Top 5 Subdials Watches For Men To Consider

zelin0802 / August 1, 2022

Sometimes one of the most challenging things about collecting a watch is finding a watch that fits your wrist. While some people have big wrists that can handle watches of all sizes, the same cannot be said for everyone. Of course, not all of us have wrists like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s or Sylvester Stallone’s, who can easily strap on any Panerai of their choice and call it a day. So some of us need to be more careful about the watches we pick and how big their cases and dials are. So we wanted to explore 5 of the best watches men can choose from that are on the small side while offering everything a luxury watch should.

rolex explorer 36mm
To start our list is probably one of the most iconic field watches on the market, the Rolex Explorer. Originally a watch made for traversing mountains, the Explorer was built with a 36mm case from the start, based on its legibility requirements as a sports watch. In the early 1950s it was quite large at 36mm in diameter, but it didn’t get bigger until the 39mm ref. The 214670 was introduced in 2010 and was subsequently discontinued and replaced by the Explorer ref in 2021. 124670, which reintroduces the 36mm case to the Explorer family. Explorer ref. The 124670 is undoubtedly one of the best men’s subdials watches, and its integrity as a true luxury sports watch is impeccable.

Rolex Datejust 36mm
Another iconic timepiece for men to consider if they don’t want to wear a big watch is the Rolex Datejust in its original 36mm configuration. Originally introduced as a 36mm timepiece in 1945, it was also quite large at the time, so it remained unchanged until 2009. While the larger 41mm variant was introduced in 2009 as the Datejust II, the 36mm variant has never been discontinued and is therefore the most iconic and time-honored silhouette in watchmaking. Perfectly balanced after decades of production, the 36mm Rolex Datejust is one of the best watches on the market if they want a watch that is both iconic and equipped with the best Rolex has to offer Men, they can consider. Sporty when you need it, always classy and suitable for any occasion, the log can go anywhere and do anything.

Rolex Day-Date 36mm
Much like the Rolex Datejust 36mm, the Rolex Day-Date is another timepiece that entered production as a 36mm model and has been relatively unchanged since then. While 40mm and 41mm variants have come and gone, the 36mm variant is the most classic, traditional and steadfast, produced from Day-Date’s first reference, ref. 6510. Perfectly sized as the Datejust, the Day-Date is Rolex’s flagship timepiece, taking the Datejust’s classic aesthetic to make it more formal and unique. The Explorer takes the Datejust’s design and makes it sportier, while the Day-Date does the opposite, creating a watch fit for presidents, royalty and diplomats.

Tudor Black Bay 36mm
Leaving Rolex but staying in the family, we have one of the most popular timepieces on the market today, the Tudor Black Bay. Launched in 2012, Black Bay marked the re-emergence of Tudor in the diving watch world. Built to last, the Black Bay is a rugged and functional diver’s watch that blends stainless steel construction with a refined aesthetic in perfect harmony, flying under the radar or paired with a strap for a unique look Temperament and personality. Available in a variety of sizes, the 36mm model is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get away from the bulky timepieces we’ve seen time and time again.

Cartier Tank
From the Rolex Group, we explore Cartier, the famous French jeweler and watchmaker. While almost all of Cartier’s timepieces prefer smaller dial and case designs than most other watchmakers, almost all of them can be The Cartier Tank is the perfect watch for anyone who wants to wear a smaller dial. Available in a variety of sizes from less than 22mm wide to over 31mm wide, the tanks have everything. Iconic due to its unique rectangular profile, rich history and stunning looks, Tank could be perfect for the gentleman who wants a luxury watch that looks great in a smaller configuration timepiece. Thanks to its rectangular profile, the Tank looks incredible as a smaller watch and can easily be worn no matter the size of its owner’s wrist.

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