three sets of gears. The first spin takes 60 seconds, the second 18 seconds, and the last 15 seconds. This is not only a large number of axes, but also very high speeds. The principle of the tourbillon is to increase the number of positions the escapement occupies in space. The more positions and the faster the speed, the better the tourbillon can balance the negative influence of gravity on its precise time measurement. With four axes and such a fast rotation, the Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension provides tourbillons with the best parameters never seen before.

energy core
These rotational speeds require a lot of energy. And even more so with the spin of the carousel. Such a strong flow of water could easily damage the escapement if it was passed directly to it. To take advantage of the influx of resources, Jacob & Co. and the Concepto watch factory devised a way to protect the escapement, a constant-force device for which a patent is pending. Every 1/6 of a second (that is, the frequency of the balance wheel), the gear train activates a whip. It acts as a buffer between the barrel and the flow of energy to the tourbillon.

Each time the whip is activated, it transmits the energy required by the escapement for the next 1/6 second. Also, as this would undersupply the balance wheel. No more, or the tourbillon and the entire rotating platform would be overloaded. Apart from the obvious benefit of retaining the escapement, this has important timekeeping advantages. When combined with the extreme position afforded by the four tourbillon axes, this unique creation from Jacob & Co. x Concepto Watch Factory undoubtedly enters the fourth dimension of watchmaking.

Observation deck
The rose gold case has a diameter of 47 mm and an overall height of 27 mm. These dimensions reflect the dimensions of the JCAM 54 movement. Such a spectacular work of watchmaking art needs to be appreciated from every possible angle. The Astronomia case is built around curved sapphire glass panels held together by precious metal. Best of all, the wide domed sapphire crystal allows you to see both the JCAM 54 movement and what lies beneath.

It is a combination of shape, color, gem variety and gem cut. The backplate of the Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension is a work of art, something like it is often seen in cathedrals. Except this one is made of gemstones. There are 35 in total, of 7 different types, each available in a different color. Golden garnet garnet is orange in color. Citrine is yellow in color. Sapphire is blue. Tsavorite is green. Rudolph garnet is purple in color. Topaz is light blue and pyrope garnet is red.

alien landscape
Each stone is cut to a custom shape and is not part of any classic cut. Also, they are not placed the way gemstones are usually, with the table up and the culet down.fake Jacob & Co. took the opposite decision, creating a geometric field, an uneven landscape of crystals and light. Founder, Chairman and Creative Director of Jacob & Co. Jacobarabo is a huge fan of all things space-related. His passion gave birth to the Astronomia collection. Again, it takes on a new, imaginative shape, like one would expect to see on a Star Trek episode or the moon-orbiting planet Krypton. Jacob Arabo was a pioneer in the use of colored gemstones back in the 1980s, incorporating his taste for reds, blues, oranges, yellows and greens into numerous timepieces. Before the term rainbow mosaic became popular, many high-end jewelry watches have adopted the rainbow mosaic process. Many other mountains are known as Mount Alequino, Mount Camo or Mount Peru, a nod to the colorful formations of Vini Cuenca, also known as Rainbow Mountain. The color gamut of the Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension is actually an updated form of Jacob & Co.’s signature. Like the JCAM 54 movement, it is an extra step towards “drawing inspiration from the impossible”.

Jacob & Co. x Concepto Watch Factory Introduces Only Watch Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension Tech Specs

Manual winding movement cal. JCAM 54
Diameter: 42.30mm
Height: 19.30 mm
Power reserve: 36 hours
Frequency: 21’600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz)
Number of components: 485
Rotating satellite bracket: 1 rotation in 60 seconds
Three-axis flying tourbillon:
1st axis: 1 rotation in 60 seconds
2nd axis: 1 rotation in 18 seconds
3rd axis: 1 rotation in 15 seconds
1/6 second constant force. Frequency (patent pending)
Hours and minutes rotating dial with differential
Winding and time setting on case back

Diameter: 47mm
Height: 27mm
Material: 18K rose gold, sapphire strap
Case back: Engraved 18K rose gold
Glass: Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment
Water resistance: 30 m (3 bar – 3 atm)
Dial and hands:

Subdials: Skeletonized, blue polycarbonate with 5N hour-markers
Hands: 5N red gold Dauphine
Movement backplate: rose gold structure set with 35 custom-cut gemstones: garnet, yellow citrine, blue sapphire, tsavorite, red garnet, topaz, pyrope garnet
Strap and buckle:

Strap: blue alligator leather
Buckle: 18K rose gold buckle

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Jacob & Co. celebrates Jean Bugatti with watches

The limited edition Jean Bugatti watch pays homage to this extraordinary innovator, representing his avant-garde and artistic interpretation of the car. Just as Jean Bugatti’s car designs challenged established trends, so does the watch of the same name. It is one of the most complicated timepieces released in recent years, entering territory that Jacob & Co. had never explored. Jean Bugatti is possibly the most demanding watchmaking project Jacob & Co. has ever undertaken.

The development and manufacture of Jean Bugatti faced a series of serious challenges. Consisting of 470 parts in total, the delicate, slim design of many of them is remarkable considering the enormous pressure and force they are subjected to. The complexity of managing the forces and energy within the movement is immediately apparent when the caseback is lifted. The movement’s architecture is three-dimensional, a sight to behold in itself.

It has a round case, round bezel, short delicate lugs, mushroom pushers, and a fully polished rose or white gold case. With its elegant cursive numerals, blue hands, and blue or cream dial, the 46mm Jean Bugatti would almost look bland were it not for its unique layout.

Two openings in the dial house a pair of minute flying tourbillons. Their cage design has the iconic Bugatti EB’ logo on top and is made of polished steel. Jean Bugatti indicates hours and minutes by a pair of red inward-facing hands on the edge of the dial. The pair of short blue hands in the center of the dial are the chronograph hands. The first longer one represents the second unit of the chronograph. The shorter ones represent tens of seconds for the chronograph. As each of these reaches the end of its course, it jumps backwards, thus defining a biretrograde chronograph. The chronograph is powered and regulated autonomously by means of an independent barrel and a high-frequency regulating mechanism. bugatti watch price

“Capturing the style and creative flair of Jean Bugatti in one watch was a daunting task, but Jacob & Co. was the perfect brand partner to achieve it. The spirit of Jean lives on within the walls of Molsheim Strong, our designers and engineers continue to draw inspiration from his nearly 100-year-old creation. With this latest watch, the wearer can enjoy a new standard of refinement and meticulous attention to detail – the same as Bugatti in every new The changes made on the supercar are the same.” – Wiebke Sthl, Managing Director, Bugatti International.

“Designing and developing Jean Bugatti has been an exciting and rewarding experience. Our partnership with Bugatti is taking on this new shape, and while it feels comfortable and classic, this watch is really something else. With our This watch is a new design direction compared to the existing collection, but it shows that great people can lead to great inspiration. Applying these historic design elements from Bugatti’s glorious past is an inspiration for contemporary supercars Fascinating addition. We rose to the challenge with a groundbreaking movement that redefined how a chronograph works. That’s how Jacob & Co. challenged and exceeded expectations.” – Benjamin Araboff, CEO, Jacob & Co. .

Unlike the previous Bugatti Chiron luxury Watches replica from Jacob & Co., you don’t need to own a Bugatti watch to buy a Jean Bugatti watch.

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The Godfather Movie Clock: The Opera Godfather by Jacob & Company

The perfect watch does exist, especially for fans of Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece, The Godfather, one of the greatest films of all time. The result of a collaboration between Jacob & Co. and Paramount Pictures, it is a minute repeater integrated with a two-cylinder music box that plays the first 120 notes of the film’s theme. As if that wasn’t enough, the Godfather of the Opera minute repeater also integrates a three-axis tourbillon.

As Paramount’s first cooperation with a watch company, copyright transfer is not easy. In the end, however, the musical license and logos are brought to life in this collection for generations to come.

Its core integrates the JCFM07 movement composed of 758 parts, the time display sub-dial and the three-axis gravity tourbillon that rotates simultaneously, the first axis rotates every 180 seconds, the second axis 48 seconds, and the third axis rotates once. 24 seconds later. Likewise, the weight of 104 tourbillon components is 1.15 grams, with an average weight of 0.11 grams per tourbillon component, which brings greater precision to the cheap replica watches.

First, the film’s logo is presented on a black-lacquered 18-carat gold plate, as well as a hand-painted black-lacquered piano replica. the best? As expected, on the piano is the image of Don Corleone, played by Marlo Brando.

In addition to expressing the impressive theme aesthetically and sonically, the two cylinders of the diamond minute repeater barrel are cast in 18K rose gold and paved with 666 round brilliant-cut diamonds.

If you’re a fake luxury watches lover, you know: the minute repeater is a complication that few brands have mastered. In this model, he strikes the hours, quarters and minutes using two hammers striking a circular gong.

Thanks to the generous pink gold case, the sound of the gongs, which rotate on the dial and can be admired through the sapphire crystal, are reproduced even more clearly.

Even better, since the 44-hour power reserve is separate from the music box, music can be played three times before being wound up again.

There’s no question that any production that carries on The Godfather’s legacy has to be masterful. That’s how Jacob & Co. set out to create a piece that was both technically and aesthetically up to par, and they succeeded.

data sheet

Scale: Manual winding, JCFM07 Scale

Diameter: 44.30mm

Height: 17.09mm

Material: gold, steel, titanium, brass

Components: 758

Power reserve: 44 hours

Frequency: 21,600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz)

Jewels: 58

System: three-axis tourbillon, double comb music box

Functions: minute repeater with two hammers and gongs; repeating hours, quarters and minutes; bell assembly closed at 9 o’clock with torque release; triaxial high-speed tourbillon: exorotor Flywheel cage: 180 seconds; Middle tourbillon cage: 48 seconds; Inner tourbillon cage: 24 seconds; Godfather motif activated by pusher at 8 o’clock: two cylinders against 2 comb teeth (30 teeth in total) Spinning, playing a melody of 120 notes; two rose gold cylinders set with a total of 666 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.85 carats); decoration: 18 carat rose gold and “The Godfather” black PVD plaque, and printed Marlon Brand black lacquered piano

Diameter: 49mm

Height: 23mm

Material: 18-carat rose gold and sapphire crystal

Case back: 18-carat rose gold and sapphire crystal

Arc: Time is set using a rotating 18K rose gold arc on the case back

Crown: 18K rose gold violin crank, wound at 3 o’clock Glass: Single domed sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective treatment: 30m (3atm)

Dial: skeletonized, rose gold-plated, black DLC; rose gold-plated hands designed by Jacob & Co.

Strap: Black alligator leather with 18-carat rose gold folding clasp

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Jacob & Co. EPIC X CHRONO Tourbillon Blue Titanium

blue giant

Jacob & Co.’s newest chronograph is the stunning blue crown on top of the Epic X collection. The Epic X Chrono Tourbillon has a PVD finish and a blue-coated titanium case. Hard and scratch-resistant to begin with, this coating does much more than just aesthetics, its character is enhanced. It is satin-finished in different directions following the shape of each component: the bezel is round, the pusher guards are horizontal, and the lugs are two-way. The hints of the Epic X design matrix are clearly visible. The claw-shaped lugs line up with the vertical bars on the translucent blue dial, forming the original X pattern from which the Epic X is named.

summer theme

The blue chosen for the Epic X Chrono Tourbillon is neither electric nor deep black, but a pleasingly light and crisp hue, highlighted by many white secondary elements. The crown and pushers are made of white ceramic, as are the side inlays on each lug. The hands of the main and sub-dials are skeletonized white. The same goes for the rubber strap with its central honeycomb pattern, which is another throwback to the original Epic X design. top luxury replica watches

underwater capability

The inner bezel is driven by its own crown and thus functions as a protected rotating bezel. Combined with a titanium case that is water resistant to 200 meters, this makes the Epic X Chrono Tourbillon a fully functional dive watch. This includes the last ten minutes on the minute ring being painted dark blue, a useful feature for divers as it signals they are running out of oxygen.

Advanced Mechanics

The automatic movement JCAA09 is a new Jacob & Co. exclusive movement. This column wheel dual pusher chronograph features a biaxial chronograph with a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock. It complements the Jacob & Co. One Minute Flying Tourbillon. Without upper bridges, the tourbillon cage sits on the same level as the sapphire and mineral glass dial. The continuous flush effect helps to seamlessly integrate the tourbillon into the overall design of the piece. Crescent shaped, openworked, the upper side of the cage is a typical Jacob & Co. design.

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Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Sapphire

Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Sapphire, as crazy and unique as a supercar with a W16 engine

One of the most impressive watches of all time just got even more luxurious.

Picture yourself waking up on a Sunday morning, getting out of bed, taking a shower, and starting your day in peace. You make yourself a nice espresso and a hearty breakfast. You check the time, kiss your partner goodbye, grab the keys and head to the garage to drive your new car. You open the door, sit in the leather seat, and enjoy a minute or two in silence. You check the time again, start the watch’s engine and turn the ignition key, bringing the car to life. With two W16s running in perfect harmony, one on your wrist and one just inches behind you, 1,500 horsepower is ready to propel you over the horizon. In case you were wondering, you’re wearing a Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Sapphire Crystal and starting your Bugatti Chiron. And for seven lucky people, this dreamlike scenario is not far from reality.

Considering that Bugatti only made 500 of the uber-mighty Chiron, you’re more likely to come across one of them than to spot a Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron sapphire crystal in the wild. Only seven lucky men or women will enjoy owning a watch like this; Jacob & Co. earns nothing more than that. While it’s not the most restrained creation in watchmaking history, it’s certainly an impressive affair. The complication of the miniature W16 automatic figure is a testament to the superb craftsmanship of the Jacob & Co. watchmakers. Like its Astronomia collection, it is a bold and expressive display.

A few things have changed since the release of the first Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon, most notably, of course, the case. Incidentally, it’s now made of full sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating and measures 57.8mm long, 44.4mm wide, and 21.5mm high. The case flows around the movement and looks very simple, but its shape is very delicately machined. Take your time, curves and lines are everywhere, and of course, Noon’s signature Bugatti horseshoe grille adds to the challenge.

The crown and the button that starts the sapphire crystal W16 engine are made of sapphire crystal and titanium. From left to right, we have the crown to set the time, the crown to wind the movement and automatics, and the pusher to start the animation. The sapphire crystal motor is located in the lower half of the watch and has a real miniature crankshaft milled from a solid block of steel. This tiny crankshaft drives all 16 pistons up and down, just like in a real car.

While it previously lacked a dial of any kind, this version has a floating hour ring to help read the time more easily. Some elements of the watch, such as the hour markers, shock absorbers and tourbillon cage, have been given a hint of red, echoing the red details on the exterior of the case. The power reserve indicator displays the French national colors on the left (Bugatti is based in Molsheim, France).

Jacob & Co. literally exposed the entire JCAM37 movement, which is built in-house. While technically it is the same movement as every Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon, it looks a little different here. For example, the bridges at the top of the movement and the tourbillon cage (now topped with a diamond) have different shapes. The power reserve indicator has also been given a new look, with some changes to the shape of the hands. The view on the back of the movement remains the same.

From the outside, its sophistication does match its visual impact. The level of detail throughout the movement, chronograph ends and automatics is that of Haute Horlogerie. The hand-wound movement uses no fewer than 578 components, including 51 jewels. Suspending the movement with an effective shock absorber posed a challenge for Jacob & Co. because you risk damaging the connection to the fixed crown when you receive an impact. The solution is to use a patented automotive-style landscape system that allows for some gaming while keeping everything connected neatly. When the left crown is fully wound, the watch has a runtime of 60 hours. That’s far more than the 20 minutes it takes a Bugatti Chiron to empty its fuel tank at full speed, mind you, so plan your drive ahead.

The Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron sapphire crystal mirror complements the supercar quality of the watch, and it is paired with a ventilated white rubber strap with a titanium folding clasp.

Case: L 57.8 mm x W 44.4 mm x H 21.5 mm – Full sapphire case with anti-reflective coating – Sapphire crystal and titanium pushers and crown – Chiron “grille” with Bugatti logo at 12 o’clock – Water-resistant to 30 meters
Dial: Red graduated ring with red “EB” logo – Rhodium plated hands with red tips – French red white blue power reserve indicator
Movement: Jacob & Co. JCAM37, Manufacture – 41.7mm L x 36mm W x 15.6mm H – 578 Components – 51 Jewels – 21,600vph – Working W16 Sapphire Crystal “Engine” Automaton (on demand) – 30° Tilting One Minute Tourbillon Escapement – Hours, Minutes, Seconds (controlled by Tourbillon), Power Reserve Indicator
Strap: White Rubber Strap – Titanium Deployment Clasp

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jacobs co.

twin turbo

Launched at Baselworld in 2016, the original Twin Turbo model was the first timepiece in history to combine two three-axis tourbillons and a minute repeater. The Twin Turbo Furious goes a step further by adding a very special chronograph function.

The tourbillon takes 24 seconds to rotate around the first axis, 8 seconds on the second axis and 30 seconds on the third axis. As a result, the tourbillon cage covers all possible positions in just half a minute and compensates for the effects of gravity, thereby significantly increasing the precision of the movement. This is a significant improvement over previous versions of the watch, which took 8 minutes to cover all positions.

Given the speed of the tourbillon, the balance wheel’s 6 beats per second provides a fragmented and visually powerful rhythm, which has led to the name “continuous”. A differential linking the two tourbillon cages stabilizes the entire system. In the event of a shock, if either of the two tourbillons is affected, the other immediately compensates.

Decimal minute repeater
The minute repeater is one of the most prized complications by collectors. They are also the most difficult complications for watchmakers to conceive. Nonetheless, Jacob & Co. pushed the boundaries when bringing the Twin Turbo Furious to life. To simplify the audible indication of the time, the Twin Turbo Furious beeps every ten minutes. As this mechanism is known to be very sensitive, Jacob & Co.’s movement engineering department incorporated safety devices to prevent accidental events such as the chronograph being activated when resetting the time.

planetary gear power reserve
The power reserve is indicated at 6 o’clock on the side of the dial. Thanks to an ingenious planetary system incorporating a differential gear mechanism; the pointer points to the full power reserve on the left, then moves to the right as the 50-hour reserve dwindles. The watch is wound using the crank at 3 o’clock.

Monopusher chronograph function with reference time
The Twin Turbo Furious is equipped with a “reference time” indicator. This was inspired by the timing panels used in racing cars; each lap, a panel on the side of the track tells drivers the difference between their time and the lap reference time. On the Twin Turbo Furious, the chronograph has a scale that shows at a glance the difference in seconds compared to the reference time set by the chronograph. Wholesale Fake watches

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Jacob & Co. and its 12 iconic timepieces

Jacob & Co. fake is known for some of the most outrageously complex watches that present a visual spectacle like no other, and because of being seen on the wrists of stars, Jacob & Co. is still known for its striking timepieces. Gage is unabashedly bold. Here’s a quick rundown of what they are, along with 12 exemplary watches that showcase the brand’s immense appeal

Jacob & Co. watches are true statement pieces that leave their mark in so many ways. Founder Jacob Arabo’s family immigrated to the United States from the former Soviet Union in hopes of a better life. In the United States in the early 80’s, Arabo began designing for various jewelry brands and established itself in the field. Ultimately, he channeled his talents and expertise in the field into his own brand, which he named Jacob & Co. His bold design sensibility quickly became known throughout circles, and the use of large jewelry in men’s separates became his signature. Before long, big names from all walks of life started noticing his work and started adopting the style. It’s no surprise, then, that Jacob & Co’s creations are the choice of so many celebs with strong personalities. Musicians Jay-Z, Drake,

Arabo created his first watch in 2002 and the progression from jewelry to watches was a natural progression. It was a five-time zone watch that was an instant success with its bold color palette and design. Just five years later, Arabo entered the international “watch capital” Geneva, Switzerland, and established Jacob & Co SA. The Quentin, the first high-complication watch launched shortly thereafter, set a number of firsts, and there has been no turning back since. Every few years, the brand continues to release one shocking piece after another. The famous Astronomia series was a huge success in the 2010s. The brand also has a variety of high-profile partnerships starting in 2019. There was Bugatti (Bugatti Twin Turbo watch), Paramount Pictures (The Godfather – special watch), with NBC/Universal Studios (Scarface themed watch, later the Fast and the Furious watch); and then with Warner Bros. and DC have teamed up to create a Batman-themed timepiece.

With each new product, the brand’s originality and bold character are evident. Even with simpler, easier-to-use “everyday” replica Tourbillon watches, they still manage to make a distinctive mark. Here are a few of their timepieces that embody this and reflect their unique personalities.

Indian Astronomical Art – Canvas by Jacob & Co.

First launched in 2014, the Astronomia Tourbillon is one of the most striking of their Astronomia watches. It reimagines the classic tourbillon complication in a vertical structure, showing four satellites in constant rotation. This eye-catching piece quickly became a canvas for various other works of art, the Astronomia Art watch collection is actually a display case, crafted from sapphire crystal and precious metals. The Indian edition of Astronomia Art features four hand-carved miniatures of Indian landmarks. These hand-painted monuments are placed on a dial made of aventurine glass, which also forms the base of the biaxial tourbillon mechanism. They are Taj Mahal, Lotus Temple, India Gate and Qutub Minar. Each miniature is the product of countless hours of handcrafting. In addition to this, the watch also contains a 288-facet “Jacob cut” diamond, which acts as one of the four satellites of the mechanism and rotates every 60 seconds. Opposite the diamonds is a blue-lacquered sphere, made of magnesium, which also completes one lap in under a minute. Completing the satellite four-way balance is the main chronograph dial with skeletonized Roman numerals – hand-engraved and black-lacquered, with blued-steel hands, also hand-finished. This stunning and moving work of art is powered by a hand-wound movement with a 60-hour power reserve. It’s housed in a generous 50mm ‘display case’ in 18-carat rose gold and sapphire crystal.

Epic X – the basis for avant-garde and sporty
The Epic X is a more stripped-down Jacob, and it might be reduced to the basics of building construction, but it can’t exactly be called minimalist. Despite its avant-garde appearance, the Epic X does celebrate traditional watchmaking forms. Skeleton watches don’t simply remove excess material from more traditional forms; it also has a lot to do with ensuring the piece’s structural integrity despite being stripped and adding transparency. While the watch must still be robust, the movement must not only remain functional, but also accurate and reliable. The hand-wound caliber JCAM01 is placed vertically, then skeletonized and finely polished to achieve this. The watch doesn’t have a running seconds hand, so transparency is especially useful as it can reveal whether parts that need to move are still moving, or if parts need to be wound. But with a 48-hour power reserve, you can rest assured that it should be enough for your next-day winding schedule. The watch features a 44mm case in black DLC-treated grade 5 titanium in an imposing “X” shape visible through the glass and sapphire crystal on the case back.

Epic X can be stripped down to the basics of a building’s structure, but it’s not just about removing superfluous material from more traditional forms; it also has a lot to do with ensuring the structural integrity of the work, albeit stripped and increased in transparency.

Epic X Chrono – Jacob & Co.’s sportiest watch yet
Jacob’s Epic X template with claw lugs and two prominently visible bridges on either side of the movement has been translated into this chronograph. This 47mm sports watch retains its skeletonized look, with a colored mineral crystal dial revealing the column-wheel chronograph movement inside.

The self-winding caliber JCAA05, which offers a 48-hour power reserve, powers the watch, including the chronograph and small seconds sub-dial in a biaxial layout. In addition to the functions of the watch, the inner rotating bezel has a 60-minute chronograph controlled by a push-down crown at 10 o’clock. Enhancing the view all this is the anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, which is framed by the ceramic bezel.

Other elements of the watch include rubber pushers and a screw-down crown that help keep the watch water-resistant to 200 meters. This is Jacob & Co’s sportiest watch yet, available in a variety of materials and colours.

Regal Classic – The Jacob & Co. Classic Alternative
From sporty to classic, here’s Jacob’s collection of stylish timepieces that are more refined than his larger statement pieces and sportier Epic X watches. Reflecting the canons of Art Deco design, these classic timepieces feature very subtle finishes that give them an understated yet refined allure.

Magnificent classic automatic
This Palatial Classic automatic watch is powered by the self-winding movement JCCA01, which offers a 36-hour power reserve. It is equipped with a “Glucydur” balance wheel – lower thermal expansion – and a shock protection system. The watch has a 42mm 18-carat rose gold case, is water resistant to 50 meters and features anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The display includes guilloché dials in various colors (brown here), applied logos and markers, and polished dauphine hands for two-hand timekeeping. Each piece is individually numbered and secured on an alligator strap with a solid rose gold buckle.

Magnificent Classic Manual Panorama Calendar
This Palatial may have a hand-wound movement, but it does offer a lot. The JCCM01 movement offers a power reserve of 50 hours, displayed on the dial at six o’clock. In contrast is the big date at 12 o’clock – a coveted big date. All of this is laid out on a dial that is guillochéd and comes in a variety of colors – gray, gold and blue here. The watch has a 42mm stainless steel case and sapphire crystal, and is available on an alligator leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet, depending on the version.

Five time zones in majesty – the embodiment of simplicity in the first fake Jacob & Co. watch
GMT and World Time watches are among the most useful and sought-after watches, and this five-time zone watch is an absolute steal. While we may or may not travel across time zones, our connections with people in different regions have increased significantly over the past few years, so a watch that can tell us the time in different regions at the same time is certainly a handy tool. . This is the latest version of Jacob Arabo’s first ever watch. It has a central chronograph function with both hands, and four sub-dials with New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris time. But you can actually set any timezone you choose on them. The main dial, with sword-shaped hands and fine-cut hour-markers, is in black nickel with guilloche finish, while the sub-dials are snailed and ruthenium-plated. Each of the five sets of chronograph hands runs its own Swiss quartz movement – ETA 280.002. To house the multiple movements inside, the steel case measures 45mm and is topped by a round sapphire crystal that has been internally antireflectively treated. The closed satin case back features a graphic world map. It is carved and painted. Water-resistant to 50 meters, the case comes on a black alligator strap.

The Palatial is an updated version of Jacob Arabo’s first ever watch. It has a central chronograph function with both hands, and four sub-dials with New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris time. But you can actually set any timezone you choose on them.

Brilliant – presenting a jewel-like vivid spectrum
Aptly named, this sparkling, stunning creation is a contemporary, beautiful timepiece that exudes glamour, and showcases Jacob & Co’s fine jewelry prowess – both gem sourcing and gem setting. The stainless steel case measures 38 mm and features a row of 52 round-cut diamonds on the bezel, totaling approximately 1.3 carats. Even the crown has as many as 32 round diamonds with a total weight of about 0.39 carats. At the same time, the white mother-of-pearl dial is inlaid with 11 colored sapphires as hour markers (approximately 0.44 carats), and the center of the dial is paved with 50 diamonds (0.66 carats). The stainless steel case is powered by Swiss Quartz ETA 955.432 movement with sapphire crystal and satin-finished case back. It comes with an elegant satin strap.

Brilliant and Mysterious Inlay – Brilliant and Mysterious
Brilliant Mystery Pave Diamonds is a triumph of novelty display that maintains the illusion of mystery and intrigue, making it easy to explain even as the trick itself is well understood. The black triangular hour and minute hands are suspended in the sapphire crystal glass, as if floating in mid-air. The part where these hands connect to the mechanism is subtly concealed, and the mechanism itself is hidden behind the diamond-paved central part of the dial. The Swiss quartz ETA movement E01.701 in 18 carat rose gold is not connected to the regular time setting crown to maintain the space between the central part of the watch and the case bezel. There is no crown on the case back but A time corrector. The 38 mm case itself is set with 298 round white diamonds (approximately 6.5 carats), and the bezel is also paved with diamonds (0.55 carats). The satin strap has an 18-carat rose gold buckle also set with diamonds – approximately 0.48 carats. The total number of diamonds in this watch is as high as 476, with a total weight of 8.43 carats. copy men watch