Watch the movie Brad Pitt wearing a platinum Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Reissue of Bullet Train

zelin0802 / August 8, 2022

This heavy, vintage-inspired platinum fake watch comes in handy in our watch-related movies this week.

In the new, ridiculous action movie Bullet Train, Brad Pitt plays a contract criminal who gets a briefcase full of $10 million by doing a simple snatch job. Yes, the case is on a bullet train.

Pete received contemporaneous instructions over the phone from his manager, and his job was to get on the bus at one stop, pick up the goods, and get off at the next stop. Given that this is a movie – like Kill Bill meets a kung fu hoax – I’m sure you can guess that there are no plans. Instead, Pete has to face a train full of criminals, all of whom unknowingly get caught up in an impossibly intertwined scene.

As a result, the only thing left to do is to fight each other mercilessly on the moving train. Pete is serious in this film and wears a precious metals retro revival of the blue-chip indie watch brand.

why are we watching
Today marks the opening day of the highly anticipated action comedy, directed by Pitt’s former stuntman David Leitch (as vividly as the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood plot is). I had the opportunity to attend an early screening and I had a great time. If you’re nervous about spurting blood, this one probably isn’t for you. However, if you like a good show on a watch on screen, and can manage to avoid some very intense (and often hilarious) over-the-top violence, in order to see said watch, I suggest you check this out.

Pitt plays Ladybug (codename, not real name – it’s the kind of movie where everyone has a codename). He is a hired thief/potential assassin who finds himself in hand-to-hand combat with other teams of assassins he has encountered in other jobs in the past. I won’t spoil why they find themselves together on this train, but let’s just say they don’t necessarily get along, and Ladybug is involved in some well-choreographed scenes that perfectly balance action and humor.

Is this a great movie? No, but it’s a quintessential summer popcorn movie — and one that’s even better because Ladybugs do all those ass kicks in a special Breitling retro revival.

Released in 2021, the Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-edition is a (shockingly) modern re-edition of the 1953 vintage Breitling watch, a complete vintage-meets-modern watch. We spent a week on the wrist with the steel variant of this model last year, and our very own Cole Pennington had some interesting things to say when comparing the new watch to the OG on which it’s based. “If the ’53 models were NOS [old and new stock] and hadn’t aged a day, I would have a hard time distinguishing them,” he wrote. “Even the difference in weight between watches is difficult to discern.”

Now, Pete chose the watch to wear in the movie, but he didn’t opt ​​for any changes. He became a movie star and opted for a platinum model with a blue dial. Only Pitt can strap a platinum vintage reissue watch to his wrist, make a creepy action movie, and make it look ordinary. Speaking of straps, he even swapped its leather strap for a stronger Breitling strap.

I know what you’re all thinking, “Come on, Danny, Brad Pitt is a Breitling ambassador! It’s just product placement.” Well, you’re right, Pitt is a Breitling ambassador. In fact, more specifically, he was a member of the Breitling film squad, working alongside Adam Driver and Charlize Theron. But you know what? Who cares, because Pete can easily wear whatever old watch Breitling wants him to wear. Maybe something more modern, maybe something the brand has a strong interest in selling. But that’s not what happened here. Instead, he chose the most esoteric version of a super-specific retro remake and made it part of his role in the film. Just because he’s paid for by a brand doesn’t mean the choice can’t be thoughtful. reviews aaa quality watches

He wears this watch throughout the movie. It’s always visible, although the amount of combat makes it difficult to laser light it at some point. The best part is that the movie features a close-up watch of the hero shots, which is probably the best I’ve seen in recent memory. It’s the kind of shot you can pause, frame, and hang on the wall if you want (though I’d also find it odd to do so).

Personally, I like the selection of Ladybug watches. He plays a somewhat indifferent character. A criminal who has recently undergone some soul searching and therapy and wants to improve his mental health while continuing to operate in the criminal underworld. Who knows if some big score in his past gave him a briefcase full of cash to go out and buy this platinum Breitling, or if it should represent an antique watch that may have been passed down to him. In either case, it looks very good. I mean, what can’t Brad Pitt accomplish?

when we are watching
Halfway through the film, Ladybug encounters an assassin named Orange (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) on a train. The two immediately get into hand-to-hand combat as Tangerine knows Ladybug is looking for the same briefcase he was looking for. They fought through various train cars until they reached the dining car. While hitting, kicking, and throwing objects, the pair were interrupted by a train worker who needed food. Staff did not notice the fight before she entered, asking if they wanted something to eat or drink. Ladybug gleefully asks for a bottle of water, and as he does, we can see the ’53 Re-Edition on his wrist. He continued to drink said water until she left, at which point…they fought again.

Later, Ladybug makes contact with another assassin, and a big fight ensues. Notice the theme here? After the fight, I definitely won’t spoil it, the ladybug is a little anxious, hiding on the floor of the train with a paper bag in hand. We can see the Breitling fake and its leather strap very clearly on his wrist as he tries to breathe and exhale the pressure. As you might expect, this won’t be his last fight.

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